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Gundam Wing - The Darker Side of Duo Maxwell. GWFA. F a n f i c t i o n. White Crystals. *Hiatus Alert* As you all know, links on this website are not working as well as they should be or whatever it may be.

White Crystals

White Crystals is currently being relocated and redesigned to another place. There will be no more pop ups *or so I think...* and navigation hopefully better. Your poor webmistress here is working on the damn thing and it'll take a while since I'm in school. Please bear with me while these changes are being made. I thank many people for their support and comments and I look forward to them in the future. Gundam Wing Addiction. S Gundam Wing Fanfic Archive. Gundam Wing Fanfiction Archive. Mes Écritures. Gundam Wing: Mission Acknowledged. ~The Stories~

Miko no da's Anime Corner. - welcome! Gundam Wing and The Sentinel Fanfiction. A little piece of gundam wing/fan fiction/raygun works. Archive is by invitation only. if you're going through these fics and come across any grievous errors, I'd be very grateful if you'd let me know.

a little piece of gundam wing/fan fiction/raygun works

I try to format them all nice and neat, but nobody's perfect!! Standard Disclaimer: Neither I nor any of the authors archived here own or hold any rights to Gundam Wing. Those rights belong to Bandai, Sunrise, and the Sotsu Agency. Olygrrl's Gundam Wing Fanfiction. Gundam Wing Fiction. From Gundam and Beyond... My Writings On The Wall. Idle Hands » Gundam Wing. Fanfictions Galore! Fan Fiction. Undefined Fan Fiction Shh...muses hard at work!!

Fan Fiction

(Or hardly working?) Welcome to the fan fiction section. Here you will find fics from myself and other talented authors. Click here to Submit a Fic *Note: If you are under 17 years old, DO NOT read Lemon/Lime fics. Author: Sarah (Me! The "Gallery" Destiny Interrupted. A re-draw of this birthday sketch I did for Ravynfyre waaaay back in 2003.

Destiny Interrupted

Wee bit improved upon. :) Semi-masterwork copy of a recent piece by Joshua Middleton which I was inspired by and referenced for color/lighting and palette. Fanfiction. A Whole World Opening(3x4, R, drama) Quatre stared at him for a moment, carefully weighing the decision of whether to shake Trowa senseless or kiss the breath out of him.


He elected for neither, and stretched out next to him on the cot instead, hiding his face in the curve of Trowa’s arm. “Thank you for saving my life. Don’t ever do it again.” Boys Next Door. COTB Matrix. Authors. Fanfiction by Jade. Welcome to Jaded, an archive of fanfiction from various fandoms written by Jade.

fanfiction by Jade

All of the stories here are yaoi-related (m/m relationships). Most, if not all, of the stories are rated NC-17 (for sexual content). If you don't like yaoi or are underage, please don't go any further. Please choose which fandom you'd like to read from the choices to the left. The links option will take you to a list of other places where Jade's fanfiction can be found on the web. Shine Like The Sun. Patterns of Blood ~ Amiko's fanfics. Hey, welcome to my little corner of the institution.

Patterns of Blood ~ Amiko's fanfics

Feed your slash fanfiction addiction. Sequel to "Pyractomena Borealis".

Feed your slash fanfiction addiction

After the events of Borealis, the boys are split up between three cities. Duo and Wufei, remaining in Tokyo, become involved in investigating a bizarre series of murders that seem to center around supernatural creatures. Even as they prepare for a mission and work on stalking the killer, the killer might be stalking them in turn... Categories: Anime > Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing Division Characters: Duo Maxwell, Heero Yuy, Quatre Raberba Winner, Relena Darlian/Peacecraft, Treize Khushrenada, Trowa Barton, Chang WufeiGenres: Angst, Drama, Fantasy, HorrorWarnings: Coarse Language, Graphic Violence, Minor Character Death.

Feed your fanfiction addiction. Through Another's Eyes - Gundam Wing Fan Section. And with its popularity, what anime craze would be complete without the various people on the net constantly coming up with fanart and fanfics to satisfy those who just can't get enough of their favorite G-boys and their epic battles?

Through Another's Eyes - Gundam Wing Fan Section

Thus this page houses my humble contributions (and some of Sutsume-chan's contributions ^_^), mainly fanfics, towards the world of Gundam Wing fans and its cult on the internet. Hope you enjoy! DisclaimersAll the legal mumbo jumbo that everyone needs if they host fan stuff - you know what this is all about right? ^_^ Fanfics - Classified Yaoi Please note that the stories classified as 'Yaoi' contain strong references to shounen/shounen relationships, as seems to be the trend on the net for GWing fics. Fanfics. The turnip patch. 07.13.08: Do you know what day it is, boys and girls?

the turnip patch

It's the turnip patch's 8th anniversary! And have I got a surprise for you... After eight long years, the turnip patch has finally evolved into its next form. There are sort of several reasons for it, I guess the largest probably being because it's kind of pretentious sometimes to insist on never changing. Nevertheless, I have taken as many steps as I could to try to match the new experience to the old, just with some enhancements. The turnip patch - the turnip patch v2.0. No frills.Just the fics....And a short prelude. Because this is just a table of contents, really, and it's the fic, not the packaging. I'm not very writerly, and yet one day I found myself writing.

I'm a 1+2+1 sort of person, and I'm guessing my claim to fame is writing lengthy stories that move fairly slowly. The action is slow, and the character development is slow, but hey, at least it's there, and it's moving. After many, many long years, this page has finally changed, but hopefully, the change isn't too jarring. Gundam Wing Fanfiction. FANFICTION!!!!! Welcome to Shattered Realities. Undefined Last Updated: August 23, 2003 To see what's been done, click the updates link towards the bottom of the page. NOTICE (Dec. '07): Per her request, Iris Anthe's fanfiction has been removed from the site. Welcome to Tralla's Lair of Gundam Wing Fanfiction.

Suto-ri Denkaku - Miscellaneous Anime Fanfiction. Miscellaneous Anime Fanfiction I have a few anime fanfics that have nothing to do with Dragon Ball. You have to disable your pop-up blocking software in order to read the fanfics or add to the allowed sites list. The flambeau factory: gundam wing.