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International review of photographs.

International review of photographs.

Representative Shutters The Folmer variable tension shutter is used on the United States Air Service hand-held and hand-operated plate camera and on some of the film cameras. It consists of a fixed aperture curtain wound on a curtain roller in which the spring can be set to various tensions, numbered 1 to 10. The range of speeds attainable is at best about three to one, or from yxTo to 3-^0 second, considerably shorter than the range indicated as desirable. Its uniformity of travel is variable with the tension, as shown by representative performance curves in Fig. 30. Lacking any self-capping feature the shutter is provided either with an auxiliary curtain, or in the hand-held camera with flaps in front of the lens, opened by the exposing lever before the curtain is released (Fig. 39). This shutter is made a retension, the openings roughly in the ratio 1, ^, \, •§-, which when the spring tension is properly adjusted give exposures of 1/90, 1/180, 1/375, 1/750 second. Fig. 39. - Front view of U. U.

L’invasion des magazines photos en ligne > Décidément la presse n’en finit plus de se réinventer. Pour faire face à la baisse généralisée des ventes de papier nous assistons à la naissance d’un nouveau type de magazine en ligne : les photo-magazines. Particularité de ces sites : une ligne éditoriale orientée lifestyle et beaucoup de photos très qualitatives. Dans les faits, ça donne des sites comme Flipgloss, le dernier de la bande : Vous apprécierez les “unes” que l’on peut parcourir en mode coverflow sur la page d’accueil ainsi que l’effort notable pour proposer une mis en page agréable. Il est évident que ce type de site ne se préoccupe pas trop de l’accessibilité ou du temps de chargement mais de touye façon est-ce que les pendants “papier” de ces magazines en ligne se souciaient d’utiliser du papier recyclé ? Autre exemple avec Wonderwall publié par MSN : Là encore nous avons assez peu de texte et des photos dans tous les sens. Bon… c’est moins spectaculaire et dense que les magazines US mais l’intention est là.

Brevets Photographiques purpose P H O T O J O U R N A L I S M L I N K S 40 Amazing Online Photography Magazines - Smashing Magazine Whatever country we live in, we’re probably all familiar with the well-known photography magazines available in our newsagents and bookstores. The UK has Practical Photography, France has Photo, the Italians have Zoom and the Americans have American Photo. What you may not know is that there are many more photography magazines that are only available online. That’s the great thing about online publishing. Further Reading on SmashingMag: Link As an introduction to the wonderful world of online photography magazines, we put together a list of the biggest and best that we could find. Amazing Online Photography Magazines Link The 37th Frame5 Dedicated to bringing the best photojournalism on the internet to its readers. Positive Magazine7 It’s in Italian, but the photos are amazing. The Big Picture9 News stories in photographs. ePHOTOzine11 The UK’s largest and friendliest online photography magazine. Lunatic17 Creative contemporary photojournalism. Last Click Link Resources Link

E L I T I S M ‘La scultura lingua morta III’, the first solo show at the gallery by Italian artist Giorgio Andreotta Calò. ‘La scultura lingua morta III’ gravitates around sculpture, a discipline that the artist has been following for years, alongside site-specific and performative works. Sculpture is therefore the result of an entropic process of transformation that starts with a human, natural gesture, which extends in space and time and crystallises into an object; an object which represents through its form and material the last stage of the modification of matter. In this way, the form of the Hourglass (Clessidra) provides a synthesis into an absolute form based on the corrosion of wood when left in water, subject to the constant vertical movement of the tide. The wood is copied and is then cast in bronze, a transformation into an incorruptible material which is almost capable of suspending time and revealing it to be static, unmoving. Hourglasses are instruments that measure time.

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