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Interesting UFO Cases

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Travis Walton. Travis Walton (born February 10, 1953)[1] is an American logger who was allegedly abducted by a UFO on November 5, 1975, while working with a logging crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona.[2] Walton could not be found, but reappeared after a five-day search.

Travis Walton

The Walton case received mainstream publicity and remains one of the best-known instances of alleged alien abduction. UFO historian Jerome Clark writes that "Few abduction reports have generated as much controversy" as the Walton case.[3]:527 It is furthermore one of the very few alleged alien abduction cases with some corroborative eyewitnesses, and one of few alleged abduction cases where the time allegedly spent in the custody of aliens plays a rather minor role in the overall account. UFO researchers Jenny Randles and Peter Houghe write that "Neither before or since has an abduction story begun in the manner related by Walton and his coworkers. Background[edit] J. Allen Hynek. Dr.

J. Allen Hynek

Josef Allen Hynek (May 1, 1910 – April 27, 1986) was a United States astronomer, professor, and ufologist.[1] He is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research. Hynek acted as scientific adviser to UFO studies undertaken by the U.S. Air Force under three consecutive names: Project Sign (1947–1949),Project Grudge (1949–1952), andProject Blue Book (1952 to 1969). Felix Moncla. First Lieutenant Felix Eugene Moncla, Jr.

Felix Moncla

(October 21, 1926 – presumably died November 23, 1953) was a United States Air Force pilot who mysteriously disappeared while pursuing an unidentified flying object over Lake Superior in 1953. This is sometimes known as The Kinross Incident, after Kinross Air Force Base, where Moncla was on temporary assignment when he disappeared. The U.S. Air Force reported that Moncla had crashed and that the "unknown" object was a misidentified Royal Canadian Air Force aircraft.

New Analysis of the STS-75 Tether Incident -2010 (my research) ...continued:

New Analysis of the STS-75 Tether Incident -2010 (my research)

Appendix – Col Halt's memo. This is the text of the single-page memo written by Lt.

Appendix – Col Halt's memo

Col. Halt to the UK’s Ministry of Defence. It was on official US Air Force headed notepaper but was not classified in any way. The memo was released under the US Freedom of Information Act in June 1983 by the US Air Force to Robert Todd of the pressure group Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS). Amazing Trumbull County 911 Police UFO Chase Recordings. Amazing Trumbull County 911 Police UFO Chase Recordings 3-22-10 Data: 1996-99 From the late Kenny Young website.

Amazing Trumbull County 911 Police UFO Chase Recordings

Kenny was a regular visitor to Sightings on the Radio and contributor to the Sighitngs website. This great case is presented in memory of a great UFOlogist and sorely missed friend. Amazing Trumbull County 911 Police UFO Chase Recordings. 1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident. The 1952 Washington, D.C.

1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident

UFO incident, also known as the Washington flap or the Washington National Airport Sightings, was a series of unidentified flying object reports from July 12 to July 29, 1952, over Washington, D.C. The most publicized sightings took place on consecutive weekends, July 19–20 and July 26–27. Events of July 19–20[edit] At 11:40 p.m. on Saturday, July 19, 1952, Edward Nugent, an air traffic controller at Washington National Airport (today Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport), spotted seven objects on his radar.

The objects were located 15 miles (24 km) south-southwest of the city; no known aircraft were in the area and the objects were not following any established flight paths. 1976 Tehran UFO incident. The 1976 Tehran UFO Incident was a radar and visual sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Tehran, the capital of Iran, during the early morning hours of 19 September 1976.

1976 Tehran UFO incident

During the incident, two F-4 Phantom II jet interceptors supposedly lost instrumentation and communications as they approached, only to have them restored upon withdrawal; one of the aircraft also supposedly suffered temporary weapons systems failure, while preparing to open fire. The incident, recorded in a four-page U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report distributed to at least the White House, Secretary of State, Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), remains one of the most well-documented military encounters with anomalous phenomena in history, and various senior Iranian military officers directly involved with the events have gone on public record stating their belief that the object was not of terrestrial origin.

2006 O'Hare International Airport UFO sighting. The Chicago O'Hare UFO sighting occurred on November 7, 2006, when people at Chicago O'Hare International Airport reported seeing a saucer or disc-shaped UFO.

2006 O'Hare International Airport UFO sighting

The sighting[edit] At approximately 16:15 CST on Tuesday November 7, 2006, federal authorities at Chicago O'Hare International Airport received a report that a group of twelve airport employees were witnessing a metallic, saucer-shaped craft hovering over Gate C-17. The object was first spotted by a ramp employee who was pushing back United Airlines Flight 446, which was departing Chicago for Charlotte, North Carolina.

The employee apprised Flight 446's crew of the object above their aircraft. 2007 Alderney UFO sighting. Alderney airport Casquets 1st object 2nd object Jersey airport Blue Island Air inbound.

2007 Alderney UFO sighting

America West Airlines Flight 564 UFO Case - Bovina, Texas, United States - May 25, 1995. UFO Case Report: Date: May 25, 1995 Location: Bovina, Texas, United States A Boeing 757 piloted by Captain Eugene Tollefson and First Officer John J. Burning on Fort Itaipu Sentinels. The incident[edit] 'Britse piloot ziet onbekend vliegend object' Bombardment of Ellwood. The Bombardment of Ellwood during World War II was a naval attack by a Japanese submarine against United States coastal targets near Santa Barbara, California. Though damage was minimal, the event was key in triggering the West Coast invasion scare and influenced the decision to intern Japanese-Americans. The event also marked the first shelling of the North American mainland during the conflict.

Background[edit] Chiles-Whitted UFO encounter. The Chiles-Whitted UFO encounter occurred on July 24, 1948 when two American commercial pilots reported that their Douglas DC-3 had nearly collided with a strange torpedo shaped object flying near them. It was an important UFO sighting for several reasons: it was perhaps the first that occurred at close distance (allegedly within a few hundred feet); and it was reported by two very experienced pilots, Clarence Chiles and John Whitted. Both pilots had been decorated for their service as airmen during World War II, and both were regarded as valuable, respectable employees of Eastern Air Lines.

Chiles, in particular, was highly esteemed by his peers and by his employer. It was a pivotal case for the personnel of the U.S. Foo fighter. The term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific theaters of operations. Though "foo fighter" initially described a type of UFO reported and named by the U.S. 415th Night Fighter Squadron, the term was also commonly used to mean any UFO sighting from that period.[1] Formally reported from November 1944 onwards, witnesses often assumed that the foo fighters were secret weapons employed by the enemy. The Robertson Panel explored possible explanations, for instance that they were electrostatic phenomena similar to St. Elmo's fire, electromagnetic phenomena, or simply reflections of light from ice crystals.[2] Etymology[edit] Aliens Are Monitoring Our Nukes, Worry Ex-Air Force Officers.

Gorman dogfight. Location of Fargo, North Dakota. Hessdalen light. Japan Air Lines flight 1628 incident. Observation[edit] Locations of the Flight 1628 and subsequent incidents The first stage of the sighting occurred from point A to B, where two objects were observed.[7] Two and a half months later, Flight AS-53 recorded an unidentified object near McGrath, and a military plane observed an object between Elmendorf and Eielson air force bases. Lonnie Zamora incident. Portage County UFO chase. Rendlesham Forest incident. Coordinates: 52°05′17″N 1°26′56″E / 52.088°N 1.449°E / 52.088; 1.449 The Rendlesham Forest incident is the name given to a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights and the alleged landing of a craft or multiple craft of unknown origin in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England, in late December 1980, just outside RAF Woodbridge, used at the time by the U.S.

Air Force. Rendlesham Forest incident. Trans-en-Provence Case. Event details[edit] UFOs Are Stalking and Intercepting Dummy Nuclear Warheads During Test Flights. UFOs Are Stalking and Intercepting Dummy Nuclear Warheads During Test Flights Retired U.S. Yet Another Nuclear Missile Launch Officer Talks about UFOs at F.E. Warren AFB. The Rendlesham Forest UFO case - Ian Ridpath. UFO 'battle' over Nuremberg, Germany in 1561 - Nuremberg, Germany - April 4, 1976 Tehran UFO incident.