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15 Online Tools that You Will Come to Love as a Tech | I have compiled a list of 15 free online tools that will help you greatly as a tech. I’m sure that there are other good ones that I have left out so please feel free to post the ones that you like as well. IPTools offers a wide variety of online networking tools. With this site you can look up IP address information, check spam databases, run pings, run traceroutes, lookup WHOIS information and much more. BugMeNot allows you to find and share logins for sites that require you to register. allows you to test your Internet connection speed. is a social bookmarking site that allows you to bookmark sites and view them from any computer. Omnidrive is an online storage service that allows you to upload large files, access them from any computer, and share them with other people. 10 Minute Mail allows you to create temporary email addresses that expire after 10 minutes. Free Password GeneratorFree Password Generator generates very strong and unique passwords.

Four Homemade Cleaners This was easier than I thought it would be. One of Betsy’s goals for the year was to ditch some of our standard cleaners that we use around the house and make them! Honestly, I was a bit skeptical about this project mainly because I wasn’t sure that homemade cleaners would really get the job done. And my lovely wife is a bit of a neat freak so there’s no way she would use something that didn’t perform well. So a couple of weekends ago she went out and bought a few staple ingredients and some empty spray bottles and we spent a few minutes mixing up four different homemade cleaners that have since replaced 90% of the cleaners we use around the house. For the last few weeks we’ve been using them now and I’ve been so impressed by how well they are working, I thought I’d share them all with you in case any of you are interested in ditching the chemicals. The Cost of Cleaning. Basic stuff. Really Clean Cleaning. The Basics. - Homemade: How to Make 100′s of Everyday Products Mixing the Solutions.

Wakerupper - The Webs Easiest Telephone Reminder 6 Life-Changing Uses for Binder Clips (That You Couldve Easily Thought Of) from Look What I Found Yes, it may seem like an ordinary binder clip. And it is. Make no mistake -- it will keep your papers organized with the best of them. The BEST. But it's so much more. Oh so much. 1. (via) 2. (via) 3. iPod Dock Just go to your local Apple Store, pretend like you're interested in all the MacBook Airs, and walk right out. (via) 4. (via) 5. (via) 6. (via) WORDOID - Creative Naming Service Recyclebank Vodka has many uses. Some of them are interesting and some are way out there. So read on to discover a countdown of some weird and wonderful uses for vodka. 16 weird and wonderful uses for vodka... and a few drink recipes. At a recent cocktail party, I was surprised to find people favoring brandy and bourbon drinks over vodka drinks. I’m a vodka fan, personally. With vodka out of favor at the local bar, I started to wonder how else vodka might earn its keep, and found out something pretty interesting. Vodka is versatile. 16. 15. 14. 13. 12. 11. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. And the number one, weirdest use for vodka I can come up with is - drum roll please - using it to make a screwdriver... but hey, that’s just me. For me, it’ll always be a martini, James Bond style, please. And in case you, too, really just want to drink your vodka, here are a few really good - but weird and drinkable - ideas for your vodka. You could Make Bacon Infused Vodka and use it in a BLT Bloody Mary

Motor Oil Myths and Facts [Hit Counter] Motorists have Visited This Site Help Support My Web Site By Entering the following Merchants Via My Site Coming Soon: Table of Contents(Click on Topic to Jump Directly to It) Introduction I created this web site because wanted to dispel some of the misconceptions about motor oil, oil change intervals, and filters. History As internal combustion engines for passenger vehicles have been forced to become more fuel efficient, less polluting, smaller, and longer lasting, their lubrication needs have changed dramatically. Sludge The number one reason for oil changes is to prevent the formation of sludge. How Sludge is PreventedAdditive in the detergent oils 'wash' any contaminant particles off of internal engine parts and hold these particles in suspension until the oil is changed. How Sludge Forms As explained above, modern detergent oils suspend contaminants so they do not settle on engine parts and form sludge. Oil Change Intervals 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Which Oil to Use

20 Good Examples of HTML5 Portfolio Websites | CollegeGFX - Education 2.0 for designers ! HTML5 has tons of new features, techniques and elements that allow designers to create new and beautiful stuff. HTML 5 is a language used for representing content for web technology. HTML5 are able to change the way you design Web sites. Include many new advanced features that one can not begin to see how they work. These new features and design techniques make it much easier create a website. 1. Joey Lomanto 2. Haunted Cathouse 3. Ideaware 4. We Creative 5. Quentin De Smedt 6. Pixel Criativo 7. The Design Superhero 8. Elladesign 9. Wes Bos 10. Zoocha 11. Kenny Saunders 12. Black Meridian 13. Foundationsix 14. Owain Lewis 15. John Kavanagh 16. Dropr 17. Pumpkin King 18. Green House 19. Analog 20. desiign Media desiign Media If you would like to receive more inspiration from us, please consider subscribing to our feed by RSS and keep track of our tweets is simply to follow us on Twitter. Originally posted 2012-06-15 01:07:20. Tags: designhtml5inspiration — Kleanti Loves to create style.

How can I plot data in Maple? (Hermes) The basic plot syntax is: > plot(f(x), x=a..b) e.g. > plot(sin(x), x=-Pi..Pi); for a parametric plot: > plot([fx(t),fy(t), t=a..b]) e.g. > plot([sin(t),cos(t), t=0..2*Pi]); for a 3D plot: > plot3d(f(x,y), x=a..b, y=c..d) e.g. > plot3d(sin(x*y), x = -Pi..Pi, y = -Pi..Pi); For information on changing the appearance of a plot, adding a title, etc., type: The "plots" package contains functions for many other types of plots (type ? To plot of a set of 2D points, you can give the points as a bracketed list and use the "style=point" option. > plot([[1,2], [-1,2], [1,3]], style=point); Another way to do this is to use "pointplot" from the "plots" package; "plots" also includes an analagous "pointplot3d" function for plotting sets of 3D points. > with(plots); > pointplot([[1,2], [-1,2], [1,3]]); > pointplot3d([[0,1,1], [1,2,2], [1,3,5]]); > pointplot3d([[0,1,1], [1,2,2], [1,3,5]],axes=boxed,color=red); To reverse things so that the "x" values are displayed vertically:

Bill Gothard - General Teachings/Activities General Teachings/Activities Born November 2, 1934, Bill Gothard has two academic degrees from Wheaton College (B.A. 1957; M.A. 1961). His Master's thesis was entitled, "A Proposed Youth Program for Hi-Crusader Clubs." (Gothard's website now says: "Bill wrote his master's thesis at Wheaton Graduate School on seven Biblical, non-optional principles of life which, when followed, will result in harmonious relationships in all areas of life.") At one point, he devoted 35 hours per week to youth work with a Chicago missionary society while still a full-time student at Wheaton, 25 miles away. In 1964, Gothard developed a six-day seminar that became known as the Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts (officially "founded" in 1973). IBLP operates with a paid staff of about 300 out of its Oak Brook, Illinois headquarters. Ecumenism Scheduling a seminar for a city can be quite a production. That is the same policy Billy Graham uses. Character Training CharacterFirst! Gothard's "Army"

Computational model being developed for estimating populations of large carnivores The Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute and the Aalto University School of Science and Technology are together developing a computational method for estimating populations of large carnivores. The new method will provide a quicker and more cost-effective way of keeping track of the number of large carnivores. The computational method is based on the analysis of sighting material collected by the large carnivore contact persons. The method to be developed will supplement the current manual method of assessing the size of large carnivore populations. The aim of the new computational method and of the software program is to increase the reliability and transparency of population estimates. One of the Centres of Excellence of the Aalto University School of Science and Technology participating The project will last two years and it is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.