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101 Ways to Use Tagxedo

101 Ways to Use Tagxedo

You Are Your Words - AHD Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles Tagxedo Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ Up to $75 merchandises for personal use. Merchandise $ License to use artwork in merchandises (T-Shirt, Mug, poster, etc). Single Use $ License for single-purpose non-merchandising use. Unlimited $ Unlimited personal or commercial use. Custom $TBD Custom license, with terms subject to prior arrangement. Please contact for more information By accepting this license, you agree to the Tagxedo's Terms of Service, and you agree that you have acquired the right to use the source image to create the Tagxedo artwork, and that you indemnify and hold harmless Tagxedo and its employees and officers from any harm are liability that may incur. Please contact if you have any question.

Study with ADHD: Managing Attention Deficit in High School For students with ADHD, studying for a test can be daunting. Luckily, there’s new research that shows that students might not need to spend more time studying, but need to study differently. James and John, identical twins with ADHD, are taking the same biology class. They study for the same amount of time, yet James gets an A on the exam and John gets a C+. Why the difference? Which Study Technique Works Best? John studied diligently for three hours on Thursday night, the day before the test. Eighty-four percent of students study by rereading the textbook, as John did. Research shows that the number-one way to study is to make a practice test. Cramming Doesn’t Work What else did James do right? Quick-Fix Solutions for a Broken IEP or 504 Plan John worked hard to study for his exam, and skipped soccer practice on Thursday evening to put in extra time. James, on the other hand, knew that when boredom set in, he needed shorter work periods or a different place to study. Review Before Bed

Color Names Explorer By: Jeff Clark Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 Dolores Labs recently did an interesting experiment where they showed many people samples of colors and asked them what they should be called. They posted a graphic that showed the color names that people used for the various colors. Dolores Labs' Color Name Cloud (click to see larger version in original article) They also posted the raw data for other people to play with. Martin Wattenberg at IBM Research took the data and created a much more beautiful graphic. Wattenberg's Version of the Color Name Cloud (click to see larger version in original article) I decided to try my hand at building a simple interactive 3D explorer for the data as well. Color Name Cloud - initial view Color Name Cloud - zoomed in view The initial view is similar to Wattenberg's but not spaced out as nicely. You can try out the color name explorer below. The application may take 10-20 seconds to start up. The application was built with the wonderful Processing - many thanks !

Edmodo – Where learning happens. | The free and safe social learning platform for education Left Brain Vs. Right Brain: The Eye Opening Insights We have given you voluminous information about your brain and how it functions. However, this one is probably one of the most worthwhile to know. But wait, before presenting the data, we have some questions for you: If you are philosophical and have a way with people, what side of your brain do you use most of the time? What is the relevance of this information, anyway? Source:Life Hack Related:

Education We Need A Higher Minumum Wage Are American workers in need of a raise? Last week, students across the country debated about whether or not the minimum wage should be increased in our #DoNowWages post. We asked students What is an appropriate minimum wage for where you live? In other words, what is the basic amount of pay per hour that a worker in your city would need to earn in order to make ends meet? Continue Reading A Visualization of How The Drought is Impacting California’s Reservoirs California is home to a number of reservoirs and dams that provide water and power to surrounding cities and farms. Continue Reading What Happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370? About a month ago a Malaysian Airplane mysteriously disappeared. Continue Reading Selfies Are Okay, But Don’t Take Too Many Love them or hate them, selfies have become one of the most common ways people express themselves on social media. Continue Reading At Adobe Books with Chris Johanson Continue Reading Continue Reading

Bloom's taxonomy "Taxonomy” simply means “classification”, so the well-known taxonomy of learning objectives is an attempt (within the behavioural paradigm) to classify forms and levels of learning. It identifies three “domains” of learning (see below), each of which is organised as a series of levels or pre-requisites. It is suggested that one cannot effectively — or ought not try to — address higher levels until those below them have been covered (it is thus effectively serial in structure). Cognitive: the most-used of the domains, refers to knowledge structures (although sheer “knowing the facts” is its bottom level). The model above is included because it is still common currency, but Anderson and Krathwohl (2001) have made some apparently minor but actually significant modifications, to come up with: Revised taxonomy of the cognitive domain following Anderson and Krathwohl (2001) In higher education, "understand" is still—in my view—problematic in its positioning. Yet more