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Guillaume Nédellec - BRETAGNE - PAYSAGE. Voici l'histoire qui me relie à mes grands-parents, Alice et Albert, des gens de l'ordinaire, ceux dont on ne parle jamais, ni dans les journaux encore moins dans les magazines.

Guillaume Nédellec - BRETAGNE - PAYSAGE

Deux êtres qui ont su vivre, avancer, malgré les doutes et les épreuves, jour après jour. Evidemment, quand on marche sur les traces de son passé, il y a toujours une présence qui vous accompagne. Elle ne vous quitte pas, plus forte qu'un simple souvenir, malgré l'absence. Retourner en Bretagne, c'est revenir à la source, celle d'une vie, là ou tout est tendre et encore permis, ce territoire où n'existent encore ni blessure, pas même une écorchure.

Notre voyage a duré une vingtaine d'année avec mes grands-parents. Décidé de s'arrêter en chemin. Tout l'amour que l'on se portait mutuellement. Mais j'ai eu une chance formidable : j'ai connu mes grands parents. Les choses deviennent possibles. Malgré cela, jamais je ne l'ai entendu se plaindre. Un bisou et que j'essuyais ma joue juste après. Raphaël de Bengy- RECYCLAGE - PAPIER. Raphaël de Bengy -RECYCLAGE- VETEMENT. Eduardo Leal - Bullfight - Forcados - Portugal. Paolo Marchetti - European Fascism. Ukraine, - Guns. Ukraine has long had a tricky relationship with guns.

Ukraine, - Guns

In the course of its post-Soviet history, it has been the only country in Europe without legislation governing the civilian possession of firearms. More than a dozen laws have been proposed, but none have been passed by parliament. Instead, Ukrainian gun ownership is regulated by ordinances overseen by the interior ministry. Officially, the only legal way to own a firearm in Ukraine today is to acquire a rifle for hunting or sporting purposes; handguns are banned, available only to security guards and certain categories of state officials.

Theatre -youth- war- UKRAINE. Samuel Bregolin - CUBA - AMERIQUE LATINE. China's Yellow River -CHINE. The power of humans is nothing compared to the power of nature, even when we try to change it.

China's Yellow River -CHINE

—Zhang Kechun Chinese photographer, Zhang Kechun, approaches his subject, the Yellow River, from a haunting distance. However, the quiet beauty of his images conceal the river’s devastation. Changes to the weather have brought extreme flooding and drought, and modernization has wrought severe pollution. Despite its bleak state, Kechun has faith that eventually the power of nature will override the destructive power of humans. Kechun was recently featured alongside Swiss photographer Namsa Leuba in Intersections, a book produced by Sandmeier, a small publishing house that works with young photographers. This post was contributed by Guy Merrill, Art Director at Getty Images London. Genaro Bardy — nuit - NY- vide -Photographe. Samuel Gratacap - migrant - Empire - Marcel & Simone - Blog Culture. Son équipement, destiné plutôt à une pratique en studio, l’éloigne aussi paradoxalement de son sujet.

Samuel Gratacap - migrant - Empire - Marcel & Simone - Blog Culture

La construction des compositions signifie son point de vue extérieur aux événements, auxquels il ne prend part que dans un temps déterminé. Magnum Photos. Intimate Pictures Show Cuba Through the Eyes of Its Youth. Last week, just a few days before Cuban leader Fidel Castro's death, I sat in a room in Old Havana with National Geographic photographer David Guttenfelder, photo editor Sadie Quarrier, and 21 Cuban students and young professionals, brainstorming ideas about what it means to be Cuban at this turning point in the country’s history.

Intimate Pictures Show Cuba Through the Eyes of Its Youth

The session was part of a weeklong National Geographic Photo Camp being held in the city. Our goal: to teach Cuban youth how to tell their own stories through photography, to challenge them to show us their world in a way no one looking in from the outside can. We found a passionate group of students, a new generation on the brink of change and uncertainty who were anxious to create a body of work that would convey their challenges, hopes, and dreams. Here’s what they had to say—in images and in words. "My generation is anxious to be in touch with the world via Internet, foreign press, television channels, and other means. Night covers the Cuban capital. EUROPE ECOLOGIE LES VERTS ILLUSTRATIONS - Images. Cartel Collective. Hunting with dogs - Pascal Montagne, Auteur photographe. Air France Magazine 236 - Décembre 2016 : Un numéro pour bien terminer l’année. TerraProject - POLITIQUE. EVA CLIFFORD - BALLET - NONVOYANT - MEXIQUE.

Mary Turner- TRAVELLERS - HOMES OF CALAIS - UK. Stephane Lagoutte - Lebanon / Beirut 75-15. Beirut is layered, saturated.

Stephane Lagoutte - Lebanon / Beirut 75-15

It is a desperate syncretism, at once beautiful and monstrous. I have rarely seen a city strike so violently its inhabitants. The war is still so close, though a thick layer of dust has covered everything, like a veil shielding innocence. The Lebanese love and hate their country. They agonize, believing that everything will always be lost.

Beirut 75-15 is composed of three years of photographs taken whilst I wander in the city, juxtaposed with archive images found in the rubble of an old luxury hotel in the city center. Beyrouth est stratifiée, saturée. Beyrouth 75-15 est composé de trois ans d'errances photographiques et d'images d'archives retrouvées dans les décombres d'un ancien hôtel de luxe du centre ville. The Russian Debutante Ball in London. A mainstay of the society calendar, the debutante ball is traditionally where upper-class young ladies, escorted by eligible bachelors, are presented to society.

The Russian Debutante Ball in London

Although the debutante ball, with hundreds of years of tradition behind it, has never fully disappeared in Western culture, it has experienced something of a revival in recent years, with the young people taking part citing its tradition and strict etiquette as its attraction. Now in its fourth year, the Russian Debutante Ball in London took place on November 19, 2016 in the opulent ballroom setting of The Great Room at Mayfair’s Grosvenor House. For Magnum president Martin Parr, the evening was an opportune moment to continue his study of society balls, which has seen him producing a book on the Vienna ball circuit. Reflecting on the event, he said, “I liked the Russian ball, and although it was quite similar to the many balls I have shot before, it was good to see the debs and the assorted Russian aristocracy.” Marriages_02: Deprived of Adolescence: Photo Stories: Daro Sulakauri Photojournalist.

MATTHEW HAMON, Gymnosophy. Les Valaques - FRANCK VOGEL. Indiphoto. Daesung Lee, Sur les rives de Ghoramara, Sur les rives de Ghoramara.

Daesung Lee, Sur les rives de Ghoramara,

Benjamin Rutherford. Benjamin Rutherford was born in Zimbabwe, and has lived in Zambia and South Africa.

Benjamin Rutherford

All of which highly influenced and fuelled his interest in Socio Political issues. Upon finishing his senior education he moved to the United Kingdom to Study BA(Hons) Press and Editorial Photography at Falmouth University, from which he graduated with First Class Honours. He now works as a freelance photographer based in the UK. SALLY GALL - The Sly Eroticism of Laundry on the Line.

Sally Gall’s photographs of laundry flapping on a line—which are the subject of a new show, “Aerial,” at the Julie Saul Gallery, in Chelsea—transform a domestic chore into a celebration of color and abstract form.

SALLY GALL - The Sly Eroticism of Laundry on the Line

Seen from below against cloudless blue-and-white skies, garments billow and flow, becoming jellyfish, calla lilies, birds in flight. Gall has often peered into intimate, mysterious spaces—caves, grottoes, spiderwebs—as if rediscovering childhood wonder; her pictures of fields of wild flowers were made deep within the grasses, from the point of view of a caterpillar, dreaming of its life as a butterfly. This new work is more expansive but just as sensuous, with a vivid palette of color and a sly undercurrent of eroticism. Much of the wash looks rather anonymous, just streaming scarves or other bits of fabric, but the biggest blossoms—especially the full-blown poppy—are distinctly feminine: skirts that Gall invites us to look up. Michal Ronnen Safdie - A Separate Beach. The beach is a place for the body’s pleasure: on that much, everyone agrees.

The question of how to dress the body for the occasion is a different matter, as we’ve seen in this summer’s fractious debate over France’s “burkini” ban. The bikini itself was banned from many French and European beaches when it first came on the market, in the nineteen-forties. The style of stretching two pieces of fabric tiny enough to be stuffed into a matchbox over the breasts and groin was a national scandal before it became a source of national pride. Julien Legrand - Unusual Banality. Carlo Bevilacqua. Ugo Amez -chasse-FEMME - JEUNE.

Boeing 747 - Aviation Photography. <div class="global-site-notice noscript"><div class="notice-inner"><p><strong>JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. </strong><br />You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. </p></div></div> On Flipboard. On Flipboard. On Flipboard. Contamination + Addiction : Michel Huneault. As European Barriers Fall, Bulgarians Feel West’s Tug for The INYT — Boryana Katsarova Photography. Ciril Jazbec. Adolescence dans les steppes de mongolie. Il existe aujourd'hui dans certains pays des centres de désintoxication numérique - pour les (très, très) accros aux filtres Instagram et les allumés du like. Allez expliquer ça aux nomades de la steppe mongole. Interprète ou non, ça risque de coincer. Comment expliquer à des nomades qui vivent dans l'immensité des plaines de Mongolie et qui pourtant se connaissent tous, que nous, occidentaux, vivons une proximité davantage numérique que physique ?

Tourists vs. Refugees. Comissioned by Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2015 Kos has become a bottleneck of the global refugee stream from the Middle East to Europe. Sans titre. This Is Not Your Family by Matt Eich. David Alan Harvey has photographed more than 40 articles for National Geographic, beginning with a story about Tangier Island, Virginia, in the November 1973 issue of the magazine. In 1978, Harvey was named Magazine Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA). His work has been exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Nikon Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. His photographs have appeared in Life, The New York Times, and Sports Illustrated. He is well known for his work on Spanish cultural migration into the Americas and has produced significant bodies of work in Mexico, Cuba and Brazil.

Magnum Photography Awards 2016. David Alan Harvey has photographed more than 40 articles for National Geographic, beginning with a story about Tangier Island, Virginia, in the November 1973 issue of the magazine. In 1978, Harvey was named Magazine Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA). His work has been exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Nikon Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. His photographs have appeared in Life, The New York Times, and Sports Illustrated. He is well known for his work on Spanish cultural migration into the Americas and has produced significant bodies of work in Mexico, Cuba and Brazil. Luca Catalano Gonzaga Photographer - photojournalist.

Pablo Chignard- grenoble - reportage. Mission Sentinelle - Martin Colombet - Photographer. Paul Butler - The Deep Well of Want - Ritual. The Deep Well of Want - Ritual Project info This is part of an ongoing research project looking at the role of people,place,ritual & religion through the writing of John McGahern. Ian Brown Photography - Dignitas. Livre "Belle-Ile 1930-1960" Children of War. Children of War When I first entered the Iraqi Safe House for Creativity, an orphanage that shelters 33 orphans and displaced youth, I was compelled to document the stories of those taking refuge there.

Two days later, I left with 33 stories that demonstrate the gravity of the situation in Iraq and its direct and indirect impact on thousands of children. I bore witness to their lives and the listened to the stories of the many crises they have been through. Iraq has been in varying states of chaos for the past two decades. It started with international sanctions in the 1990s that hit the most vulnerable members of society the hardest. LA RUE OU RIEN. (Source : (Source : (Source : (Source : (Source : (Source : (Source : (Source : Ron Haviv. Ron Haviv is an award-winning photojournalist and conflict photographer who as documented international and civilian conflicts around the world since the Cold War.

His work on Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and the Balkan concentrates not only on the direct effects of conflict but also upon the humanitarian consequences which are longer term and continue long after the gunfire has ceased. MAD, l'ardeur dans la lutte. Mornings With My Father. 365 portraits -rues -Paris NB. Chaque jour, durant une année entière, un photographe a capturé le portrait et a adressé la parole à un inconnu différent… Dans son projet personnel “365 Parisiens”, Constantin Mashinskiy a voulu aborder ces milliers d’étrangers qu’il croisait dans les rues de Paris.

Chaque rencontre a abouti à un portrait et cette idée lui est venue simplement un jour, lorsqu’il prenait des clichés dans la capitale et que quelqu’un lui a demandé une cigarette. Making-of. L’attente sans fin à la frontière vendredi 11 mars 2016. Pete Souza: photographing the real Barack Obama. A Global and Authentic Family Album - The photographer’s son Elijah is autistic. To better connect with his son,

Portrait de Jean-François Leroy. J'ai photographié tous les visages de la corse en été. In West Baltimore, a community copes, with rage and hope, in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death. MAX PINCKERS photography. Jana Romanova photography. Coops of Cairo - Amanda Mustard. Portfolio Aapo Huhta. Charles Mostoller Photography. Red Lights - BLAISE ARNOLD. Indonesia’s Library on Horseback - Ridwan training his horses with friends. Vincent Gouriou. The Messages That Hold Refugee Families Together. Teenage Marriage and Parenthood in China - Wen, 18, touching his wife Jie’s stomach to feel their growing baby. Entertainment. Joey L. - NYC-based Photographer and Director. Another Crimea. Brice Portolano Photographe.

OSTKREUZ. Pablo Chignard. Gwen debourthoumieu. Images by Ilvy. Yves-marie Quemener. Mika Sperling. Hajdu Tamás. GORDON WELTERS - ALLEMAGNE - ECOVILLAGE. CONFLICT — redfitz Films. La France VUE D'ICI. Sundance Institute Short Film Challenge. Pete Muller Photography. Mikhail Mordasov - RUSSIE -ADOS. FHL- AUTOMARIAGE - HUMOUR - AUTOPORTRAIT. Andrejs Strokins - lithuanie - Giancarlo Rado - Pastoral Italians - ITALIE- PORTRAIT-CAMPAGNE. Jewish Women. Serhii Korovainyi - UKRAINE - jeunesse - vie quot - enfants. AARON HUEY. Reportage Multimedia Independant.

Srebrenica, nuit à nuit. Un Iphone comme arme - TURQUIE.