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Lemon Blueberry Breakfast Loaf | Amy's Healthy Baking. Healthy Lemon Blueberry Bread. Clean Peach Scones.


Shaved asparagus frittata. As a person who at least two to three nights a week doesn’t understand why we plan menus and grocery lists when we could just be eating an egg on toast, scrambled, crispy, poached or soft-cooked and smashed, I, too, would expect this site to have more frittata recipes than it does. (It has one. Sorry.) But I don’t make them much at all because they always feel like a lot of work for something that’s essentially a baked omelet with none of the 2-minute butter-drenched speed of a French one.

(We’re also on an omelet kick.) I blame the parcooked vegetables. Be they peas or broccolini, they almost always requiring trimming (i.e. knife and cutting board), a pot of boiling water, a colander to drain them and then usually an ice bath so they keep their perky green crunch, after which you get to drain them again. . * which at least one of us worked off running their first half-marathon; that person was, predictably, not me. Shaved Asparagus Frittata Notes: Heat your broiler. Seeded Popovers Recipe. The most delightful thing my oven produces is the popover. Gougères are a close second, but the popover wins for sheer drama.

They're golden-crusted bready crescendos made from the simplest ingredients. Their crunchy exterior belies a billowy eggy interior that absolutely begs for a slather of butter or honey. Popovers are worth learning to make well. Which, I'll be honest, takes a bit of practice. I'm going to talk a bit about technique down below, but before you dive down the rabbit hole related to then endless number of popover techniques that are out there, you really want to make sure your oven is on point. Before we get to the recipe, I'll mention that just about every variable related to making popovers is up for discussion - both related to the recipe and the technique. . - More Sesame Recipes - - More Millet Recipes - - More Breakfast / Brunch Recipes - I use individual timbales here, but you can use a special popover pan, or muffin tin. Now you're going to whisk the eggs. Vegan Zucchini Bread. A friend of mine from Books Through Bars tipped me off to this delicious recipe back in 2008.

Actually, let me rephrase: she taunted me with slice after slice of this zucchini bread on multiple occasions until I broke down and begged for the recipe. If you have a glut of zucchini this summer, this is a great way to use some up, but it’s also the kind of recipe I feel like eating year-round. It’s spicy — there’s a whole lotta nutmeg and cinnamon — and it just has a great, warm flavor.

I love the texture, too; it’s fluffy and moist with a nice crumb. I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit from the original and the ingredients are pretty darn wholesome, so if you’re looking to sneak in a few extra veggies onto a picky eater’s plate, this might be just what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, you should probably just call it “Spicy Awesome Bread.” Vegan Zucchini Bread. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls.

Something kind of terrifying is going on around here, and it started in the back of the closet. I found shoes there, old shoes, shoes that did not fit. They had to go. Thus far, this is the snoring-est horror story yet, but wait, the discontent simmers: Half the closet followed, all of the plastic hangers that drove me batty were replaced with nonslip ones, sweaters were color-sorted, dresses were arranged by season and my husband’s closet is on notice too. It gets worse: What began as a vague declaration that “this coffee table needs to be replaced” turned into an entire living room overhaul, from a fresh paint job to a new sofa, chairs, and yes, tables too.

The throw pillows are looking nervous, as well they should. The kitchen cabinets got purged and everything that remained went into airtight glass jars. With labels. You see, you can’t go on book tour if your son’s toys aren’t yet in colorful baskets; somewhere it is written. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Adapted from Baked Elements. Buttermilk Berry Muffins Recipe.

The other morning I found myself gushing to this guy about some muffins I baked. Josey is my neighbor (ladies, don't hate), and he's super inspiring - fully geeked out on all things flour, seed, and grain. As a side note, when I get him to show me how to make his Dark Mountain Rye Bread, you'll be the first to know. I see Josey around a lot, and sometimes we chat about what we're baking. So, there I was, telling him about a batch of muffins I was particularly into, they were just GOOD. Berry-streaked with sugar-sparkled tops, big flavor, buttermilk tender texture, I kept going on and on. On the way home it occurred to me that I should probably write them up. Here goes. I used whole wheat pastry flour, huckleberries from last summer (frozen), and topped them with crushed rose cinnamon sugar. To make them extra-special I decided to top them.

. - More Berry Recipes - - More Buttermilk Recipes - - More Baked Goods Recipes - Preheat the oven to 400F / 205C, with a rack in the center. Print Recipe. Whole Wheat Pumpkin Honey Walnut Bread Recipe. Beauty - Thy name is Pumpkin Bread! I am sure pumpkin lovers will agree with me on this one. Just hear me out - A totally crusty outside that paves way to chewy moistness and just when you are thinking how velvety it is, comes the unexpected delicious nutty crunch. Its very mildly sweet with subtle pumpkin flavor, is buttery soft and moist, with lots of crunch from the walnuts. So if you like walnuts, then forget about leftovers! Its like a surprise treat with every single bite. I know many of you probably don't care to hear it and it might actually put a dampener on all this prologue I have been building up for this bread - So for them, close your eyes for 1 second until you reach below this picture cos the next few lines are NOT for you ;).

For the rest of us - This bread is healthy and immensely nutritious. Changes I Made: I found this delicious slice of heaven in the Whole Foods Market website and decided to make it the same day. References Basic Information Serves: 4 people Tips. Best Ever Eggless Banana Oatmeal Muffins Recipe - - 22600.