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MargD Teaching Posters

MargD Teaching Posters

Instant Display Teaching Resources 19 Ridiculously Simple DIYs Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know e-learning for kids Free Printable Calendars : Free Printables : Print : Printable Online : Chart Jungle Royal Australian Mint On the following pages you will find school resources relating the Mint and Australian coins. From the history of our coinage, to the art and technology that goes into producing the change in your pocket. There are a number of activities for each subject. If you have any comments or suggestions for other resources, please email our Education Team Leader. Lower Primary School Resources Teacher resources and classroom activities for lower primary school age students - Lower Primary School Resources Upper Primary School Resources Teacher resources and classroom activities for upper primary school age students - Upper Primary School Resources Secondary School Resources Teacher resources and classroom activities for secondary school age students - Secondary School Resources

picture dots • dot to dot / connect the dots generator • home Visual cue cards This functional life skill activity contains a 10 page booklet and an acccompanying activity to reinforce personal hygiene. They could be used to instruct and reinforce brushing teeth. To make the booklet, one should take 3 letter sized pieces of paper and fold to make a 12 page booket. Then print the pages, cut them out and glue them on the appropriate page of the booklet. laminate and bind. The actvity contains directions. { See companion activities: Wash Hands Booklet; Smelling Fine Booklet; and Ready for School Booklet). Created by Linda Caillou. In this Boardmaker Studio activity, the student can sort expected and unexpected behaviours in the following situations: classroom, library and gym. Song boards with Mayer-Johnson picture communication symbols. This activity includes a story ,cards, and sorting page to support students in understanding the difference between public and private behaviours. This is a collection of three sorting pages. Support story for rules while at school.

Kindergarten Worksheets - Free Printable Worksheets for Kindergarten Teachers and Parents. The Teacher's Guide-Free Lesson Plans, Printouts, and Resources for teachers. KC Edventures