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UFO-New Age Directory. UFO-New Age Directory. - Pesquisa do Google. Official NICAP Web Site. UFO Chronology. During the late afternoon on the road between Manor and Penn, Pennsylvania twelve witnesses saw a disc-shaped object, between 35-60 feet in diameter, that came within 70 meters of a car, causing the car's headlights to dim. During the night of April 15-16 more than a dozen witnesses reported observations of UFOs in the area of Penn and Manor, Pennsylvania, near the larger town of Jeanette. Among these was the report of a single witness who was driving near the Manor, Pennsylvania Power plant at 10:55 p.m. when he observed a large glowing object over the nearby railroad tracks. It was just above the trees, and the light from the object illuminated the immediate area with an intense white color.

The witness pulled over to the side of the road and got out for a better look. The object, no more than a hundred yards away, was about 400 yards west of the power plant and approximately 10 feet above the trees. May 11, 1973; Piedmont, MO 8:10 p.m. May 12, 1973; Near Kent, OH 9:20 p.m. 2:00 AM. ​If we down at least one UFO we'll be facing an interstellar war - Former Defense Minister of Canada — RT SophieCo. ARB. Reactions to the "Alien Autopsy" Footage. By Mac Tonnies (To explore this issue from a variety of viewpoints, as well as order CDs containing the complete, unedited "autopsy," click here.) The "alien autopsy" (AA) and its associated "debris footage" have intrigued me since the material emerged in 1995.

While I consider the possibility of an outright hoax extremely likely, the footage is interesting when examined closely. The following commentary is an exercise in speculation and shouldn't be construed as an endorsement of the AA. However, until the AA can be demonstrated to be a hoax, the possibility that it is a record of an actual event cannot be excluded. 1.) The "Autopsy" Most immediately interesting to me is the anatomy of the eponymous "alien. " The androgynous "alien" seen prior to dissection.

Nevertheless, the alleged cadaver is anomalous in several respects. The CDs provided to me by Ed Gehrmen show anonymous "pathologists" dissecting the entity with unexpected haste. The "alien" sans eye coverings. 2.) The "control panels. " BOBLAZAR.COM The True Story of Bob Lazar. Esoterica: Assorted Strangeness. Strangeness inundates our lives; if you haven't noticed it, you're probably not paying attention. This page is a mishmash of weird phenomena and eccentricity -- credible and otherwise. Happy clicking! Click on a cover to order. For more titles, click here. The enigmatic "Eltanin Antenna," located 13,500 feet below the Atlantic Ocean. ZetaTalk. Top Secret Aerospace Craft Photos : un album sur Flickr. Beyond Roswell Index. Majestic Evidence We Are Not Alone. Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control.

Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control This site is devoted to exposing over forty years of U.S. government research into Extra Sensory Perception and the psychological 'technology' of individual mind control using drugs, hypnosis and abuse. It is an attempt to provide access to mainstream resources about this subject and to offer support to 'veterans' of the U.S. intelligence community's research and operational programs. Table of Contents New Developments!! Always under construction! Check back frequently! Memorial NEWS from Yours Truly, Tom Porter Updated 04/10/2000, Welcome! Thanks to the Point for selecting this site as a top 5 % of the WEB! Selected contents Copyright 1995 by Thomas Porter, counter by Other items copyright held by respective authors NOTE: Items 2 - 9 below are based on a paper I wrote in 1994, before the public admissions about CIA funded ESP research.

The Kecksburg UFO Crash, UFO Casebook files. Note: On November 1, 2003, NASA released some forty pages of documents that are supposedly related to the Kecksburg incident. You can see these documents on our site. The documents are all in the .PDF format, which requires an Acrobat Reader, which is available here: ACROBAT READER. Go to: NASA- Kecksburg documents What exactly soared through the late afternoon skies of Canada, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania on December 5, 1965? Eye witnesses described the unknown object as a "fireball," but it seemed to be under some type of intelligent control, as it veered somewhat in Ohio toward the Quaker State.

One of the first official reports of that day came from Frances Kalp, who phoned in her experience to radio station WHJB in Greensburg at 6:30 P.M. Radio station employee John Murphy immediately phoned in the report to the Pennsylvania State Police Department. Murphy also raced to the site of the alleged crash.

"The Pennsylvania State Police have made a thorough search of the woods. Esoterica: Main Index. "There is a strange urge in my mind: I would like to stop behaving as a rat pressing levers -- even if I have to go hungry for a while. I would like to step outside the conditioning maze and see what makes it tick. I wonder what I would find. Perhaps a superhuman monstrosity the very contemplation of which would make a man insane? Perhaps a solemn gathering of wise men? Or the maddening simplicity of unattended clockwork?

" --Jacques Vallee, "The Invisible College" "If there is a universal mind, must it be sane? " Spirit And Sky Top Spiritual Site2004. The Black Vault. - Conspiracy Theories, UFOs, Paranormal, Political Madness, and other "Alternative Topics". Roswell Proof -- Ramey Memo. Peregrine Communications. Doomsday - End of the World Scenarios. Richard Dolan Press. Print web pages, create PDFs. La vidéo de DULCE Cette vidéo est supposée avoir été prise dans la base sous-terraine de Dulce où se pratiquait l'hybridation d'humains/ETs vous est maintenant disponible en version RealMedia. Vous n'avez qu'à la télécharger en cliquant ici Le témoignage de Phil Schneider sur la base de Dulce est des plus troublant car il lui a coûté la vie...

Pour lire une partie de sa conférence en français, consultez la page suivante "Afin de vous livrer un aperçu de mes acquis, sachez que j'ai démarré mes études dans une école polytechnique (ndtr : école d'ingénieurs). En 1979, j'ai été impliqué dans une fusillade avec des extra-terrestre de type " humanoïdes " et je fus l'un des seuls rescapés de cet incident. Ceux qui désirent connaître tout le dossier de l'enquête sur son assassinat et ses crédits en tant qu'un de mes héros respectés, cliquez ici pour le site anglais consacré à cet homme. Ceux qui s'intéressent aux bases sousterraines, vous pouvez consulter le site suivant en anglais. EXCLUSIFS !!! Area 51 Information and Photos. The Meaning of Life. Meaning of Life Questions A Speculative Look at the Big Picture of Life in the Universe By Website Founder Fred Burks Introduction: What's Really Going on Here? As a former language interpreter for presidents and other top government officials, I was present at a number of secret meetings where the only people allowed were the top officials and their interpreters.

For most of my 18 years working with the U.S. Then in 2001, a wonderful friend sent me a life-changing video. I dove into serious research and came up with an astounding amount of reliable, verifiable information on a number of major cover-ups which I previously would have dismissed as completely crazy. is designed for those who are not already aware of the major cover-ups, so the information provided is limited to that which is highly reliable and generally easy to verify.

The information given here is speculative in nature, yet I include many key links for verification. The Galactic Federation The Control Group.