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Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint
I can't believe I've never tried this project before. It was so easy and fun that I ended up doing it three times this week... first with my own kids, then as a project at my son's school, and then with our music class. I have a little bit of PTSD after working with lots and lots of squirrelly little 4 and 5 year olds. In particular my own kids, who tend to just dump out all the paint, smear it all over their bodies, and then run away screaming. They can engage with art projects sometimes, but it's a delicate trick... figuring out what will draw them in. This project was perfect because the bottles are just so irresistible to squeeze that no one could deny their hypnotic powers. Puffy Paint 1 c. salt 1 c. flour 1 c. water a healthy squirt of food coloring or tempera paint. Put in squeeze bottles for Puffy Paint Paradise.

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Make It: Chalkboard Paint Yes you can. Chalkboard paint is ridiculously easy to make. The great thing about making it yourself is the array of colours you can make it in! Craft Page: How to make Non Toxic Natural Craft supplies and materials for kids. Healthy, eco friendly, green paste, dyes, glue, glitter, clay, paper,paint, play dough, more Natural Bubble Soap Solution Tools needed for this project Container like Plastic jar 1 cup water 2 Tbs light karo syrup or 2 Tbs glycerin 4 tablespoons dishwashing liquid

Mop N Glo As A Cheap Clear Sealer For Metal & Acrylic Painted Items by Rose Marion, Wire Jewelry Idea: Coating Base Metal Wires to Preserve Shine Some time ago, Casey Willson left a comment on this popular tip of the day, Prevent Tarnish on Copper and Nickel Silver, mentioning she had a great method for preserving copper wire’s shine, using a generic of Mop N Glo, called Mop N Shine. It wasn’t long before we were flooded with requests for Casey’s secret method! What's on the Tray? Aug. 8-12 Super Tot is 30 months old. We have some fun trays planned for this week! Popsicle Stick Sorting Sort popsicle sticks by color (sorter made from toilet paper rolls & construction paper).

Attempting Aloha: How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint - DIY Aloha! Today I'm going to teach you how to make your very own chalkboard paint. FROM SCRATCH! Yep, I first learned the secret ingredient from the craft queen herself via her Martha Stewart Living Magazine. In their version, they used a flat paint like you would purchase in the paint section at a hardware store, but I really just wanted a smaller quantity to do a few Honeysuckle accents around my house and for Valentine's gifts, so I thought I'd do some experimenting on my own with regular old acrylic craft paints and different proportions. Here's what you will need: Rainbow Bubble SnakesHousing a Forest Summer is here and our family is SO excited! The kids are planning and scheming about what we are going to do this summer. Love it! One of the fun activities that they wanted to try was making bubble snakes that are all over.

Air Dry Porcelain Anything that is quick, affordable and makes beautiful things is a craft winner for me . But…I often find myself uninspired for something new and different. I’ve found it in air dried porcelain (aka Porcelana Fria). What will someone make with 3 cups of white glue (PVA) 3 cups of cornstarch (Corn flour) one tablespoon of white vinegar one tablespoon of glycerin (health food or hobby shop), and 2 tablespoons of canola oil? a repurposed play kitchen remember this? well, it's finished: Sutton's third birthday was June 9th. This play kitchen was what I made for her. She calls it her "chicken", meaning kitchen. This is how I turned an entertainment center into a play kitchen- Lana's Podge DIY I have seen many tutorials on making your own version of Mod Podge that I just had to try it myself. For those of you that don't know what Mod Podge is: It's a glue that is normally used for decoupaging, but a lot of crafters also use it for pretty much everything else, because it attaches on almost every surface giving a sheer finish.The down part of Mod Podge is, is that it's kinda expensive. It's not as expensive to not make me buy it, but for some projects I could use a cheaper version.

Small Measures: Homemade Watercolors I share my home, and my life, with an MFA-toting husband (whose concentration was in painting and color theory), and an active, inquisitive, art-loving 2 year-old. Between the two of them and my own ongoing craft projects and homemade gift-making endeavors, suffice to say, there is a good deal of paint in our lives. Over the winter, I committed myself to organizing our craft/guest/office room.