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HP Fandom :: Where your Harry Potter Fan Fiction needs are met Black Cat Across the Road by MirroredIllusions (G+) Harry Potter thinks back on his life on the day he celebrated his first cen... Hogwarts Holiday Happenings by Hot Wheels (G) Some special visitors are coming to Hogwarts...but not everyone is happy ab... The Unexpected Detective(s) by Hot Wheels (G) Spearheaded by the surprise discovery of one student--and with some help fr... A New Understanding? Consulting Dark Lord by Chess Waith (M) Tom Riddle is the number one most desired consulting detective in Diagon Al...

The Essential Snarry Reader Black and Silver Wormhole Crossing Sometime in life you have to do the one thing you absolutely dread to get the one thing you absolutely need or want, so you can do the one thing you have to do. And sometime people get sucked in to it. There are nigh infinite variant timelines surrounding that of the Stargate universe we know. Most turn out badly as one choice or another dooms Earth. There may be maniacal cackling. There probably will be tesla coils. There most certainly will be elegantly crafted death rays. Discover what happens when the Milky Way Galaxy discovers what the Spark of mad genius can do. Harry Potter escapes an unacceptable life in the public eye of the Wizarding World but when his adopted muggle life is blown wide open after an expedition to Egypt with Daniel Jackson he joins the original Atlantis team and heads to the Pegasus Galexy where he finds love and re-discovers his magic.

Potter Slash Archive :: Welcome to The Sugar Quill Snarry Fic Find (no subject) Apr. 3rd, 2014 | 08:57 pmposted by: egoemopunk in snarryficfind This is a story I read years ago, and I can't even remember where I found it. It takes place in Harry's third year, and if I don't remember completely wrong Snape have used/manipulated Harry since the first year. I'm trying to remember as much as possible, especially since it was so long ago in the hope that it'll be of more help. (I'm not sure which tags to use for this, so I opted for using none.) Link | {5} | Add to Memories | Share not really sure Apr. 3rd, 2014 | 05:33 pmmood: energeticposted by: holly_the_great in Hi I've seem to have lost my fav list in my browser. I think it was a snarry (otherwise I'm in the wrong place) all I remember is that snape was in a dungeon and remus and albus were going to do somthing to him, I have a feeling they were evil, also I think harry was in a tunnel under the sweet shop comming to save him , I think Good luck and thank youBanchan100 Link | {2} | Add to Memories | Share thanks!

The Hex Files :: Draco and Harry Fan Fiction Archive The Fan Fiction Directory Welcome to The Fan Fiction Directory. With the help of you, the fans, this site will eventually list most, if not all, of the fan fiction sites on the Internet. This site was built using Karen Nicholas' Fan Fiction on the Internet as it's backbone. Since that site has not been updated in several months and all attempts to contact her have not been successful, I decided to create this site. Due to the Great Migration off-Yahoo/Geocities last year, many of the links on FFotI no longer work. Due to the size of this project, I have not attempted to track down those sites but have simply removed them. This site will be updated between the 1st and the 15th of every month. ) next to them; sites that have been changed will have an next to them. This site currently has the following indexes: You can also find: This Fan Fiction Webring Site Is Owned By Rayhne Previous Site | Want to Join? This site was created by Rayhne, copyright 2000.

Idle Hands » Blog Archive » Ashes to Ashes Snape/Harry, Lucius/Harry. NC-17. ~6500 words. Noncon. Object insertion. Cover artwork by Ponderosa. “Move faster, boy.” The voice was as harsh as the fingers digging into his shoulder. Harry shrugged out of that hard grip and rounded on the dark shadow following him, his face set in a furious glare. “Keep your fool mouth shut, Potter.” The only concession Harry made was to lower his voice. Thin lips curled into a sneer at the name. “Evidently, not here. Hands descended on Harry’s shoulders again and propelled him into the dark. “Where’re we going, then?” He’d woken with Snape looming over him, hurrying him out of bed and out of the empty house on Grimmauld. They rounded a sharp corner and Snape still hadn’t answered. Long, bony fingers wrapped themselves around his arm, just above the elbow, and gave him an impatient jerk. Dirty like everything in the black market alley, the weathered sign above the door gave no hint of what lay inside. “The great Harry Potter,” Snape murmured. :: 65,000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts