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Create stories using social media

Create stories using social media

The World Needs Female Rock Critics Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t own any albums by the Rolling Stones. They’re just so archetypal, so very rock and roll—and that, I find, can be a difficult thing to admire. Rock music has rarely offered women the same tangible promise of social rebellion and sexual freedom that it has given men—though plenty of women, myself included, have tried all the same to find those liberties in it. In 1969, Roxon—Italian-born, Australian-raised, an experienced journalist and a star of Warhol’s back room at Max’s Kansas City—would publish “Lillian Roxon’s Rock Encyclopedia,” the first of its kind, a marvel of research and critical acumen. That path is not an easy one to discern. Earlier this year, Hopper interviewed Björk for Pitchfork. When I was about fourteen, I stood outside science class holding a folder that was decorated with an array of faces which I had carefully cut out from the pages of music magazines. The problem for women is that our role in popular music was codified long ago.

Quick Start — Curation Suite™ The Quick Start Package is designed to drastically reduce the learning curve and quickly identify the best methods for content curation success and using Curation Suite™ in your business. This package takes all the guess work out of curating and makes it easy for individuals and teams to benefit from content curation on a daily basis. We start by getting to know each other, discussing what you would like to get out of your curation efforts, and through a series of meetings and focused discussions our team will guide you through finding the best content for your market, building curated posts, best practices for your industry, and advanced curation strategies for taking things to the next level. The team here at You Brand, Inc. will create a market specific plan to meet your needs. In addition, we will set-up a series of listening platforms specific for your business and your niche. Below we outline each component of the Quick Start Package in detail and the next steps for getting started:

Congress’s Chance to Be Fair to Musicians It’s common knowledge that the music business has been battered for years. The main culprit is the Internet, which has destroyed the market for albums, and the main victims have been musicians, whose income and options have plummeted. A bipartisan proposal recently introduced in Congress attempts to give musicians a little help by remedying an injustice that is decades older than iTunes. The proposed law, known as the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, is born of unusual parentage. The root of the problem is easy to understand. At the moment, performers as well as songwriters are, for the most part, paid royalties for music played on the Internet on services like Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. Critics of the proposed law argue that radio play gives musicians exposure and promotion that they can then monetize in later sales of music or concert tickets. But glitz and glamour don’t pay a musician’s bills—and, in any case, few musicians enjoy glitzy lives.

Pricing Increase Your SEO & Digital Footprint With content curation or any strategy that drastically increases your content output, people often ask, “How will using Curation Traffic™ affect my SEO?” With all the new Google updates, it is clear that Google has one main focus in mind, User Experience. They are tracking everything down from how fast your site loads to how long each person stays to determine how relevant your site is to everyone who visits. . If you practice curation using the proven methods we teach in our system, your readers will love the way your content is tailored just for them and Google will handsomely reward you for your full rounded website. Curation gives you a better mix of content. Bottom line, You risk no search engine penalty with content curation. Our own curated websites and content (and that of our customers) have passed the muster of every minor and major search engine update. Content curation works in my niche or market

Vine Launches Desktop Version, About To Become Way More Popular Vine was one of the most interesting online video developments of 2013. Twitter’s highly addictive platform for 6-seconds worth of moving pictures with tens of millions of users attracted serious interest from major brands and created a new breed of online video celebrity with a highly actionable audience since its launch in January 2013. All of that growth and activity occurred when Vine videos, for the most part, were only available on mobile devices. What kind of growth do you think the internet could expect from an easily navigable and watchable online Vine experience that’s accessible from any web browser? In 2014, we’ll find out. Vine Engineer Janessa Det announced by way of the Vine blog that Vine videos will now be accessible for desktop viewing for all Vine users who login via And what’s more, is users will have the option to watch their feed of Vine videos in a seamless, lean back experience.

Membership Area Welcome to The CurationSoft 3.0 Installation Page! This page will help you with the installation of the latest version of CurationSoft. Please follow the instructions below and if you have any problems with the installation, then submit a ticket here at our support desk. 1. 2. After successful install, run the program for the first time.CurationSoft is a desktop application that runs on your computer.You will be prompted for a username and password. Using CurationSoft By design, CurationSoft is extremely simple to use. CurationSoft Options The options screen for CurationSoft is extremely simple to use and basically controls how information is presented to you. Updates We use an automatic update system to post updates for the CurationSoft core software. Getting Support If you have any questions or run into any problems, please click the support link anywhere on our site. Content Curation Videos

Univision Preparing for Potential $1 Billion-Plus IPO: Report The New York-based Spanish-language broadcaster is preparing to go public with the hire of underwriters Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Deustsche Bank, according to Reuters. The news service cited sources today in reporting that the IPO is expected in the second half of 2015 and could top $1 billion. That would value Univision Communications at more than $20 billion. The company was taken private in 2007, after it was acquired for $12.3 billion by a group of private-equity companies including Saban Capital and Thomas H. Curation Traffic Plugin a WordPress Content Curation Plugin The Curation Traffic™ Plugin allows you to easily add the strategy of content curation to any WordPress blog or website. Here’s what’s included in the Curation Traffic™ Plugin Bundle. CurateThis™, the push button content pulling bookmarklet, the Curation Mastery Training – A-Z training for content curation. The Ultimate Call to Action Plugin – create niched specific call to actions. Finally you get a multi-site license, lifetime updates, and we offer a 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee. Buy the Curation Traffic Plugin Bundle Here's a Little About How it Works Once you've installed Curation Traffic™ your first step is to simply drag and drop the CurateThis™ bookmarklet onto your bookmarks bar. When you click on the CurateThis™ bookmarklet a new window will popup starting a brand new WordPress post, triggering a few time saving things to happen: Automatically pulls in the headline - The full headline is pulled in and a brand new post is created. Built in Twitter User Discovery

Don't Follow The Crowd Editor’s note: Jules Maltz is a General Partner at Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), a late-stage venture capital firm based in Menlo Park. You can follow him on Twitter @julesmaltz. Whenever I’m about to make a new investment, I always think about the 2×2 matrix I learned from Andy Rachleff, a former partner at Benchmark Capital. The idea is that if you make a new venture investment (or start a company), you can either be “right” or “wrong” and you can either be “consensus” (following the crowd) or “non-consensus.” Fortunately (for the premier handicappers and savvy venture capitalists), the crowd’s opinion is often based on “hype” rather than reality. In reality, however, the venture market is inefficient. Hidden Gems (oval A): These are the companies who have strong fundamentals that exceed their hype. What do they do again? Breakouts (oval B): These have early hype, but haven’t entered the mainstream. Wow.

Social media 'comes of age,' Nielsen says SAN ANSELMO, CA - MAY 09: The Facebook website is displayed on a laptop computer on May 9, 2011 in San Anselmo, California. (Justin Sullivan/GETTY IMAGES) Americans spent 121 billion minutes on social media sites in July 2012 — a staggering figure that works out to about 230,060 years spent posting, liking and tweeting. That’s the latest number from the Social Media Report, an annual snapshot by Nielsen and NM Incite. The report says that Facebook is still the top social network, though its tally of unique visitors has fallen 4 percent from the same time last year. Blogger, the second-place network, also saw a slight decline (3 percent) while third-place Twitter saw a gain of 13 percent. The break-out social media star of the past year has been Pinterest, the report said, which jumped 1,047 percent from the same time last year. The report also added further evidence that the mobile Web is becoming a much more important consideration for social networks.