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Guerrero at war: chronicling southern Mexico's forgotten conflict – photo essay. 'Not married but willing to be!': men in love from the 1850s – in pictures. Goat Power: how herding is empowering women in rural Africa – in pictures. Elliot Caunce. Linda Brownlee. Brand Journalism and Content Production. Bukhara, that stunning caravan city located along the Silk Road in central Uzbekistan, former centre of a great empire, and possessor of architectural treasures, has a vast Jewish quarter, two synagogues, a Jewish school, a Jewish cultural association, and a Jewish cemetery containing thousands of tombs.

Brand Journalism and Content Production

The only thing missing in large numbers are the Jews. Tradition, supported by 2200-year-old archaeological finds of the ruins of a synagogue in present-day Turkmenistan, dates the first settlement of Jews in Bukhara to the diaspora following deportation to Babylon in the VI century BCE. Another theory holds that the Jewish presence in the city is even older. It is said to date back to the lost tribes of Israel, exiled from their homeland in the VIII century BCE. Whatever the truth may be it seems certain that Bukhara was the first Jewish establishment in Central Asia. Life, death and Jimmy the Volvo: Gus Powell's family photos – in pictures. In the Footsteps of Gandhi. The Tokyo rugby club keeping elderly players healthy.

In Japan, which is hosting the Rugby World Cup this month, 150 clubs stage competitive matches for players above the age of 40 - and Tokyo's Fuwaku Rugby Club has three over-90s.

The Tokyo rugby club keeping elderly players healthy

Image copyright Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters Of Japan's 120,000 rugby players, about 10,000 are over the age of 40. Ryuichi Nagayama (below left), 86, says: "You tackle and battle each other but the gathering after the play is so enjoyable and fun. "We talk about how each other plays and no-one gets angry about how we played. Living off-grid for 77 years – in pictures. Main : Faces of war: Kurdistan’s armed struggle against Islamic State. The war against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has flooded our daily news with troubling statistics of massacres and mass migrations, yet there are faces and human stories at the heart of the conflict.

Faces of war: Kurdistan’s armed struggle against Islamic State

Joey L wrote: “From Iraq, one crosses the Tigris River into war-torn Syria, and is catapulted into a worldview crafted by the guerrilla.” A water tower overlooking the liberated city of Sinjar, Nineveh governorate, in Iraq on 10 November 2016. In Turkey, Keeping a Language of Whistles Alive. 'He never hit her in front of me again' – Donna Ferrato's domestic abuse photos. For nearly four decades, the photojournalist Donna Ferrato has documented the effects of domestic violence on abused women and their families.

'He never hit her in front of me again' – Donna Ferrato's domestic abuse photos

Her book and series Living with the Enemy is one of the most important works on the subject. She launched a campaign in 2014 called I Am Unbeatable, which features women who have left their abusers. Dina Litovsky. The ugly face of beauty. India is one of the world’s largest producers of Mica, a silver-coloured, crystalline mineral.

The ugly face of beauty

An extremely versatile mineral essential for the cosmetics industry, which gives shine to eye shadows, skin foundation and lipsticks. Venezuela's revolution of hunger: a photo essay. For a time the “Saudi Arabia” of South America, today Venezuela more closely resembles Syria.

Venezuela's revolution of hunger: a photo essay

Economically destroyed and socially unstable, the country is now fighting an ever more alarming spectre: hunger. In the slum of Petare in the metropolitan area of the capital, Caracas, refrigerators remain empty, supermarket queues grow longer and the necessity of procuring something to eat drives young people to violence. Community volunteers serve food to children at a kitchen run by Alimenta la Solidaridad, a local NGO working in Petare, in February 2019.

GOAN TO THE DOGS — DOUGIE WALLACE- CHIEN - DOG. WELL HEELED — DOUGIE WALLACE - ANIMAL - CHIEN - DOG. SHOREDITCH WILD LIFE — DOUGIE WALLACE. Born yesterday: mothers and their newborn babies - MATERNITE - BEBE. Syrie: les visages des enfants du djihad. Young People Left Behind in China’s Snowbound Rust Belt. Toy soldiers — Sarah Blesener. Britain before Brexit: an intimate portrait of the country and its people. Britain is divided, by 12 regions, a statistical arrangement designed to help governments see the life of the population in graphs, charts and tables.

Britain before Brexit: an intimate portrait of the country and its people

I’m looking at Britain through these regions too, but not statistically, not through numbers that ignore the brilliant details of everyday life, but through the lens of my camera, on the ground, up close. Yorkshire and the Humber The first thing said to me in Doncaster is, “Are you Polish?” A fitting welcome: I had moved to Poland soon after the Brexit vote in June 2016, had been photographing there until two months ago when I decided to return “home” and take a proper look at Britain.

“Nie, jestem z Anglii” (“No, I’m from England”), I reply. Join Independent Minds For exclusive articles, events and an advertising-free read for just £5.99 €6.99 $9.99 a month. Photos of the Last Day of School in Kiev, Ukraine. Inside the Controversial World of Slum Tourism. Photographs by Hannah Reyes Morales Hundreds of shanty towns line the riverbanks, train tracks, and garbage dumps in the Filipino capital—the most jammed-packed areas in one of the world’s most densely populated cities.

Around a quarter of its 12 million people are considered “informal settlers.” Manila is starkly representative of a global problem. According to the United Nations, about a quarter of the world’s urban population lives in slums—and this figure is rising fast. Rich cultural heritage brings visitors to Manila, but some feel compelled to leave the safety of the historic center sites to get a glimpse of the city’s inequality.

Slum tourism sparks considerable debate around an uncomfortable moral dilemma. Slumming For Centuries. Vol au-dessus des nécropoles de vélos chinois. « Traverse la rue, prends ton bahut » Depuis le début de la semaine, les lycéens de France se sont engouffrés dans l’agitation sociale portée par les gilets jaunes.

« Traverse la rue, prends ton bahut »

Des centaines de lycées ont été bloquées, et des heurts ont éclaté entre lycéens et forces de l’ordre devant plusieurs établissements au cours de la semaine. National Geographic's Best Pictures of 2018. Les combattantes des quartiers Nord de Marseille. Toutes les photos sont de Xavier Lours.

Les combattantes des quartiers Nord de Marseille

Jessica Hilltout- FOOT - BALLON. The hair extension industry in Ukraine -CHEVEUX -UKRAINE. The hair extension trade is a multi-million dollar industry – and Slavic hair is particularly prized.

the hair extension industry in Ukraine -CHEVEUX -UKRAINE

The blonde hair extensions have become known as white gold. Ukrainian women can supplement their incomes by selling their hair, with Slavic hair extensions costing about $1,000 (£882) and wigs about $3,000. Hair gradients available in a salon in Kiev I was very interested in the thought of someone willing to have another person’s hair attached to their head and having no idea of the origin of that hair, or the circumstances in which it was taken. I headed to Kiev to take up my residency at Izolyatsia, an art foundation in the city. Advertising posters throughout Ukraine. Yevgeny, 28 I met Yevgeny, who has owned a hair salon in a shopping centre on the outskirts of Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine, for about eight years. “Women come to cut and sell their hair, but not that often: our Slavic girls, conversely, are willing to pay their last penny to be beautiful and have long hair. Dogs hiking around the world - CHIEN. Photographer based in moscow. Diagnosis With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 Siberia’s economic heyday finally ended.

Today there is a lack of doctors in the Russian backcountry and a part of the residents does not have regular access to specialized medical treatment. Five medical trains of the Russian federal railways provide medical service to more remote areas. Equipped among others with a laboratory for blood tests, sonography, EEG, ECG, and x-ray devices the medical train “Saint Lukas” supplies the Siberian Regions of Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia. 17 doctors and their assistants examine about 15 000 patients per year. The medical treatment on the train is free of charge. Migrants from El Salvador flee violence for opportunity. I Can Help Who’s Next. If you are a true New Yorker, you have probably spent a Sunday waiting in line at a restaurant that serves the same brunch dishes as the empty joint next door, while your earbuds play some sort of yacht rock music provided by your insurance company or mortgage holder, which has, of course, put you on hold.

It’s how New Yorkers build up the reserves of hostile energy that keep the lights burning. If you are a visitor to New York, a go-to activity might be lining up in front of a Broadway theater well before the house opens, even though your ticket guarantees you the same seat if you arrive at the last minute. It’s where you meet the most interesting people, none of them New Yorkers. Either way, as Lou Reed sang, “First thing you learn is that you always gotta wait.”

Beautiful Photos of Nature in Abandoned Places Around the World. Giant Hands Cradle Vietnam’s New Golden Bridge Near Da Nang. Haunted places around the world. A fascination with the unknown drives many travelers to the most bone-chilling corners of our world. Sometimes it’s a lonely place with a violent or macabre past, said to be haunted by the tormented souls of those who already left the Earthly planet. At others, a quiet crypt or a reverent patch of ground calls to attention the impermanence of life and the ever-turning hands of time. Regardless of their origin, each of these destinations has garnered a reputation for the supernatural or uncanny—and in turn, attracted a devoted following of curious adventure-seekers. Explore them all … if you dare. Nathan Strauss is a social media associate producer at National Geographic, focused on travel and adventure. PUBLISHED October 6, 2018 © 1996-2018 National Geographic Society. Tadas kazakevičius LITHUANIE.

Abattoir blues / Mort à domicile - Eric Baudet. « Je suis prête à descendre dans la rue pour défendre l'abattage à la ferme. Manger de la viande et s'engager en faveur du bien-être animal n'est pas contradictoire. » Pour le prouver, Charlotte de Clerck nous a ouvert les portes de sa ferme de Miré (Maine-et-Loire), fin mars, lors de la mise à mort de deux de ses truies. Femme de tête, Charlotte de Clerck gère seule une exploitation de 60 hectares et vit en symbiose avec ses chiens, chevaux, oies, et poules dodues. Tightrope Walking Remote Villages - RUSSIE. Sacromonte, Granada’s Ancient Caves. Kihnu Island, ESTONIE. Nomads - IRAN. No Stranger Place - GB. Would you open your home to a strange? In a series of portraits, Aubrey Wade shows people from across Europe who have welcomed refugees into their homes and have found the experience to be mutually beneficial.

UNDERLAND – AUSTRALIA » Tamara Merino. Pictures of the DMZ in South Korea and North Korea. Holy Sites Around the World. Aaron Vincent Elkaim- Bresil. War-torn Sarajevo’s camera kids, then and now – a photo essay. The children confined to Bjelave orphanage had suffered terribly – both because of the war, and from neglect and abuse. Following-a-refugee-familys-long-journey-to-us-citizenship. Livestreamers : Geishas of the Internet (Preview) Le parfum et la poudre. Texas: women and guns, a love story. Job de rêve : maître-nageuse pour pingouins. « En 98, j’avais un an » : on a vu la finale à Bondy, avec la « génération Mbappé » MONOPARENTALE (Valérie Pinard) Search Result. Au fil de l'eau (Aldo Sperber) No Sweatpants in Public: Inside the Rule Books for N.F.L. Cheerleaders.

Children of Zanskar - Photographs and text by Jarek Kotomski. What the tourists did to paradise – in pictures. Coming of Age Amid Patriotic Training. Dystopia — TRANSIT. Photographers Show Us Their Selfies - selfie. By National Geographic Staff A photographer on assignment for National Geographic typically spends weeks in the field, spread out over multiple trips. Here’s Why Vaccines Are So Crucial - vaccin - w daniels. By Cynthia Gorney. Rendez-vous photos. Rendez-vous photos. First Generation: France's Afro-French women. On your Marx: meet the modern-day communists. Anouk Desury, Être et Durer. Looking for the Soul of Abkhazia - The National Dance Ensemble “Caucasus” before a performance. Sukhumi, Abkhazia. 2016. - The New York Times.

Monique Jaques. NarPhotos- TURQUIE. REINES DE LA TOUNDRA - Stéphanie Buret - RUSSIE - Nomades. Forcados -TORREROS. Plastic Trees. Together: a photographic study of UK family life. Alex Bonnemaison I Photographe. Kiana Hayeri. Karel prinsloo. La courneuve I _ soulèvements — Endgame. Celestial Echoes -Michelle Sank - GB. Stuart Freedman Photographer The Palaces of Memory. Simon Roberts - GB.

Simon Roberts - selfies. Simon Roberts. Craig Easton - GB. OSTKREUZ - PORNO. VANCON LAETITIA PHOTOGRAPHY - GB - DE. Soazig de la Moissonière - Portfolio - Home. Winners: Sony World Photography Awards 2017 - Photographs and text by Sony World Photography Awards. Sixteen: Giving Voice to the British Youth - Photographs and text by Craig Easton. The Milky Way - Photographs and text by Hannah Modigh. At the End of the Day—“Aig deireadh an latha” - Photographs and text by Laetitia Vancon. (POM) - Julien Benard -LA PHOTOCOPIEUSE. LITHUANIE.