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Powerful Photos Reveal The Real People Behind The Military Uniforms Whether you think soldiers are upstanding heroes or jack-booted thugs, few of us actually take the time to consider the people behind those imposing uniforms. Photographer Devin Mitchell, however, created a touching photo project called “The Veteran Art Project” that examines what lies on the other side of the uniform. Using Photoshop, Mitchell has created images of uniformed servicemen and women whose mirrored reflections reveal who they are – and vice versae.

the Story INSTITUTE Those who have bothered to get to the very front of the stage at a big show—especially those who often make it a point will know the feeling: Legions of fans striving to get as close as they can to their beloved band, eardrums be damned, often crushing in on one another to create one solid mass of limbs. In its best possible manifestation, this produces an electricity larger than the music itself that magnetizes and unifies the crowd into one cosmic being, hearts seemingly pounding together, each one in sync with the other, all in sync with the music. Besides communing with the band, a very real reason for positioning oneself at the front of this heaving mass of fans is this feeling of being part of a greater whole. Sandy Carson’s We Were There is the culmination of eight years spent in the pit, on assignment at music festivals and shows in Austin, Texas. While there to photograph the performers, Carson took advantage of his proximity to the crowds to turn his lens on them.

Progress slow in Haiti’s isle of ill-content Newly installed solar-powered street lamps stand as a beacon of hope, lighting up the rocky terrain as idle bulldozers collect dust along the lush mountainside. In a nearby village, a new public square slowly rises out of the red dirt, but local cooks working at a poorly financed community restaurant struggle to keep hunger at bay. Nearly 11 months after the Haitian government launched an emergency intervention on this island five miles north of mainland Haiti in response to a Miami Herald report about the deadly migrant smuggling operations from its shores, elements of change are starting to emerge. “There is a little bit of hope,” said Clemond Francois, 43, standing on the beach in the seaside village of Basse-Terre, which has no roads. “What we didn’t use to see, we are starting to see.

NPPA: Best of Photojournalism 2014 BOP 2015 > > International News Picture Story 1st Place, International News Picture Story Mads Nissen/Politiken/ Panos Pictures The current ebola epidimic started in Guinea in December 2013, but arrived to Liberia and Sierra Leone during the spring of 2014. A Ritual of Exile « VII Photo A Ritual of Exile The women are forced to live in rudimentary ‘chaupadi’ sheds, which are distanced from their family homes, they are forbidden to touch family members, eat at the same table and bathe in the same water. Indeed, the food the women are given comprises of nothing more than boiled rice and is thrown to them, as you may to an animal, by families members forbidden to touch these tainted women. Chaupadi is a severe and damaging practice declared illegal by Nepal’s Supreme Court in 2005. Three years later, the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare issued guidelines meant to eradicate the practice.

PhotoWings Here are some excerpts from this fascinating interview: Malcolm Daniel on our shared photographic heritage. From a historical standpoint, there are things to be learned from the past. Photographs of Teenage Gangs of New York City in 1959 In the summer of 1959, 25 year old photographer Bruce Davidson read about the teenage gangs of New York City. Connecting with a social worker to make initial contact with a gang, Davidson became a daily observer and photographer of this alienated youth culture. At the time there were an estimated thousand gang members in New York City. "I met a group of teenagers in Brooklyn who called themselves the Jokers.

pauljphotoroll.tumblr Most people closed their window shades and watched a movie on seatback screens. Meanwhile, thousands of feet below, fascinating stories were unfolding like this small volcano formed by a new rift zone in the Gulf of California, pulling the Baja peninsula away from mainland Mexico at a rate of 1cm a year. What will it look like in a million years?

Echo Photo Agency Teaching by using games is an established practice in lots of countries. But not in Sicily where problems like illiteracy, poverty, no respect for rules and laws are daily routine. In the city of Gela, one of the most problematic and emblematic areas of Sicily, there is a teacher who has honed a revolutionary teaching method based on the game of chess. David Guttenfelder — Life in the Cult of Kim Cart - 0 items Life in the Cult of Kim Share North Korea Panorama