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Elementary School

Elementary School
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Science Out Loud — MIT+K12 Videos SOL is a YouTube webseries hosted and co-written by MIT students on everything from the physics of skydiving to the biochemistry of farts. With episodes no longer than 5 minutes, these videos take the traditional concepts taught in middle and high school science, engineering, and math (STEM) classes and puts them in a context completely outside the classroom. You won’t find a single equation in these videos - instead, they feature the gamut of hosts and personalities who will take you into labs, rivers, and the sky! Creates (1) 5-min. episodeCook time: ~150 man hours Directions Cast hosts by reviewing <1 min. selfie videos pitches that MIT students submit (~2 weeks).Work one-on-one with cast members to hone their episode ideas after pitch is reviewed and accepted.

Free Downloads Mathematics Free maths software from SEN Teacher and other sources. Maths Software Language & Literacy Free AAC and other educational software for special needs. language Software Arts & Sensory Free drawing and sensory software for special needs. Sensory Software Social & Emotional Free software related to social and emotional development. Social Software Latest Downloads ACAT Free AAC and switch access suite from Intel Labs OptiKey Free keyboard and mouse control for eye gaze devices Gazespeaker Eye gaze environment with AAC and desktop functions

Free Tycoon Games Play free, interactive & educational business simulation games, cool money management games, diner/food service activities, airport management games, awesome virtual farm games, and more.. for children, teens, high school students in the classroom or to play at home with family and friends. Test your time management skills, and learn how to run a successful business or operation, while solving problems under pressure. From simple fun on your computer to more challenging educational games. Go Tycoon! Announcement: "Virtual job opening for someone with excellent multi-tasking skills, a cool head under pressure, a friendly smile, and a love of customer service and the mighty pizza (the most beloved take away meal on the planet). This highly-stimulating, interactive restaurant tycoon game should provide good customer service practice for any young budding entrepreneurs out there, or anyone who wants to try their hand at quality business management under pressure. Play this Game

Wonderopolis log jillthompson - Science and Math Skip to main content You are not a member of this wiki. Join now Dismiss guest Help | Sign In jillthompson Home guest| Help | Sign In Turn off "Getting Started" Loading... Designing a Science Fair Project Science Lesson A great way to get kids excited about science is through creating a project for a science fair. It doesn't have to win a prize to be a fun and rewarding experience! Consider getting involved this year in either a local public or private school science fair or a homeschool science fair. There are lots of opportunities for all grades - you don't need to wait till high school to participate. As you do your project, keep in mind that one additional benefit of doing a science fair project is that you can incorporate several subjects at once: research, writing, spelling and grammar, planning and organizing, and logic are just a few of the other subjects you might use. For a good science fair project, you'll need to use the scientific method. Once you've found a subject, do a little research to help narrow down a workable topic. Now for the really 'hands-on' part - the experiment stage! The second step to getting accurate experiment results is to use multiple test subjects.

Apprendre à mesurer la température avec un thermomètre interactif Dans la même veine que l’horloge interactive, je vous propose cette fois une application pour apprendre à mesurer la température, il s’agit du thermomètre interactif. A ma connaissance, il n’existe pas énormément de matériel didactique qui permette de réaliser des manipulations avec cet instrument de mesure et on est vite amené à travailler avec des activités « papier/crayon ». Quand bien même les ordinateurs grand public ne sont pas encore équipés par défaut d’un capteur de température ambiante, cette application conçue en Flash vous permettra de réaliser des manipulations avec les enfants en indiquant les températures de votre choix. Pour l’enseignant, ce programme est avant tout destiné à réaliser des activités de manipulations avec ses élèves. Lire la température indiquée sur le thermomètre.Une température étant donnée, indiquer la position correspondante du liquide sur le thermomètre. – Premier cas de figure: Lire la température indiquée sur le thermomètre. Caractéristiques

48 Ultra-Cool Summer Sites for Kids and Teachers A good majority of northern hemisphere and international schools are winding down the 2011-12 school year, and doors will be closing as the students and teachers take off on their summer adventures. Here is a list of great sites for kids and teachers to keep you happily productive and learning this summer. These are in no way in any order of personal preference or coolness. Happy summer! 1) Magic Tree House If your students like The Magic Tree House series (and let's be honest, who doesn't?) 2) Toporopa Can't afford that summer vacation schlepping around Europe? 3) ReadWriteThink Printing Press ReadWriteThink creates a lot of great educational resources. 4) Spell With Flickr Spell With Flickr is a simple site that allows you to enter any word, and will then create a photo representation of that word using pictures from Flickr. 5) Freeology 6) Tagxedo Tagxedo is a Wordle-esque site that allows students to create beautiful word clouds. 7) Learn Your Tables 8) Virtual Sistine Chapel 9) Cool Math

Pendulum Explore this virtual pendulum and make it swing. To see The ZOOM Pendulum, you'll need a plug-in called Shockwave. It's free and lets you enjoy animated games and activities on the Web, including this one. Take a swing in the real world armed with the facts on real-world pendula (that's plural for 'super-swinging thing!')

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