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Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer

Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer
Sooooo… I have a three-year-old little girl who is full of drama. Probably not the only one in history, but one of my current dilemmas. When time out time comes for bad behaviour I find myself with a little girl on the bottom step screaming, kicking walls and not able to even calm down enough to learn her lesson. This was getting worse and worse until I told my husband, “there has to be a better way, I’m going to research this.” So I went online and read other mom’s advice, dr’s advice, psychologist’s advice, etc. Nothing was really working. So I found a water bottle (Smart water was the brand) that was totally smooth and not too big around for little hands to hold. I removed the label with goo gone (it was very sticky under that label) Next I filled each bottle with about 3/4 (* edit 5-3-12, I used hot water so that the glue “melted” better… room temp or cold will cause it to stay separate) water, an entire bottle of glitter glue and a small tube of ultra fine glitter. Johanna Like this: Related:  Kids...

Sew a Cute Puppy Pillow Softie - Tuts+ Children love cuddling up to a special pillow at home or in the car, and this cute puppy with his floppy ears and an eye patch could easily become a new favourite. Especially as it's handmade with love. Supplies Sewing pattern - download your copy here.30 x 75 cm (12 x 29 inches) plain fabric for the head and one side of the ears.25 x 30 cm (10 x 12 inches) spot fabric for one side of the ears.13 x 13 cm (5 x 5 inches) floral fabric for the eye patch.13 x 18 cm ( 5 x 7 inch) piece of fusible web.5 x 10 cm (2 x 4 inch) scrap of black wool felt.Scissors.Sewing machine and thread.Iron.Pins.Sewing needle.Black embroidery floss.Fine black marker or air fading fabric marker if you have one.Toy stuffing. 1. Step 1 Download the sewing pattern and print out two copies. Step 2 Fold one end of the plain fabric over and place the head pattern piece with the straight edge on the fabric fold. Trace around the head pattern piece. Cut a second head piece in the same way. Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 2. Step 6 3. 4. 5.

25 Ways To Ask Your Kids How Was School Today This year Simon is in 4th grade and Grace is in 1st grade and I find myself asking them every day after school, “So how was school today?”. And everyday I get an answer like “fine” or “good” which doesn’t tell me a whole lot. Or at get at least a full sentence. So the other night I sat down and made a list of more engaging questions to ask about school. #1. #2. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. #9. #10. #11. #12. #13. #14. #15. #16. #17. #18. #19. #20. #21. #22. #23. #24. #25. So far…my favorite answers have come from questions #12. #15, and #21. I actually love questions like the “alien” one (#12). And the answers we get are sometimes really surprising. Sometimes we just need to figure out the right kinds of questions to ask our children….some questions may work better for some kids than others. And, as my kids get older I know that I am going to have to work harder and harder to stay engaged with them…but I know its going to be worth the work… -liZ

Stars and Toothbrushes | My Crazy Blessed Life! For the last few weeks in science my kids have been learning about our Solar System. We have studied the Sun, Moon, stars, planets, and other bodies in the Solar System. It has been a lot of fun teaching and seeing them get so excited about our Solar System! I was trying to come up with a fun craft project while we were studying stars and I was in the middle of brainstorming how to get my kids to brush their teeth long enough. I put both things together and came up with this… Since my Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer has been so popular lately I decided a small glow in the dark version would be a fun Star Jar craft! Materials: 1 small plastic bottle (I got mine at a craft store for a dollar) 3 Tablespoons of glow in dark glitter glue 1 Tablespoon of neon ultra fine glitter 2 heaping Tablespoons of clear gel glue Warm water to fill First I let the kids help put all of the ingredients except the water in the jar. My kids didn’t care though because in the dark they look awesome for Star Jars!

How to reuse water bottles We all know the three “R”s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Reducing can be accomplished by purchasing an eco-friendly bottle, and keeping it with you to refill from the tap or water cooler. As for recycling, almost every municipality has some type of either curbside recycling, or a local place you can take your used plastics. The fun comes when we come to the third “R,” reuse. Statistics say that only about 20 percent of plastic water bottles are actually recycled, which leaves 80 percent to end up in landfills, or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Learning how to reuse water bottles can help consumers save money, provide fun projects for families and kids and protect the environment from over-burdened landfills. Ideas for reuse range from décor to function to gardening. If you aren’t feeling crafty, simply filling the bottles with water and freezing them comes in handy for first aid, or keeping people and pets cool. More recycling stories on MNN:

Prayers for Grown-Up Kids What is it about praying for your kids that you swing from wildly ambitious hopes to woefully mundane fears, never sticking to one or the other? At least that’s what happens to me. My two boys are great. Both in their 20s, they are following fabulously different paths, one in a creative business environment the other on a rich spiritual journey, and in my head I can see the two paths cross in an explosion of talent and wisdom. I’m flattered when they come to me, their old man, for any shred of advice. Here’s a prayer for the parent of a grown-up child: Please let me listen, Lord, and know when I should step in to help, and when I should let go and let you do the helping. Alas, I want to micro-manage at all times. I waffle between trusting God and wishing to be God and making it all happen for them, with a wave of my wrist, a magic wand and a prayer, transform their lives. Not long ago, I was thumbing my way through the Scriptures, looking for some model parents. It is a parent’s fate.

Talk of the Town - Whitley County The Positive News Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY The Ultimate List of 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas Remember this picture I shared last year? If that's how you feel when you survey the growing collection of toys in your home, then you may find today's post helpful! This morning I'll be interviewed on several radio shows across Canada about the idea of a Toyless Christmas, so I thought I would share a list on the blog of Non-Toy Gift Ideas that can serve as a reference for birthdays and Christmas when you're feeling overwhelmed with toys! Season Passes - Zoo - Museum - Butterfly Conservatory - Aviary - Aquarium - Amusement Park One-Time Passes - Movies - Bowling - Swimming - Theatre Performance - Dinner & A Show (we went to Medieval Times) - Go see a sporting event - Disney On Ice - Circus - Ice Skating - Roller Skating - Mini Golf - Concert Experiences for Kids - Horse & Buggy Ride - Train Ride - Ice Cream Vouchers - Special dinner out - A Trip to the Fire Station - A Trip to Chuckie Cheese (buy the tokens ahead of time so you have something to wrap!) Older Kids or Grown-Ups Family Experiences

Tips & Tricks for Planning a Disney Cruise Line Vacation On this page we have collected some useful advice, tips and tricks that can help you save time and money when you are planning a Disney Cruise Line vacation. For advice that will help you save time and get the most out of your cruise once you are onboard, visit the DCL Onboard Advice page. Jump to: Planning a Disney Cruise: Information & Guidebooks When you’re starting to plan a Disney cruise, the very first thing you should do is order the FREE Disney Cruise Line® Vacation Planning DVD! In addition to viewing the DVD, which will give you a good general idea of what the Disney Cruise Line has to offer, you may want to look at a guidebook or two to get more detailed information about it. There’s a lot of FREE information about the ships and getting the most from your cruise on the Onboard Advice, Tips and Tricks page here on this site, too! How to Save Money First, about pricing. Be sure to take advantage of any onboard credits that may be available. Resort Add-On vs. “Mini-Suites” Upgrades