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About | Constantin Nimigean - oitzarisme © Uncle My name is Constantin Nimigean from Romania and I’m not a photographer. I just enjoy looking at photography and, from time to time, to talk about it. This website was born in January 2007 from the idea of having a blog where I could share stuff with my friends, but step by step it changed into a platform for educating and promoting contemporary photographic projects from all around the world. The name of the blog is an invented one and it means “sheep things”. In January 2011, I launched an online photo-magazine called LOVE ISSUE because I wanted to have a compact product of my blog and a magazine of my own, a bimonthly digest of what I find interesting on the Internet and worth sharing in a magazine shape. Contact me if you want to become a media partner, support my projects, share your thoughts, tell me a story or just say hi.

urbanautica The Great Leap Sideways Face In Frame The Contest is open only to individuals, 18 years or older at time of entry, world wide, all individuals around the world, excluding employees of fotoup and its parent companies, subsidiaries or agents, their immediate families (defined as parents, children, siblings, spouse and grandparents) and those domiciled with any of the foregoing are not eligible. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply; void where prohibited. All information provided by entrant must be complete, true and correct. entries received after the deadline will be deemed ineligible to win. Each entry must be submitted on an individual basis (i.e., no team, joint, or corporate entries) and all components of the entry must be the original creation of the submitting participant. Entries may not contain profanity, pornographic images, violent images, anti-competition messages, illegal material, or material that violates the rights of third parties. File Specifications:

Portretna fotografija - Vodič Strana 2 od 5 Kao i za ostale tipove fotografije i ovde važi : dobri rezultati ne zavise direktno od opreme koju posedujete, već od onoga ko se nalazi iza objektiva. Naravno, oprema vam može olakšati posao, ali sigurno nije od presudnog značaja u tome da li ćete dobiti uspešan portret ili ne. Da biste napravili portret, dovoljan vam je i kompaktni aparat, ali je sa njim teže manevrisati sa dubinom polja, koja je jako važan element ove vrste fotografije. Osnovna oprema Kompaktni ili DSLR aparat sa kit objektivom. Ovde se može staviti tačka na osnovnu opremu, jer smo naveli najbitnije što vam je potrebno za solidan portret. Dodatna oprema Objektiv Ono što vam najtoplije preporučujem je dodatni objektiv, koji bi bio pre svega za portrete. Zašto baš 50mm (35mm) i 70-200mm? Zato što 50mm na Full frame telu i 35 mm na APS-C –u „vide“ istu širinu kadra kao i ljudsko oko, pa nema nikakvih deformacija. Zašto veliki otvor blende? Iz dva razloga. Žilberica Blic Dodatna rasveta

Tošo Dabac Tošo Dabac (pronounced [toʃo dabats]; 18 May 1907 – 9 May 1970) was a Croatian photographer of international renown.[1][2][3] Although his work was often exhibited and prized abroad, Dabac spent nearly his entire working career in Zagreb.[1] While he worked on many different kinds of publications throughout his career, he is primarily notable for his black-and-white photographs of Zagreb street life during the Great Depression era.[4] Life and career[edit] Early life[edit] Dabac was born in the small town of Nova Rača near the city of Bjelovar in central Croatia. After finishing primary school in his home town, his family moved to Samobor. Dabac's earliest surviving photograph is a panorama of Samobor, taken on 7 March 1925.[3] His work was first shown publicly at an amateur exhibition held in the small town of Ivanec in 1932. Rise to prominence[edit] Road to the Guillotine Later, Dabac worked as a correspondent for various foreign news agencies. Later life[edit] Deckchairs Legacy[edit]

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES - Disturber 1. Portfolio reviews To submit your work, send a portfolio of 5 to 10 images (size: width 730 px; resolution: 72 dpi) with a short bio and the link to your website, to: The selected portfolios will appear on in the category “portfolio reviews”. 2. Have you published a book? 3. Have you just completed a series you feel suits Disturber’s mood? Editorial Staff - ARTFreelance LIFE TUTOR Group Paolo Fani coadiutore pre- selezione Mauro Maione coadiutore pre- selezione Beppe Ranieri coadiutore pre- selezioni Enrico Lorenzetti coadiutore pre- selezioni Angelica Cante coadiutore pre- selezioni Francesco Ercolano coadiutore pre- selezioni COLLABORATIVE GROUP Christina Marie Santiago Commentator- pre- selection Cyril Verron Commentator- pre- selection Roxana Labagnara Commentator- pre- selection Cherie Long Commentator- pre- selection Michael Woloszynowicz Commentator- pre- selection

Submit - The Photographers Directory Regulation - ARTFreelance LIFE ARTFreelance nasce nel febbraio 2009 ed è un progetto di condivisione fotografica internazionale che utilizza Facebook , Google plus , Twitter , Pinterest , Tumblr VISUAL per garantire la massima visibilità delle vostre opere fotografiche ed a supporto i domini La condivisione avviene tramite l'inserimento di foto nella pagina ARTFreelance di Facebook , è completamente gratuita e senza fini di lucro anche indiretto. Accettando la presente iniziativa si autorizza la Redazione di ARTFreelance a pubblicare le foto che avranno superato la selezione negli album di Facebook, e negli spazi de sito esterno ARTFreelance ed i link delle stesse nei vari Solcial, specificando il nome dell'autore e la proprietà esclusiva dell'opera fotografica. Una volta iscritti bisogna seguire le semplici regole e confermare via mail le iniziative ed il regolamento di ARTFreelance scrivendo alla seguente mail specificando "accetto l'iniziativa". Englisch version

Matjaž Tančič Photography Matjaž Tančič (1982) is a Slovenian photographer of the younger generation, who lives and creates between Beijing and Ljubljana. He began his path as a photojournalist for Mladina magazine, but quickly made his way abroad – Matjaž is a graduate of the London College of Fashion. His photojournalistic roots can be sensed in his fashion work as well – the endless pursuit of fresh locations and that moment of spontaneity that is the trademark of journalistic photography. Matjaž has 60 group and 24 solo exhibitions behind him, with his work being featured in magazines such as Vogue, Marrie Claire, L Officiel, Playboy, Mercedes Benz Magazine, Modna, Inspire and Look de Book. He won a Sony World Photography Organisation 2013 contest in 3D category. He won a Slovenia Press Photo award 2012 in Nature chategory. He was among the 6 finalists in the 2009 "Google Photography Prize" contest.

Photography Gallery – New York City - Aperture Foundation Aperture Foundation’s beautiful gallery and bookstore, located in the heart of New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, presents exhibitions dedicated to contemporary and classic photography. Admission is free, and the gallery is wheelchair accessible. Click here for Aperture Gallery and Bookstore hours Location: Aperture Foundation 547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor New York, N.Y. 10001 Phone: 212.505.5555 View Larger Map Schedule a class visitRental informationVisit past exhibitions

Composition: Square Format Many photographers started in medium format with a camera that shot 6x6 cm negatives. This square format could be cropped vertically or horizontally, depending on requirements. However, many photographers realized that the square format created a unique challenge for composition as it broke the mold - so to speak - of the standard image ratio. Announced: Saturday, 13th February, 2010 (GMT) Submissions: Saturday, 20th February, 2010 – Friday, 26th February, 2010 (GMT) Voting: Saturday, 27th February, 2010 – Friday, 5th March, 2010 (GMT) Processing rules: Basic image cleanup (retouch as required). Additional rules: If you see an entry that you feel doesn't qualify, use the complaint button and state your case ... but do so well before the submission deadline ends. Maximum number of entries per user: Maximum number of entries in challenge: