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Figurative art. The Genderless Digital Voice the World Needs Right Now. The Birthday Paradox Experiment. Theme and Variations - Keys. Fundamental Frequency and Harmonics. Previously in Lesson 4, it was mentioned that when an object is forced into resonance vibrations at one of its natural frequencies, it vibrates in a manner such that a standing wave pattern is formed within the object.

Fundamental Frequency and Harmonics

Whether it is a guitar sting, a Chladni plate, or the air column enclosed within a trombone, the vibrating medium vibrates in such a way that a standing wave pattern results. Each natural frequency that an object or instrument produces has its own characteristic vibrational mode or standing wave pattern. These patterns are only created within the object or instrument at specific frequencies of vibration; these frequencies are known as harmonic frequencies, or merely harmonics. At any frequency other than a harmonic frequency, the resulting disturbance of the medium is irregular and non-repeating. For musical instruments and other objects that vibrate in regular and periodic fashion, the harmonic frequencies are related to each other by simple whole number ratios.

The Physics and Art of Beautiful Music. Coldplay’s classic 2000 hit “Yellow” is anchored by a 22-second guitar riff, unremarkable except perhaps in how incredibly simple it is.

The Physics and Art of Beautiful Music

Time management for artists. I think a lot of us, especially if we are doing this full time, have difficulties in managing our time properly.

Time management for artists

Its difficult to organize a day when there are 20 things you'd like to paint, emails to respond too, late night deadlines that screw up the next days plans, people knocking on your door thinking that because you are a self employed artist and don;t punch a "normal" clock, you don't have any proper responsibilities and can drop anything you are doing because someone needs a favour.

We have commissions to handle, money to manage, shows to submit to. Some of us (me ) actually live in the studio so the line between what is work and rest gets blurred easily resulting in nothing really getting done. On the priority of salient meanings: Studies of literal and figurative language - R. Giora. Some deep graffiti I found. Halo Effect. Creativity across the life-span: A systems view.

Csikszentmihalyi, M.

Creativity across the life-span: A systems view

Quantum Physics Is Fine, Human Bias About Reality Is The Real Problem. By creating two entangled photons from a pre-existing system and separating them by great distances, we can 'teleport' information about the state of one by measuring the state of the other, even from extraordinarily different locations.

Quantum Physics Is Fine, Human Bias About Reality Is The Real Problem

Interpretations of quantum physics that demand both locality and realism cannot account for a myriad of observations, but multiple interpretations all appear to be equally good. Melissa Meister, of laser photons through a beam splitter. A Statement from the Editor – The Astounding Analog Companion. The John W.

A Statement from the Editor – The Astounding Analog Companion

Campbell Award for Best New Writer began in 1973 as a way to honor exemplary science fiction and fantasy authors whose first work was published in the prior two calendar years. Named for Campbell, whose writing and role as editor of Astounding Science Fiction (later renamed Analog Science Fiction and Fact) made him hugely influential in laying the groundwork for both the Golden Age of Science Fiction and beyond, the award has over the years recognized such nominees as George R.R. The Lunar Planner: The Unfoldment of Number. Www.rowthree. A decade into the 21st Century and we have arrived at the future.


The promise of Tomorrow. Science Fiction Timeline Site . . . Marc Carlson's KNOWN SPACE Chronology . . . Science Fiction Timeline Site • Larry Niven's Known SpaceFramed Site Timeline • Links TIME LINE of Larry Niven's Known Space Universe Revision 111407 Compiled by I.

Science Fiction Timeline Site . . . Marc Carlson's KNOWN SPACE Chronology . . .

Marc Carlson ( ) The Great Battle of Fire and Light — Wait But Why. Calling Bullshit. Why Teaching Poetry Is So Important. Lettre à toi qui pense baisser les bras. Inscrivez-vous maintenant et recevez un guide gratuit sur les besoins humains Vos informations sont enregistrées dans un fichier informatisé conformément à notre Politique de confidentialité.

Lettre à toi qui pense baisser les bras

Si tu envisages de baisser les bras face aux difficultés que tu rencontres en ce moment dans ta vie ou dans la réalisation de tes projets, alors lis cette lettre. J’ai bien entendu derrière les mots que nous échangions récemment que ton chemin de vie semble devenir de plus en plus chaotique. Tu fais pourtant beaucoup d’effort pour aller de l’avant et surmonter les petites et grandes épreuves qui s’interposent entre toi et le cap que tu t’es fixé au départ. Myths About Giftedness. ~ by Mary Rocamora, M.A. ~ There are many myths about the gifted that are held in the mainstream culture.

Myths About Giftedness

What Is Art? Favorite Famous Definitions, from Antiquity to Today. Real work of Art... quote. Art and the Evolution of Consciousness — Eros & Kosmos. Exquisite Minds: Gifted and Creative Children « Support for Educators and Parents of Gifted and Creative Children "The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that cr. 3(3) Scott Ethics of Heroism 37 58. Haruki Murakami's advice on what to do when life looks dark. Recyclart, The art of recycling, reusing & upcycling ! How to Tell a Great Story. Dramatic interludes. Less is more. More or less. Quotability. Skillsets. TV faves. Verbatim.

Verbata. Writing.