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Brice Portolano Photographe

Brice Portolano Photographe
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Pablo Chignard Pauline Franque : Main Charles Mostoller Photography My Concrete Cowboys project was featured in the June issues of both PDN and PDN's Emerging Photographer, getting two pages in both and a doubletruck in Emerging. Read the interview with me in PDN here. I spent a few hours this weekend with a group of teenagers in West Philly who are learning to ride and keep horses, as well as working by hanging out in parks offering pony rides for $5. I met them by chance while on another assignment. This was my first time out with them, but I plan on spending more time following them around, both as they ride, at the stables, and in their homes. I hope anyone reading this catches my sarcasm....

Alexandra Sophie Find me all around the web: Website - deviantArt - Facebook - Twitter Alexandra Sophie, 20 year old is a french self-taught, who loves to make magic with a camera, to capture love, fairies, childhood dreams and fragility. I like ice cream, witches and aliens. I love to wear dresses and run in the fields. I have been sitting on that bench, looking at the people running, trying not to miss their bus, I've been standing against that wall and watching teenagers going out from school and laughing at each other. A harmonic world between us and nature, where everyone care about each other and feel free to love.

In West Baltimore, a community copes, with rage and hope, in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death Neisha shows off her neck tattoos, standing outside Gilmor Homes, one of Baltimore’s many public housing projects. The WB stands for West Baltimore, the neighborhood where Neisha grew up and where Freddie Gray died while in police custody, May 2, 2015. (Wil Sands/Fractures Collective) A vigil marking three months since Freddie died in police custody takes place on Mount Street. This is the place where police stopped the paddy wagon after arresting Freddie, July 13, 2015. With the toll of civilian deaths at the hands of police officers in the U.S. over 650 this year so far, the national conversation over race relations continues to intensify. Eager to change the narrative of what he considered “insincere” press coverage of the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson and and Freddie Gray in Baltimore, photographer William Sands spent several months in the Gilmor Homes housing complex in Baltimore where Gray once lived. An empty building on Mount Street. More In Sight:

j'ai photographié tous les visages de la corse en été Les photographies d'Anton Renborg n'ont ni le format, ni la prétention des cartes postales. Pourtant, Notices de la Corse, le livre qui rassemble les tirages estivaux du photographe originaire de Suède, met en lumière toute la splendeur et l'aridité de l'île de Beauté. Cinq étés d'affilé, Anton Renborg a sillonné les collines corses en voiture - seul. Il s'arrêtait par hasard au bord d'une route bordée par les maquis, dans un village ou sur les criques, pour immortaliser un fragment d'existence : celui des touristes paisibles, des locaux plus méfiants, d'un garde-côte, des vaches qui paissent ou d'une colline silencieuse. Le silence, d'ailleurs, est un mot qui domine la photographie d'Anton. Comment t'es venue l'idée de photographier la Corse ? Comment tu faisais là-bas ? Tu as photographié les touristes en vacances, mais les Corses aussi. Dans ton livre, on trouve des photographies de paysages tout à fait vierges et d'autres où l'homme s'impose dans le cadre.

Portrait de Jean-François Leroy On ne présente plus Jean-François Leroy, directeur et fondateur du festival international « Visa pour l’image » mais aussi militant du photojournalisme. A la veille de plusieurs conférences de presse de la prochaine édition du festival, nous vous invitons à découvrir les coulisses du festival, du métier de photojournaliste ainsi que son parcours. Nous vous donnons rendez-vous le 19 mai pour la publication du quatrième épisode. Une interview de Jean-François Leroy produite par le studio hans lucas & Findspirehans lucas est un studio de production dédié à la photographie et aux écritures numériques. GORDON WELTERS - ALLEMAGNE - ECOVILLAGE Berlin LaGeSo falls into chaos World Behind Bars The Last Fish The Stolen Future personal project Behind the Silence Refugees “From Palestine with Love” Land of the People Nuclear waste transport personal project Go, my beauty personal project Living on wheels personal project Woodstock Festival Poland Ecovillage Sieben Linden personal project Disabled Mothers personal project Illegal Immigrants personal project Prijut dla Sirot – the children’s home personal project The Aral Sea – Salty Legacy Sport

Pete Souza: photographing the real Barack Obama | Art and design It was a tale of two Americas. In Las Vegas the casinos were humming with a hell-yes tide that was about to sweep the manic Donald Trump to his most pumped-up victory yet. In Washington DC, civilisation still existed. This is just one in a stream of vividly human and often funny photographs – released not just through White House press office, but on Flickr and Instagram – in which Souza has documented moments of the Obama administration that will never be forgotten. If the image ofMcLaurin – who was born in 1909, a time when the civil war was still a living memory for many Americans – visiting the first black US president does not communicate the soft power of the Obama age, consider some of Souza’s other pictures. Jacob Philadelphia is just one in a long line of African American children who have met Obama in the White House, in encounters that have been touchingly, spontaneously, comically captured by Souza’s camera. Obama, too, projects absolute ease in the presidency.

Ron Haviv Ron Haviv is an award-winning photojournalist and conflict photographer who as documented international and civilian conflicts around the world since the Cold War. His work on Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Russia and the Balkan concentrates not only on the direct effects of conflict but also upon the humanitarian consequences which are longer term and continue long after the gunfire has ceased. His books Blood and Honey: A Balkan War Journal, and Afghanistan: On the Road to Kabul and the magazines he has published in including Fortune, The New York Times Magazine, TIME, Vanity Fair Paris, Match and Stern attest to the quality of his work in complex and fast-changing situations where intuition and self-preservation are as important as camera skills. His book Haiti: January 12, 2010 addresses the effects of the earthquake upon society. His awards include World Press Photo, Picture of the Year, Overseas Press Club and the Leica Medal of Excellence. A series by Dr.