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The home of photojournalism

The home of photojournalism

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10 Raw Photos That Show What an Open Relationship Is Really Like Artist Keren Moscovitch understands how complicated open relationships are — she's been in one. Moscovitch told Refinery29 her photo series "Me Into You" is meant to capture all the emotions that come with being non-monogamous. "My partner and I had been in a monogamous relationship for several years, and we were beginning to blur the boundaries of our intimate life by opening the relationship to other participants," she told R29. "We played with swinging, kink, and polyamory, with the intention of getting closer and more open about who we each were as individuals." Advertisement - Continue Reading Below On her website, she further explains her photos look at "natural expression of sensuality in a society overrun with taboos, in which the human body becomes compartmentalized and moralized.

Echo Photo Agency Teaching by using games is an established practice in lots of countries. But not in Sicily where problems like illiteracy, poverty, no respect for rules and laws are daily routine. In the city of Gela, one of the most problematic and emblematic areas of Sicily, there is a teacher who has honed a revolutionary teaching method based on the game of chess. Learn GIMP: From Greenhorn to Guru in 19 Lessons fmgbain GIMP is a very popular graphic program, and though not as popular as Photoshop, there are a good many designers who use it as their first choice. While it has some universal features shared by many other graphic programs, as we discussed in the Linux Design Tools: High-end Design on a Low-end Budget?

igor posner – notes from underground Hover over the image for navigation controls Igor Posner Notes from Underground play multimedia It started in 2006, a year when I returned to St. HMAb — HeatherMortonArt buyer One of my favourite things about this show is that it includes so much variety. Subject matter, technique and of course style- the show is a lovely mixture. Plus, it represents photographers in very different places in their careers. Established shooters like Lee Towndrow are showing fantastic work that warrants more attention. But it’s also thrilling to be include new shooters like Rodrigo Daguerre. Rodrigo’s work caught my attention during my visits to Sheridan last year and I mentioned him in a blog post here (in that blog post I also mentioned Rebecca Baran’s great Assistant Workshop.

DPA BLOG: PHOTOS:#NIGERIAN ARTISTE ORESEGUN OLUMIDE DISPLAYS HIS DRAWING THAT BEATS THE MONALISA PAINTING All the images below are drawn by hand!!! by Hand, hand and brush by a YabaTech graduate... Photo Of The artist, Oresegun Olumide: The Berlin Wall, 25 Years After the Fall - In Focus This weekend, Germany will observe the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The German Democratic Republic (East Germany) began erecting the barrier in 1961, building on existing checkpoints, and fortified it over nearly 30 years: The initial waist-high wooden gates gave way to massive concrete structures with buffer zones known as "death strips." The Berlin Wall was intended to halt the steady stream of defections from the Eastern Bloc; during its existence, only about 5,000 people managed to cross over, escaping into West Berlin. More than 100 are believed to have been killed in the attempt, most shot by East German border guards.

29 of The Most Influential Images of All Time 1. Taken by Mike Well, this picture shows us the hand of an Ugandan Boy held by a missionary. This image strikes us a reminder about the disparity in this world. 2. It shows 9-year old girl fleeing from a village in Vietnam, after a napalm bomb was accidentally dropped on it by a plane of the Vietnam Air Force. THEORY: "William Eggleston - Draft of a Presentation (2003)" William Eggleston: Draft of a Presentation By Thomas Weski It’s hard for me to describe the fascination that William Eggleston’s photographs exert on me. More than twenty years ago, I bought William Eggleston’s Guide, the catalogue of his solo show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1976. Time and again, I have looked at the color plates of this book, and I still can’t really explain why they have preoccupied me for so long.

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