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National UFO Reporting Center

National UFO Reporting Center
We have posted approximately 210 new, and newly amended, sighting reports, as of this date. Although we attempt to remove all flawed reports and hoaxes, we are rarely able to detect and remove all of them. Consequently, we recommend that as you read them, remain on the lookout for reports that may be frivolous, or may be of normal objects of terrestrial origin. If you detect what you believe may be a flawed report, please send an e-mail to, and we will address the issue immediately. Also, some of the reports from the first week of April may be attempts to introduce hoaxed reports into our database of sightings. We have been informed that there was a world-wide effort to fly model airplanes and quad-copters, with LED lights affixed, in order to generate a wave of false reports.

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The Alien Files On April 8, 2011 the FBI unveiled the Vault, declassifying decades of top secret government documents for the first time. These documents cover topics that have plagued conspiracy theorists for the past decades. The files also contain thousands of reports of UFO sightings and alien activity.

UFO Crash Reported Live from California UFO reports have been taking a dramatic turn lately with more witnesses describing events related to a sort of conflict between military forces and large black triangular craft. Such craft were seen in Canada earlier this week allegedly being fired upon by helicopters and another was spotted near Fresno California crashed into the side of a mountain with military vehicles quickly surrounding it. What uncertainty does this bear for the future? UFOs in Earths History UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Art History The Historical Record of Planet Earth speaks of ongoing contact with extraterrestrials as found in oral traditions, tablets, stone monuments, petroglyphs, and art forms found throughout the planet. Many of these images could also be lenticular clouds. Iraq Reptilian looking entities found in Iraq - 5,000-4,500 BC. Sumerian Gods

The Zeta Reticuli Incident Route map. Click here. The route map above shows the culmination of our efforts. This group of stars is a "natural" for exploration when we achieve interstellar flight. Even if, as most exobiologists contend, we are highly unlikely to find advanced forms of life in such a small sample, the physical exploration of planets of other stars by beings from Earth is inevitable, and the stars of this group should be among the first targets. Now we are ready to return to the map drawn by Betty Hill.

ALIEN RACES Long narrow faces, slanted large eyes, long insect like body with strong resemblance to the praying mantis. Experiencers have reported this being is no insect but an intelligent, gentle-spirited but somewhat hyper and jerky moving, human like lifeform(both male and females). Most are around 6ft. tall and their coloring ranges from light gray to gold. They used to survive on plant juices but have evolved to the point where they can live directly off the energy of light. They have wings but do not need them for travel, they sometimes fly for meditation.

Alien Species On MAAR Use menu below to read about various alien species. If you have had an experience with another species besides what's listed, please email us here and let us know. Also look in the sub categories to see if it's listed "In any case, the Air Force has arrived to the conclusion that a certain number of anomalous phenomena has been produced within Belgian airspace.

Holloman AFB UFO Landing and the ‘Large-Nosed’ Aliens… Below is what the 404 page used to say before it was deleted: The Government Attempt to Disclose the Alien Presence: A pattern? "With more & more scientific evidence of alien encounters and UFO sightings, the idea of creatures from another planet night not be as far fetched as we once thought. In fact, one of you out there could have the next alien encounter" Micheal Eisner, CEO of Walt Disney in a 1995 Disney Documentary on UFOs. Reported TR-3B (Triangle) Crash Sighting, Witnessed by Family By Anthony F. Sanchez A Central Valley California Family driving home late Saturday Evening (August 21st, 2010) called the 24 hour hotline of Jeffrey Gonzalez (MUFON State Section Director) to report seeing a “Triangle Shaped Craft” make a hard landing onto the side of a nearby mountain just north of Fresno CA. While talking to a male witness by phone, the investigator reported over hearing two female witnesses speak in the background describing the lights of the craft.

UFOs &the Bible: Genesis 6 &Nephilim Angels Aliens &Demons, 2012... From noted author and UFOlogist John Keel, Operation Trojan Horse p. 215, 216: "Throughout most of history, the manifestations of demonology and demonopathy have been viewed from a religious perspective and explained as the work of the Devil.The bizarre manipulation and ill effects described in the demonological literature are usually regarded as the results of a great unseen conflict between God and the Devil. In UFO lore, the same conflict has been observed and the believers have explained it as a space war between the "Guardians" (good guys from outer space), who are protecting our planet, and some evil extraterrestrial race.

China's Second Mass UFO Sighting In Two Weeks - Technorati Technology - (Build 20100722150226) Shanghai Daily is reporting that a mass UFO sighting has taken place in the Chinese city of Chongqing, less than two weeks after another UFO sighting disrupted airline travel in Hangzhou. On July 15, multiple witnesses reported “four lantern-like objects forming a diamond shape that hovered over Chongqing’s Shaping Park for over an hour.” This follows the July 7 sighting of “a twinkling object” which shut down Hangzhou’s Xioshan Airport for nearly an hour when first spotted over the city.