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Video Scribing Videos, Whiteboard animation videos and animation videos -

Video Scribing Videos, Whiteboard animation videos and animation videos -

Related:  Technology to use with the kids How to Make a Cartoon Yourself: Top 7 Animated Video Makers Compared Video production is not an easy and cheap matter. A short video for your YouTube channel or website may cost several thousand dollars if you address to professional video studios. No doubt, there are free and low-cost alternatives which can be easily mastered by any web user. A self-made cartoon or an animated video is one of the options. Animated Video Makers: Pros & Cons

Whiteboard Animations – Great Method to Explain Concepts I’m a huge fan of whiteboards and an even bigger fan of using whiteboards to make concepts accessible and clear. I saw today on both Robert Scoble’s and Brad Feld’s blogs a video explaining incentives using whiteboard animations. RSA Animate is a series of videos that you can find on YouTube that take various subjects and show a video of someone drawing out the concepts on a whiteboard while the author narrates. 6 Best Business Presentation Software and PowerPoint Alternatives Think PowerPoint presentations, and you probably think of a never-ending series of slides and the urge to doze off. Sure, Microsoft PowerPoint might be the industry standard for presentations, but it's got its fair share of haters (case in point: the Anti Powerpoint Party). Fall back on stock templates too often, and your business presentations are going to lack the impact you desire. If you need to create a snazzy, animated presentation that captures attention, then you need business presentation software that's designed to do the job. Here are the alternative best presentation software platforms. 1.

Let’s Play! 20+ Sites for Young Learners Part of the Cool Sites series Sometimes, the teachers of young learners get a bad reputation for playing all day in their classes. Let me tell you a secret. Any great teacher of young learners is definitely playing a lot in and out of the classroom! Play is an important part of development. WeVideo What is export time? This is the cumulative length of all your exports. For example, 15 min per month will allow you to export 5 videos at 3 min each, or 3 videos at 5 min each, etc. You can always buy extra time if you need it. Your allowed time limit resets every month.

McGraw-Hill Education Offers Free iPad Math Apps By Cristi | April 15, 2011 | 5 comments McGraw-Hill is a familiar name in education and to support this week’s National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference, McGraw-Hill Education is offering its Everyday Mathematics apps for free through April 17th. The Everyday Math apps are designed to give students in kindergarten through sixth grade a quick and easy way to practice and reinforce different math concepts. Kids can practice multiplication, brush-up on fractions, review number line skills and more with this collection of apps: Examples Mailing List If you want to keep your users updated about the latest adventures regarding your company, product or service, use this mailing list form powered by Wufoo. You can then quickly embed the form into your web site so you can start building that valuable army of supporters. When you're ready to send out your email newsletter, just export the list to Excel or CSV and use your favorite mailing list program to get your message out. View Form in Action See a Sample Report

Free Online Game Creator By kylemawer This free downloadable game creator let’s you make your very own flash games. If you’ve ever fancied turning your hand to making a simple flash game or perhaps you’re looking for a summer course project to run with learners then Stencyl could be just the program for you. It’s free, online, simple to download and use and it’s available for either a PC or a Mac. The program comes with a few examples to try out and customize. They are pictured here on the left.

America Tomorrow You can use Simplicity Extend Theme for more options, more functions and more visual elements. Extend Version has come with simple color customization option. Simplicity Theme for Small Business The Color changing options of Simplicity will give the WordPress Driven Site an attractive look. The Digital Divide in Classroom Technology Use: A Comparison of Three Schools The Digital Divide in Classroom Technology Use: A Comparison of Three Schools Matthew H. Rafalow Abstract While concerns about the “digital divide,” or access to technology, remain relevant for many schools, we do not yet fully know how often-expensive education technologies are employed across school contexts. In particular, few studies exist that evaluate how teacher beliefs about student social class and race-ethnicity, as well as institutional perceptions of the value of new technologies, inform everyday teacher practices with such technologies.

5 Epiphanies on Learning in a 1:1 iPad Classroom Last fall, my high school handed iPads to each student in the building, and I began my journey as the school's Instructional Technology Coach. Since our faculty had spent the previous year preparing for the rollout, I knew our classroom environment and teaching methods would evolve. I welcomed it. But I could never have imagined how vast -- and rewarding -- that evolution would be. To provide some structure for my journey, I joined a cross-curricular group of my colleagues who were focusing on action research in their classrooms.

Video Games: Using Technology to Create a New Paradigm Posted 01/06/2015 12:41PM | Last Commented 01/13/2015 8:04AM Thinking back to when I was in Elementary school, I remember I was first introduced to a computer there. The computer lab was exciting and new and we had only a few times a week that our class was able to use them because of the high demand. We could learn, interact and immerse ourselves in the Oregon Trail and return to the classroom to share our adventures in front of everyone.