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Electronics Limited Edition Fedrigoni Leica March 11, 2014 | 5 Comments Designed by Geometry Global | Country: Germany “A piece of paper merges an extraordinary packaging concept and an exceptional product into one. Sold in Fedrigoni showrooms only, the limited Edition of Leica Cameras is wrapped so intimately by fine paper, the “unboxing” reminds of a paper sample book and turns into a Fedrigoni brand experience.

Kenji Kojima / RGB MusicLab RGB Experimental Music Laboratory / MacOSX and Windows Version RGB実験音楽研究所 / MacOSX版 Windows版 This application was put together Kenji Kojima's RGB Music Project studies. RGB Music Project is a composite artwork of visuals, music and technologies that converts visual data into a music in attempts to discover relation between visuals and musics. The project core is the development of software RGB MusicLab. RGB MusicLab converts RGB (Red, Green and Blue) value of an image and surface points (X, Y, Z) of 3D object to chromatic scale sounds. The program reads RGB value of pixels from the top left to the bottom right of an image.

How To Contribute How can I help? Thanks for asking. Let's find a place for you! First you should join our communication forums: Subscribe to our mailing lists Join us on IRC: You can talk to us directly in one of the #openstack channels Answer and ask questions on Ask OpenStack If you're building clouds

ConversionXL Before you get out your pitchforks, I want to stress that this article does not represent Peep’s views. The easiest lies to believe are the ones we want to be true, and nothing speaks to us more than validation of the work we are doing or what we already believe. Due to this we become naturally defensive when someone challenges that world view.

10 Excellent Platforms for Building Mobile Apps If you've ever wanted to build an app for your business, blog, product or service, but the heavy investment of both time and money put you off, you're not alone. The good news is that entering the mobile market no longer necessarily requires thousands of dollars and months of work. There are many mobile platforms available to help you build an app on a budget — quickly, and with no coding knowledge required. With a small investment, you can create and manage your mobile site or application using one of the platforms listed below, and start reaping the advantages of offering your customers a dedicated mobile experience, including increased awareness, engagement and revenue.

Awesome Package Design Concepts Made By Students This type of design has a special place in TDM because we love to see creative minds at work. Below you can see the work of some of the best students designer in the world. Yunyeen Yong Pavage Ammann A3 Pavage Ammann A4 Pavage Ammann-Beenker Pavage Ammann-Beenker rhomb triangle Javascript Cheat Sheet Basic Objects Math Methods DOM Events Event Object Constant High Velocity Human Factors: Touch Screen User-Interfaces: Touching to KNOW vs.Touching to say NO Touché to TOUCH?! We have evolved the sense of Touch to Know, to glean information about an object. In this context, a physical object is its own user-interface. It doesn't require a Capacitive or Inductive Touch Screen to probe it and get a pixilated answer on the screen!

The 8 best free photo editors We've selected the very best free photo editors that are a cut above the basic functionality you'll find in native software. Professional-grade photo editing software can be expensive - very expensive. Go-to photo editor Photoshop has a hefty subscription and most of its key rivals will hit you in the pocket for their software. Imaginative Package Designs - Design Imaginative Package Designs Packaging is a very important marketing strategy to glamorize a product in order to attract the consumer's attention. Here is a list of Websites I like to visit on LSD Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Keep in mind this list is meant for those of you who may find yourself around a computer with nothing else to do and nowhere to go during your trip. My best advice to all of you is to go visit the outdoors and see nature on your trips. But do as you please!

UDDI Version 3.0.2 UDDI Version 3.0.2 UDDI Spec Technical Committee Draft, Dated 20041019 Document identifier: uddi_v3

Concept: Feature post with the "hours ago" Breaking news Last Review widgets Hotly debated by rallat May 23

In the meantime, I can connect again!!! I only had to tidy a lot my private dashboard. I still have to apply the same treatment to my public site... (too much widgets with RSS). I think tomorrow everything would be OK. Anyway, any incitement for science is warmly welcomed. V by vincent4711 Mar 21

looks good ! I might try it ;-) sounds like a good option also ! Or you could just follow my science sections ;-) by mirlen101 Mar 21

Science Daily is a very good science site forgot about that one ! Like I said I get my info from everywhere . A lot times I just Google a word like "Nano" go to Google "News" search type . Or Wiki it . Another great place is science blogs like from Wordpress You get great interesting science info dropped into your e-mail daily . xenophilius stuff has a bit of crazy mixed in but it makes it more interesting ;-) And you can write in feedback and he'll and others will respond back a lot of the time . by mirlen101 Mar 21

Good points apollo702 but sometimes people aren't aware that their links are temporary articles . I know I must have many that are broken article links . That's the nature of science links or anything that is news . It is sometimes fleeting .It is wise to go to the articles source to make the link . That way the article is more permanent . I have a huge set of science links in many categories . Some are well formed some aren't . There's a science to categorizing data . I wish I could master it myself ;-) I wish I had a logic system or method to make sorting , categorizing easier . But this is very “Fuzzy logic “ based . Better done by the human mind then by computer ;-) by mirlen101 Mar 21

Hi everybody! I use Netvibes as my RSS aggregator. I have put a pearl (Netvibes - Revue de presse - RSS) of my public page right at the root of my Pearltree "vincent4711". I'm very satisfied with it, but since 4 days I'm no more able to connect myself to my dashboard!!! Hope it will work for you. V by vincent4711 Mar 20

A great science site is Science Daily, the best parts are for fee but if you really want the latest breaking developments in every field of science I'm not aware of a better option. by sonservant Mar 20

I usually get my science from various sites .I really haven't found one that fills all my science needs ;-) Probably because of the wide scope of material I'm looking for . The cutting edge news in science often comes out in many strange places. Sometimes I end up having to hunt down follow ups to spectacular stories to verify them or get more info . My pearls on science are also widely scattered in various subject groups . I even have science in my art sections ;-) If you have any science sites to suggest as “Best” let me know and I'll check them out ;-) But if I were to pick a general good site for science I'd say . Or the science news feeds through Yahoo news . If I were to get two magazines it is always Discover magazine and Popular Science . Popular Science has great new gadgets info also by mirlen101 Mar 20

Probably the best for gadget tech . But there are better sites for science tech . by mirlen101 Mar 16

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