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Instant Display Teaching Resources,,Free and Low Cost Teaching Resources

Instant Display Teaching Resources,,Free and Low Cost Teaching Resources
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Easter Background Sweden is a secular country, so these activities are mostly nondenominational The Theme Page is divided into levels instead of activity types Beginner 1-3 Easter | Learning A picture with Easter words you can listen to, then match up the words in three different ways. Here Comes the Easter Bunny – kids will love this delightful Easter song (written/recorded by Matt R., Easter Word Search Worksheet | Have Fun Word Search: Find the Easter themed words in the word search puzzle. Lower Elementary 3-4 Easter: Vocabulary Lesson | Sprout countries will be celebrating Easter this weekend. The well-known story by Beatrix Potter as a cartoon Part 2 Elementary 4-6 197. Intermediate 7-9

The Teacher's Guide-Free Lesson Plans, Printouts, and Resources for teachers. KC Edventures Life on Scilly – pedagogfredrik Den här serien från UR är helt underbar. I sex avsnitt får vi följa ungdomarna Tom, Amy, Harry, Shamus och Jess. Vi får följa deras liv, tankar, drömmar, skola, hobbies och mycket annat från deras liv på de vacka Scillyöarna utanför Englands sydvästkust. Varje avsnitt är ca 15 minuter och man kan välja om man vill ha svensk, engelsk, eller ingen text. Jag har använt den här serien till åk 6, 7, 8 och 9. Eleverna får lyssna på engelsktalande ungdomarEleverna får kännedom/kunskaper om företeelser och sammanhang i ett område där engelskan talas som modersmålEleverna kan känna igen egna tankar och känslorDet finns färdigt arbetsmaterial med varierat innehåll, inkl lärarhandledningMaterialet är lätt att anpassa till den unika elevgrupp man för tillfället harDet är lätt att jobba digitalt med arbetsmaterialetDet finns hörförståelseuppgifter till varje avsnitt På mitt förra jobb körde jag den här serien i min specialundervisning jag hade med elever i åk 7-9. Where is it?  How big is it?

e-learning for kids PBS KIDS Kooperativt lärande – Elevaktiva arbetssätt Create a Superhero This webquest will have you working with your new table group (groups of 4) to create your own superhero, villain, a poster about them and a comic strip about one of their adventures to present to the class. Each group member will have a different role to play in your work, however some decisions will need to be made as a team. In your group decide who will take on each role. FIRST - as a group: - what will your superhero be called. - what will your superhero wear. - what will your superhero's powers be. SECOND - each group member chooses one role: 1) Heroic Historian - your role will be to create the background of your superhero. 2) Polite Profiler - your job is to create more information about your superhero. 3) Venomous Villain - your role will be to create the background of the villain for your group. 4) Astonishing Artist - your role will be to draw one large picture of each of your superhero AND one of your villain, to display on your poster. THIRD - as a group:

Wonderopolis | Where the Wonders of Learning Never Cease Facelift – has gone through a total facelift. For the last week, we have been working to make more accessible, user-friendly, modern and faster for our visitors’ convenience. Themes have got a more prominent position, as you can access them on a separate Themes Page as well as under each level’s menu item.

Royal Australian Mint On the following pages you will find school resources relating the Mint and Australian coins. From the history of our coinage, to the art and technology that goes into producing the change in your pocket. There are a number of activities for each subject. If you have any comments or suggestions for other resources, please email our Education Team Leader. Lower Primary School Resources Teacher resources and classroom activities for lower primary school age students - Lower Primary School Resources Upper Primary School Resources Teacher resources and classroom activities for upper primary school age students - Upper Primary School Resources Secondary School Resources Teacher resources and classroom activities for secondary school age students - Secondary School Resources

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