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Christian Houge Julien Goldstein Previous Next Stories Stories Assignments Assignments Corporate & Commercial Corporate & Commercial Representative Shutters The Folmer variable tension shutter is used on the United States Air Service hand-held and hand-operated plate camera and on some of the film cameras. It consists of a fixed aperture curtain wound on a curtain roller in which the spring can be set to various tensions, numbered 1 to 10. The range of speeds attainable is at best about three to one, or from yxTo to 3-^0 second, considerably shorter than the range indicated as desirable. Its uniformity of travel is variable with the tension, as shown by representative performance curves in Fig. 30. Lacking any self-capping feature the shutter is provided either with an auxiliary curtain, or in the hand-held camera with flaps in front of the lens, opened by the exposing lever before the curtain is released (Fig. 39). Fig. 26. - Removable four-slit shutter of German (lea) camera, showing flaps. Fig. 39. - Front view of U. The lea shutter used on the standard German aerial cameras is a good example of the multiple slit curtain (Fig. 26). U.

Tales Of The Old Bathtub: My Wife And Kids Take Part In Creating Surreal Stories My name is Sebastian Luczywo and I live in Poland. I’ve been an amateur photographer for three years now. I look at photography as my hobby and a way to communicate to the world the stories that come to my mind. This time I decided to use my old bath tube as a stage to present some of the short stories. More info: Facebook | 500px Aspen station Captain cock Naval battle Mobile shower Dragon hunter Guide in a dream Rescue operation War child Soap opera Journey to childhood Wet poker Matrix Chicken for shaving Public Spaces in North and South Korea Street scene in Pyongyang, North Korea © Dieter Leistner Street scene in Insa-dong, South Korea © Dieter Leistner Until recently, photographic views of North Korea were as controlled as the region itself. Leistner applied his particular vision as an architectural photographer to Pyongyang, North Korea, and Seoul, South Korea, in 2006, and 2012 respectively, to capture the apparent dichotomy between the two places. Pyongyang Metro, North Korea © Dieter Leistner Seoul Metropolitan Subway, South Korea © Dieter Leistner Geumsusan Palace and Kim Il Sung Mausoleum, North Korea © Dieter Leistner Statue of King Sejong in Gwanghwamun Square (in front of Gyeongbok Palace), South Korea © Dieter Leistner Policewoman on Janggwang Street, North Korea © Dieter Leistner Hat seller on Insa-dong Street, South Korea © Dieter Leistner View from the Grand People’s Study House, North Korea © Dieter Leistner Gyeongbok Palace, South Korea © Dieter Leistner

Brevets Photographiques Photographie noir et blanc de nu et de portrait - Alexandre Maller Chez elles Femmes Vie Mode Danse Balades | Infos Liens | | News - 4 avril | Contact | Rush Hour On packed subways and crowded highways, billions of people participate in a short-distance population shift twice a day: the rhythmic ritual of the daily commute to and from work. More than 300 million people use the United States’ transport systems every day, and in 2012 a whopping 76 percent of them got to work by driving alone, a U.S. Department of Transportation report out last week noted. Associated Press photographers the world over set out to see how workers on five continents endure their morning and evening rush-hour commutes. To read more, visit AP’s Big Story. Click on any image to launch the Rush Hour Around The World gallery. Opening text from AP PHOTOS: RUSH-HOUR KEEPS BILLIONS ON THE MOVE by Adam Schreck. License these photos Lead Image Caption: In this Sept. 3, 2014, picture made with a long exposure, lights from evening rush hour traffic move over the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco. AP Images on Twitter | AP Images on Facebook | AP Images on Google+

Dear Photograph Pierre Pellegrini Everybody Knows This is Nowhere | Andrea Gjestvang This project explores the restless lives of adolescents growing up in Finnmark, the northernmost part of Norway. To a large extent Norway’s increasing wealth is due to fish, oil and minerals from this part of the country; yet several small communities are left as nowhere lands were local prospects may be limited. Privatization of the fishing industry in the 70’s made unemployment, the abandonment of fish factories and depopulation a part of reality. The young generation in Finnmark is the future; they carry with them the responsibility of keeping their small hometowns alive and building sustainable businesses in the area. But adolescents in these remote areas face different challenges than other teenagers; the Internet, magazines and television allow them the same input of popular culture, yet they do not have an equal chance to partake. (Work in progress)

P H O T O J O U R N A L I S M L I N K S Black and White Landscapes Focus sur le travail de Jürgen Heckel, un photographe allemand, qui montre des paysages de des campagnes en noir et blanc avec sa série « Landschaft ». Les nuages sont omniprésents dans l’horizon et la lumière ajoute une atmosphère d’étrangeté et de menace. A découvrir dans la suite de l’article. 30 Under 30: The 2015 shortlist Once again we’ve teamed up with Magnum Photos and The Photography Show to offer 30 talented young photographers the chance to have their work exhibited. Here are the 60 who’ve made the shortlist… Competition was fierce for this year’s 30 Under 30 brief. A total of 664 photographers, from all over the world, submitted their pictures on the theme of “documentary photography covering social issues”. And they are… Tom Jamieson David Severn Michael Vince Kim Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist Sam Peat Sebastián Bruno Jasper Bastian Maddie McGarvey Olga Ingurazova Maria Paloma Velazquez Hosain Nazari Renaud Philippe Miikka Pirinen Natalia Szemis Mateusz Baj Ciril Jazbec Victoire Petin Andre Malerba Jamie E. Maria Gruzdeva Sam Ivin Ramin Mazur Johnny Milano Jordi Ruiz Cirera Peggy Ickenroth Anna Pantelia Matic Zorman Lucy Wilmer Maxim Babenko Souvid Datta Milos Djuric Lauren DeCicca Tommaso Protti José Sarmento Matos Danila Tkachenko Romain Champalaune Massimo Branca Calogero Cammalleri Sanja Jovanovic Simona Supino Ayesha Jones Jiehao Su