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Karelprinsloo karel prinsloo. La courneuve I _ soulèvements — Endgame. Celestial Echoes -Michelle Sank - GB. Stuart Freedman Photographer The Palaces of Memory. Stuart Freedman The Palaces of Memory | This work is a journey across India through the Indian Coffee House, a national network of cafes owned by their workers.

Stuart Freedman Photographer The Palaces of Memory

Within the walls of these cheap cafes, the very idea of a model India was born and brought to life. The Indian Coffee Houses are also central to my experiences and work in India over the last two decades. When I first came to India, the Coffee House in New Delhi – an almost secret place atop a Brutalist 1970's shopping centre on a corner of Connaught Place – was a refuge for me. It provided a respite from the noise and movement of a difficult but fascinating city and it made me very welcome. Read more here Finalist Best Photography Book. Search. Simon Roberts - GB. Urban Parks – Green Lungs of the City Until the mid 1600s urban parks were private; the exclusive domain of wealthy families and royalty.

Simon Roberts - GB

By the mid 1800s urban parks were starting to be seen as a way to serve the public and latter as a remedy to social ills caused by the Industrial Revolution and overcrowding in lower income neighbourhoods. Parks in the Romantic Period (1850 – 1890) were typically large green spaces located at the edge of a city that offered the ideal of the pastoral landscape. These “Pleasure Grounds” allowed for both active and passive – or contemplative—recreation and became playgrounds of the rich given they were too far away for the working class.

Today urban parks are increasingly being created from reclaimed lands in and around cities. This photographic narrative offers a timeline of urban parks beginning in 1660, when St. Downloads: Contact sheet of photographic plates (pdf) National Geographic Magazine article (pdf) Simon Roberts - selfies. Sight Sacralization: (Re)framing Switzerland When the wealthy English set off on their European Grand Tours in the 1800s, they expected that Switzerland would inspire them with vistas of sublime grandeur.

Simon Roberts - selfies

The landscape’s untamed romanticism was a crucial component of Switzerland’s national identity and cultural prestige. Today, the Swiss landscape often resembles a theater set, where tourists are transported to officially designated areas of natural beauty to gaze upon epic views from the safety of stage-managed viewpoints, a process referred to as “sight sacralization” (MacCannell, 1989, p. 43–45).

Simon Roberts. We EnglishSimon Roberts travelled across England in a motorhome between 2007 and 2008 for this portfolio of large-format tableaux photographs of the English at leisure.

Simon Roberts

We English builds on his first major body of work, Motherland (2005), with the same themes of identity, memory and belonging resonating throughout. Photographing ordinary people engaged in diverse pastimes, Roberts aims to show a populace with a profound attachment to its local environment and homeland. He explores the notion that nationhood – that what it means to be English – is to be found on the surface of contemporary life, encapsulated by banal pastimes and everyday leisure activities.

Title Maidstone Young Bird National Pigeon Race, Maidstone, Kent, 13th September 2008. Work by Simon Roberts. Craig Easton - GB. OSTKREUZ - PORNO. VANCON LAETITIA PHOTOGRAPHY - GB - DE. Soazig de la Moissonière - Portfolio - Home. Winners: Sony World Photography Awards 2017 - Photographs and text by Sony World Photography Awards. The World Photography Organization has announced the winners for the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards. 2017 is the 10th anniversary of the Sony World Photography Awards, and this year’s Awards saw 227,000 entries from over 180 countries around the world.

Winners: Sony World Photography Awards 2017 - Photographs and text by Sony World Photography Awards

Each year, the Awards recognize and reward the finest contemporary photography captured over the last year. Read on for more information about a few selected photographers, and explore the award-winning images below! Sixteen: Giving Voice to the British Youth - Photographs and text by Craig Easton. “Sixteen” is a group project I am leading with fifteen other photographers all around the UK.

Sixteen: Giving Voice to the British Youth - Photographs and text by Craig Easton

The central idea for the project is to give a voice to the next generation and hear them speak to us about their dreams, ambitions, hopes and fears for the future. Within the group, we aim to explore how your upbringing, social background, ethnicity, gender, and location all influence what you think you can achieve in life and how you might fulfill your potential. The idea for the project came from a series I made about the Scottish Referendum in 2014. It was the first time that sixteen-year-olds were given the right to vote in the UK, and I photographed young people who would celebrate their sixteenth birthday on the day of the referendum: they were the youngest people ever to vote in Great Britain. I was encouraged by how engaged with the process many of the sixteen-year-olds were, but also aware of the weight of responsibility some of them felt. The Milky Way - Photographs and text by Hannah Modigh.

The title “The Milky Way” comes from a Greek myth about the creation of the galaxy.

The Milky Way - Photographs and text by Hannah Modigh

In the myth, the collection of stars forms as a result of the goddess Hera breastfeeding the infant Heracles. “The Milky Way” is about the special mood that springs from a certain time in life: the period between being a child and an adult. During this period of adolescence, we take perhaps the greatest step away from the safety of our parents’ chests. It’s a time when we long for life and independence—a time full of dreams, expectations, and a feeling that life is great, and yet one’s entire life can change in a single evening with a single glance. At the End of the Day—“Aig deireadh an latha” - Photographs and text by Laetitia Vancon.

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, uniform, and dematerialized, Scotland’s Outer Hebrides—in their sincerity, simplicity, and authenticity—represent a peaceful haven in the collective unconscious.

At the End of the Day—“Aig deireadh an latha” - Photographs and text by Laetitia Vancon

Within this space exists a virtually immutable people: an insular, singular, communitarian and traditional clan crafting their own refuge. In these isles, one finds a well-preserved microcosm where the experience of isolation has a magnifying effect on the exceptional—albeit fragile—spaces, whether it be on an environmental, economic, or social level. The idea of “territoire” explores the lifestyle, the personal relationships, the sense of belonging, and the process of self-realization in relation to the land. Does this collective identity define the space, or does the space form one’s identity? Also, how do we chisel out a path to the future without abandoning our heritage? (POM) - Julien Benard -LA PHOTOCOPIEUSE. Martin Bertrand -DEFENSE. LITHUANIE. 60 Stunning Photos Of Girls Going To School Around The Globe. Valerio Vincenzo - FRONTIERE. Le long des 16.500 Km des frontières internes de l'Europe de Schengen.

Valerio Vincenzo - FRONTIERE

Projet en cours depuis 2007. Frontière: ligne idéale, au tracé arbitraire, généralement jalonnée par des signes conventionnels (Petit Robert). L'Europe unifiée, en supprimant la plupart des contrôles d'identité et des installations douanières, a redessiné la notion de limite d’Etat. En d'autres temps, les images d'une frontière ne pouvaient être celles que nous montrent Valerio Vincenzo. Espace de tension et d'affrontement, l'endroit ne se serait sans doute pas prêté à cette photographie presque sereine, colorée et stabilisée par le grand format carré. Presque sereine, mais pas tout à fait, parce que le talent de l'auteur est de laisser transparaître dans le bucolique des lieux ce qui perdure de l'absurde, du sourdement inquiétant attachés à la notion de frontière.

Christian Maccotta/Boutographies Montpellier.