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Honey & Thyme Parsnip Muffins. One of my favorite spring vegetables at Tumbleweed Farm is overwintered parsnips.

Honey & Thyme Parsnip Muffins

They are an honest treat because they’ve hung out in the field for an entire year before being harvested. We sow a large planting of parsnips once during the season (early April) and harvest half of them in the fall and the remainder of them the following spring. And while I love fall parsnips there is something extra special about the spring harvest. They’re hearty and much sweeter than fall parsnips thanks to months of freezing soil temperatures (where they naturally release sugar). Blueberry Pecan Baked Oatmeal Cups. Thank you to Sprouts Farmers Market for sponsoring this post.

Blueberry Pecan Baked Oatmeal Cups

If Mr. Mom’s Kitchen ever drops me at a food market to “just pop in for one thing”, he knows he can settle in for a good car nap. It’s true, I like food markets, more even than clothing boutiques or shoe stores (which is saying something, since I like those too). When we travel, hitting the local food shops is always on the itinerary. Carrot Cake Bran Muffins. Healthy Mexican Chocolate Gluten Free Muffins! {Vegan} My darling lemon thyme. Blackberry Peach Oat Bran Muffins with Chia + Flax {vegan & gluten free} Aug 03 Have you see the movie Inside Out yet?

Blackberry Peach Oat Bran Muffins with Chia + Flax {vegan & gluten free}

Tony and I saw it Saturday evening and absolutely loved it. I have to say I was really impressed with the storyline; the move was a bit sad (for a kid’s movie) but I would still recommend it in a heartbeat. I laughed, cried, and was never bored. (Paleo) Pecan Sweet Potato Muffins. Wait, what?

(Paleo) Pecan Sweet Potato Muffins

Spaghetti on this blog? Are you kidding? Are you going insane? Lemon Poppy Seed Zucchini Muffins. This is one of those recipes that after just one bite you know you’ll be doubling the batch the second time around!

Lemon Poppy Seed Zucchini Muffins

These muffins are absolutely wonderful and are another great way to use up all the zucchini overflowing the farmers market booths and CSA boxes this time of the year. They are sweetened with honey which I think compliments the tang from the lemon more so than cane sugar. The poppy seeds lend a lovely crunch and the zucchini adds a mellow sweet flavor and plenty of moisture. These taste great with your morning cup of coffee and are equally good crumbled on top of plain yogurt for a filling breakfast. Perfect blueberry muffins – smitten kitchen. When blueberries first show up at the market, it feels like sacrilege to bake with them — ditto with raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

perfect blueberry muffins – smitten kitchen

Mother Nature made them perfect! Why drown them in batter, wilt them with heat and then leave them out to dry? What brutes we’d be! But there’s a day in August — I think it might have been yesterday* — when something shifts. Paleo Banana Zucchini Muffins. Aug 02 How incredible would it be if I drove up to your house in a truck that served ONLY muffins?

Paleo Banana Zucchini Muffins

Would we automatically be BFFs? Would you pay me in gold? Hopefully the thought of me rolling up in a muffin truck and handing out muffins doesn’t sound weird. Banana Blueberry Muffins - The Healthy Foodie. These Banana Blueberry Muffins were sort of created by accident… Well, they were and they weren’t.

Banana Blueberry Muffins - The Healthy Foodie

One thing’s for sure: I certainly didn’t mean for them to be fat free! Let me explain… My baby grand-daughter was coming to spend the weekend at home and I decided to create a muffin just for her, using her two ultimate favorite fruits in the whole wide world: bananas and blueberries. Seriously, to say that the little one loves blueberries would be an understatement. Healthy Gluten-Free Plum Muffins (vegan) - Nirvana Cakery.

I’ve got the perfect Autumn muffin recipe for you today using juicy plums that are abundantly available and at their best at the moment.

Healthy Gluten-Free Plum Muffins (vegan) - Nirvana Cakery

I’ve spent the last week of my son’s summer holidays visiting my family and my father has two plum trees choc a full with the most delicious plums in his garden, how I wished to take them all with me to London. Luckily UK has an abundance of amazing plums right now and some baking is an absolute must! How about Healthy Gluten-Free Plum Muffins? I’ve made these muffins yesterday and they really are amazing, I’m so happy with this recipe and I can’t even tell you how many I ate. Be warned if you’re making these, they are especially good still warm from the oven. Vegan Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins with Fiber Boost! Bake up a batch of these fluffy-amazing Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins with a bran fiber boost and nibble on them all week long!

Vegan Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins with Fiber Boost!

Loads of bananas, oats and dark chocolate chips to keep you coming back for more. I used my special walnut flour trick in place of adding whole walnuts because it adds so much body and great texture to the muffins. In this season of lattes, hot tea and warm 'n cozy everything, these muffins are a welcome addition to your busy day. (flourless) Almond chocolate and pear muffins. I had in mind to write some sort of silly April Fool’s joke post today. But, then I woke up and it was snowing and blowing and full-on blizzard-ing outside, and this was so very unfunny to me that I no longer felt like trying to write a funny post. It also destroyed my resolve not to talk about the weather because, oh you guys, the weather. Therefore, I’m focusing on muffins instead.

After all, one can’t eat muffins in an agitated manner. This past weekend (when it was, now that we’re talking about the weather anyway, almost 40 and sunny – it was wonderful) I decided that I absolutely had to make blueberry muffins to make use of some of the vast quantity of blueberries we had picked back in August on a visit to Bayfield. My friend Kate, however, told me she was trying out being gluten free for a month to see if it made her feel better. I found a version of these gluten free lovelies on Sarah’s The Vanilla Bean Blog – one of my very favorite blogs. Turmeric Breakfast Muffins. We have had an unusually intense relationship with these muffins for the past couple of months.

Different varieties of them have been baked almost every weekend morning in our home. I blamed it on that the recipe needed to be perfected, but ahem, this particular version is actually very similar to my first version (they have however been altered a lot in between). The basic idea was pretty clear to me from the beginning; I wanted a muffin that we could enjoy for breakfast without feeling that we actually were eating dessert in the morning (which I am pretty certain most people that eat muffins for breakfast feel). Of course, muffin by definition is a dessert, but I at least only wanted to fill them with ingredients that normally made an appearance on our breakfast table.

So, no artificial sweeteners, only bananas and a few dates. The result is a kind of mash-up between a banana pancake, oatmeal, granola and our turmeric lassi. Goji-Poppy Bran Muffins Recipe. Double Chocolate Rye Muffins. Days are short and cold and the sun rarely makes an appearance in Stockholm this time of the season. It’s an excuse good as any to indulge in deep and rich dark chocolate treats. These muffins will fill your belly, warm your heart, smudge your fingers with chocolate and put a shining smile on your lips. On a quick glance they look like the naughtiest treats in town, but they are actually not as bad as they seem. Our muffins are stuffed with whole grain rye, coconut milk, natural sweeteners and if you steal one straight from the oven, bitter dark chocolate will still be runny on the top.

Flourless banana, cinnamon + dark chocolate muffin recipe {gluten + dairy-free} + 4 years of blogging! I started this blog 4 years ago, yesterday. I didn't really know what I was doing (understatement!) , I didn't really know what I wanted to share, or how. I didn't know if anyone would ever read, let alone cook my recipes. All I knew is I wanted to do this, however I could. I started out like most bloggers do, sharing adapted recipes, fearing that my own original recipes weren't somehow good enough. Pumpkin Raisin Flax Muffin Recipe. These pumpkin muffins are packed with vitamins, omega-3s, fiber, and all of the healthy benefits of coconut oil. Perfect for busy mornings, make a batch on a Sunday and you'll have a quick, on-the-go, and healthy breakfast to enjoy all week. To keep the muffins extrafresh, store them in the freezer, and just pull one out the night before to thaw.

Ingredients 1 1/2 cups whole-wheat flour 1/2 cup ground flaxseed 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1/4 teaspoon allspice 1/2 cup maple syrup 1 3/4 cups pumpkin puree 1 large egg 1/4 cup whole milk 1/4 cup water 1 tablespoon vanilla 1/3 cup virgin coconut oil 1/2 cup raisins 1/2 cup walnuts Directions Preheat oven to 400°. Healthy Lemon Blueberry Muffins. Sometimes your brain says, "muffin," when you wake up in the morning. And although typical baked goods you'd find at Starbucks or other coffee shops are loaded with the white stuff, these are not. Banana Muffins With Avocado. On some mornings, an überhealthy kale and blueberry smoothie or tofu scramble is what your tummy craves — but not today! You want a sugary, sweet, soft, and moist baked good. But you know grabbing one from a local coffee shop is just going to make you feel like crap, with all the white flour and nutrition-less sugars.

Apple Ginger Oatcakes. Another semester of my RD program starts today (well, technically tonight). HERBED SWEET POTATO + QUINOA MUFFINS // RALLYING + RESOLVING. I understand why people seem frustrated with resolutions, and why there’s a backlash against the exuberance of the fresh start and the clean slate that dominate the media the first two weeks of January. Vegan and Gluten-Free Muffin Recipes. When you read the words “vegan” and “gluten-free” in the same sentence as “muffin,” you probably think…cardboard. Vegan and Gluten-Free Muffin Recipes. Secret Ingredient Pistachio Muffins – Making Thyme for Health. Hey look, I remembered to make you something green for St. Paddy’s Day! I have to confess, I did cheat just a little bit.

Antioxidant power muffins (for your health) Pin it! Clean Food Dirty City. Dry ingredients: Blueberry, Banana and Raisin Muffins. Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a huge sweet tooth. Zucchini Apple Muffins. The idea of putting zucchini/courgette into this recipe may initially seem a little strange. I was as surprised as you are to find how well it worked.

Raspberry orange almond muffins with sprouted flour - Amy Chaplin. Beetroot & Quinoa Chocolate Muffins / wordpress. Blueberry Yoghurt & Polenta cake – Recipe. Roasted Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins & Pistachio Crumb. Vegan Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins with Fiber Boost! Warm Pumpkin & Coconut Muffins. Go for the ping. - 5 second rule. Almond Butter Banana Bread Muffins. Banana-Apple Buckwheat Muffins. Totally Guilt-Free, Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins - cHow Divine...cHow Divine… Gluten-Free Peach Muffins with Almond Flour. Raspberry Almond Muffins. Carob & Fig Muffins. RECIPE: Black Bean Banana Muffins « Nourish Restaurant & Nutrition Center – Gilbert, AZ. Cardamom & Sunflower Muffins.

Savory muffins

Gluten-Free Cherry Almond Muffins. GF. Apple/pear/carrot. Berries. Citrus. Zucchini. Pumpkin. Rhubarb. Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal for One. Sweet Potato Pineapple Muffins Recipe. Grown-up Fig Cookies Recipe. 5 Simple Tips to Make Healthier Baked Goods. Fudgy Vegan Beet Cupcakes. Our new favorite red beet and poppy seed muffins. Cinnamon Bun in the Oven! Morning Glories. Double coconut muffins. Fluffy Amazing Raspberry-Lemon Baked Donuts with Coconut Whip.