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Dysmenorrhea - Severe Pain During Menstruation. Start Here - Nicole Jardim. Welcome to (also known as Fix Your Period Headquarters).

Start Here - Nicole Jardim

I remember what it was like when I was struggling with a raging hormonal imbalance. The symptoms, the emotions and the unanswered questions were beyond frustrating. That was back in the 90’s, long before Dr. Google and awesome websites like this Here’s the good news: You are not alone and there is hope. The 2 Reasons Why Your Period Is Late (Even Though You’re Not Pregnant!) - Flo Living. A late period is usually a cause for panic – that is, if you’re not hoping to be pregnant and if you’re used to seeing your period turn up on time each month.

The 2 Reasons Why Your Period Is Late (Even Though You’re Not Pregnant!) - Flo Living

With so many more of us tracking our periods with apps, we can become hyper-aware of a change to our cycle. Although it can cause worry and concern at first, this awareness is actually a good thing, because a late period is your body’s way of letting you know something is wrong. 4 Foods For Liver Detox - Activated Charcoal. Ever since Gwyneth Paltrow declared via her healthy lifestyle site Goop that she drinks charcoal infused lemonade (yes, you read that right!)

4 Foods For Liver Detox - Activated Charcoal

, activated charcoal in drinks and in the form of a supplement has become the latest wellness trend. Health-focused celebrities have declared it the best way to rid your body of environmental and food-based toxins. Many fancy juice bars claim it has liver detoxifying properties. It all sounds miraculous, but what does it really mean? The PMS Solution: 3 Steps to Hormonal Resilience. PMS is my favorite thing to treat because it responds so well to natural treatment.

The PMS Solution: 3 Steps to Hormonal Resilience

I love to hear patients say: “I was surprised when my period just arrived. I didn’t even feel it coming.” No irritability. The real cause of PMS (and how to prevent it!) - The Wellness Warrior. Posted September 1, 2011 I have news that is going to change many of your lives.

The real cause of PMS (and how to prevent it!) - The Wellness Warrior

If you have ovaries, that is. If you’re a man you will also want to read this, because then you can get on the blower to your lady and tell her all about it. Cramp Bark - Natures Remedy for Menstrual Cramping... Cramp Bark is phenomenal, it’s my new best friend, and here’s why...

Cramp Bark - Natures Remedy for Menstrual Cramping...

If you’re a woman then you are probably all too familiar with the monthly cramping that comes with menstruation. Different studies have estimated that anywhere between 60-90% of all woman have experienced menstrual cramps at some point in their life. Though cramping is more commonly associated with younger woman - those in their teens and twenties - It can - and does - effect woman of every age and nationality. Though cramping during menstruation is also said to reduce with age, particularly over the age of forty, and particularly after a woman has given birth this too is not always the case.

Cramps - which are characterized by a dull, throbbing pain in the lower abdomen - can range from being mildly annoying to severe and in some cases even debilitating. For me the pain has always been bad. This happened to me two years ago or so. Then I discovered Cramp Bark. Making Menstrual History - Period. Making Menstrual History – Period.

Making Menstrual History - Period.

March 20th, 2013 Yesterday was my debut on national television, and as it’s my nature to be bold, even slightly controversial, I shared with Dr. Oz and his audience the keys to interpreting menstrual blood flow. Endometriosis Symptoms and How to Heal. Ladies, I hear you loud and clear: Endometriosis is a serious condition that is causing you pain, confusion, and frustration.

Endometriosis Symptoms and How to Heal

Last week, you shared some of your stories with me via Facebook. GAIN Fitness - Digital Personal Training. 9 Tips to Balance Hormones Naturally. Four Keys to Kick PMS. Recognizing PMS The symptoms of PMS are both mental and physical. Physical Symptoms:Headaches or migraines Water retentionSwelling of ankles, feet and hands Backache, abdominal cramps or heaviness Abdominal fullness and bloating Breast tenderness Weight gain Insomnia or sleep disruptionAcne or pimples Nausea Bloating Constipation or diarrhea Mental symptoms:Food cravings Anxiety or panic Poor concentration and/or memory Poor judgment Depression Irritability, hostility, or aggressive behavior Fatigue Sex drive changes, loss of sex drive Paranoia or increased fears Low self-esteem and poor self image Although most women do not experience the same symptoms, there are five types of PMS.

They are characterized by distinct symptoms related to their underlying cause(s). But still, the manifestation of PMS varies greatly because presentation with one or more PMS types is possible. Dysmenorrhea. Fight PMS with Food. PMS seems to be so prevalent that it’s become something of a joke, which has, in turn, made women the butt of that joke, despite the fact that for some of us it can be a source of real suffering, both physical and emotional.

Fight PMS with Food

Many women have come to accept PMS as just part of life, an inevitability of being a woman, when in fact much can be done to combat the symptoms and relieve you of the burden entirely. PMS stands for pre-menstrual syndrome, but it does not necessarily occur right before your period. Symptoms of PMS can occur anytime between ovulation and menstruation, during the second part of your monthly cycle, and include bloating, irritability, headaches, mood swings, tiredness, and cravings. This time is known as the luteal phase of the cycle.

How to Get Your Hormones Tested and What to do Next. So, you’ve been feeling less than great lately – maybe the first sign was irregular or heavy and painful periods, or maybe it was some weight gain and acne – either way, you know something is wrong and you want to feel better.

How to Get Your Hormones Tested and What to do Next

You’re thinking it might be hormone-related. What now? Many women take a trip to their OBGYN and ask for a hormone test. This is a great first step towards treating your health issues. But the results can be confusing and concerning without a little background information and preparation. Remember: no result received is static, the diagnosis you get can and will change with the right kind of treatment.

Here are our tips on how to get what you want and need out of hormone testing. Your visit to the OBGYN: Get the test taken during the first few days of your cycle (when you have your period), if possible. Assessing the results: Your hormone levels will fall within a range. PMS week cravings demystified! Many of the women I’ve worked with over the years have struggled to maintain their otherwise healthy eating habits when they’re in their pre-menstrual or luteal phase. It’s then that their resolve is weakest.

I get it – the intense cravings that PMS brings can derail the best of us. But I’ve also met with many women too for whom a day that doesn’t start with coffee and end with a big bowl of pasta is rare. Their cravings become the crutches that get them through the work week. Maintaining a nourishing, nurturing diet to balance your hormones throughout your cycle will go a long way towards lessening the urge to reach for unhealthy foods. Cycle-sync your workouts for better results - Flo Living. FLO Tweetable: I’m a woman – I don’t do the same routine day in and day out – I change with my body’s changes – it’s only logical. @floliving I wanted to put together for you some of the home workouts I do for each phase of my cycle.

If you still believe you should be able to do the same intense workout every day of the month and perform at the same optimal level, you are ignoring your hormonal biochemistry which drives your fitness from within.