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Hi all, Apologies for the recent downtime and with thanks to our users (who alerted me and the mods) - I don't have permission to list names, but those following on LJ will probably know who, and if so, please pass on my thanks - as well as Michelle (one of our admins) for bringing this to my attention and keeping things calm. For the information of all our users affected by this down time, the following is an explanation of the problem, what happened and why it happened. Problem: users hitting and all subdomains related, received a placeholder page advertising related links. Technical cause: domain registration expired and was not renewed. In situations like this, the domain registrar repoints the domain to a placeholder (usually a page containing ads so they can generate some form of income from click-through clicks and ad views).

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Sheshat's Library At the author's request, all of dragon's fanfiction has been removed from Sheshat's Online Library. If you really, *really* want to re-read one of her fics, and promise not to spread it around without her permission, please feel free to email her at Other than that, sorry, all, but it's still official (though I think most of you saw it coming waaaay back). The Library is closed to submissions of any kind, as well as any future updates in general. To be honest, while it's been a blast, I just don't have the time or energy for all that HTML anymore. Where your Harry Potter Fan Fiction needs are met Black Cat Across the Road by MirroredIllusions (G+) Harry Potter thinks back on his life on the day he celebrated his first cen... Hogwarts Holiday Happenings by Hot Wheels (G) Some special visitors are coming to Hogwarts...but not everyone is happy ab... The Unexpected Detective(s) by Hot Wheels (G) Spearheaded by the surprise discovery of one student--and with some help fr... A New Understanding? by Hot Wheels (G+) An incident early in Harry Potter's Fifth Year has him re-evaluating past "... Consulting Dark Lord by Chess Waith (M) Tom Riddle is the number one most desired consulting detective in Diagon Al...

Snarry Fic Find (no subject) Apr. 3rd, 2014 | 08:57 pmposted by: egoemopunk in snarryficfind This is a story I read years ago, and I can't even remember where I found it. But I came to think about it a while ago, and know I can't seem to get any rest until I've found/read it. Wormhole Crossing Sometime in life you have to do the one thing you absolutely dread to get the one thing you absolutely need or want, so you can do the one thing you have to do. And sometime people get sucked in to it. There are nigh infinite variant timelines surrounding that of the Stargate universe we know. Latest update: June 22, 2014 What’s changed? What you’ll find here: The following in flavors of slash, het, and gen: spies of all kinds, from SD6 to Section 1; vampires, slayers, watchers, scoobies, evil lawyers, and ministers of grace; buddy cops out the ying-yang; space cowboys, big damn heroes, and Jedi Knights; rockers both punk and glam; wizards, witches, death eaters, elves, hobbits, and dwarves (oh my); immortals who cannot die (but at least they come); big gay alien superheroes and the criminal masterminds who love them; sports entertainment professionals; FBI agents and the rats who fuck them (over); and mutants, mutants, everywhere. What you won’t find here: You may have been misled by the site name, but this isn’t a recs site only for stories featuring polyamory.

Jamie's Juicy Bits Title: Home is where the heart isAuthor: jamie2109Artist: writinchica2kBeta(s): @psychosm1212Word Count: ~23.5kRating: R (for language)Characters/Pairings: Adam/TommyContent/Warnings/Enticements: Nope.Summary: Twenty years later, a bit of tell-all interview. A/N: Someone asked a question and the answer was, ‘We’ll never know unless twenty years down the track someone writes a tell-all book,’ as they tend to do, and everyone around at the time says, ‘I knew it!’ Well, I figured that I might not care in twenty years (or I might be dead), so I’d write my own version of it. That’s how this story began its journey. It doesn’t cover the whole time period, as that could be left for a sequel if I become inspired by something specific.

The Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest Archive This archive proudly holds almost 600 stories written for the three waves of the Fest by 203 authors. The stories vary greatly in genre, theme and length, and the authors range from well-known, prolific writers to those trying their hand at writing slash in this fandom for the first time. There's bound to be something to suit just about anyone's tastes here, so long as they like both Snape and slash - which seems like a pretty good combination to us! The Fan Fiction Directory Welcome to The Fan Fiction Directory. With the help of you, the fans, this site will eventually list most, if not all, of the fan fiction sites on the Internet. This site was built using Karen Nicholas' Fan Fiction on the Internet as it's backbone. Since that site has not been updated in several months and all attempts to contact her have not been successful, I decided to create this site. Due to the Great Migration off-Yahoo/Geocities last year, many of the links on FFotI no longer work.

Authors Last updated: 19/11/2013 You can browse the Mega Index by several ways. You can search by Author which is pretty standard, or you can search by Genre, Universe and Title. Constant work in Progress En Ingles 'Eudaimonia' by ZillahWhere do people go when they apparate? This is a very strange, spare and careful story that leaves one's heart aching at the end... Snape takes Harry to 'the space between' in order to protect him from Voldemort, i.e., to the region of space where people go when they apparate. Severus and Harry spend a long time there, in hiding, and their relationship eventually changes. The story's rated PG, but the sensuality that pervades it is all-consuming.

{} General eFiction is open source, php, MySQL database driven software that is simple to use and customize. "Hooks" written into the code to allow for easy integration with other software and easy mod creation. News system built in to keep your users updated. TinyMCE rich text editor that is selectable at both the user and admin levels. Save story text as flat files or in the database.