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Children's Books and Book Club

Children's Books and Book Club
Worlds are colliding, and you're going to want to get in on this!Worlds Collide has launched, and no lie, it's one of the coolest things ever! We've taken The 39 Clues, Spirit Animals, and Infinity Ring…Read More {*style:<a href=''>*}Happy School Librarian Day!{*style:</a>*}Flashback: the school was in Far Rockaway, the decade was the ‘80s, and the librarian was Mrs.

Fry 1000 Instant Words For Teaching Reading: Free Flash Cards and Word Lists Above: Fry Sight Words Classroom Display! Click on the link below to download this FREE classroom display set: The Fry 1000 Instant Words are a list of the most common words used for teaching reading, writing, and spelling. These high frequency words should be recognized instantly by readers. Dr. Edward B. Free Downloadable MP3 Audio Books Welcome to is where you'll find one of the largest selections of audiobooks available. You can browse through more than 40,000 bestsellers, new releases and classic audiobooks in every genre and stream or download audiobooks directly to your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or computer. Browse Books Add some adventureto your daily commute

Botham's Kids Corner This site has been produced in conjunction with Alan Snow to whom we are deeply indebted! Although Alan is a very modest gentleman and would never mention it... he is a very talented author and animator; recently winning the "New York, Best Illustrated Children's Book award". Although freelance, he works extensively with Aardman Animations, the creators of Wallace & Gromit! Look out for his hilarious computer game for sale through Virgin called "P.A.W.S." and his latest game from B.M.G. called "Duck City!" The images for "From Seed to Sandwich" were created by Roderick Murray. Grammar This is a grammar comic about the proper usage of who versus whom. A look at the meaning of "flushing out an idea." This comic will LITERALLY make butterflies explode out of your underpants. A guide explaining when to use i.e. instead of e.g. A little bit ironic, dontcha think?

Free Audio Books Sort by Titles Per Page 1 - 10 of 10120 Titles Teaching and learning resources This site was developed to replace the National Strategies web area. Following the closure of the contract, it has been decided that the content should be made available through the UK Government Web Archive for reference only. On this site you will find the most popular content from the National Strategies web area, which has been updated to reflect the latest government policy and improved to make it more accessible. See how teachers, practitioners, classroom assistants, senior leaders, governors and other education professionals have been leading positive change in education. You can access strategies, practical support and examples of best practice. Whether it's nurturing enquiring minds or creating paths towards independence, you can see how others have made the difference.

Guided Reading Galore! I've had many questions about guided reading! Let me start by saying, I'm NO expert. I am still working on it myself! But, I do have some things I've learned that I'd love to share with you...and I'm not taking credit for these ideas. :) I just blog about em'! Levels Once you establish the level of each of your students, you'll want to check out {this} printable. It has helped me SO much! Kid's Typing Skills Home Children's Educational Software Kid's Typing Skills KID'S TYPING SKILLS helps you master a skill needed in today's computer oriented world and the best part - it's FREE! KID'S TYPING SKILLS is provided free of charge for several different reasons. First, we hope to improve you or your student's typing skills and speed.

Key Stage 1 Here are a few of the latest Key Stage 1 resources. A visual open ended activity to help with basic calculation and number bonds. Create number piles, Drag and drop the number bars to help explain a variety of concepts. Supplements geography work in the National Curriculum with interactive out of place game, which links to the main National Curriculum key areas in a fun and exciting way. Supplements geography work in the National Curriculum with interactive weather report game, which links to the main National Curriculum key areas in a fun and exciting way.

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