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13 Cloud IDEs For Web Developers - Hongkiat With so much of the traditional, desktop-based productivity software we know and love moving to the Cloud, it’s no surprise that Cloud-based IDEs are quickly gaining ground with developers. Nowadays, the browser is essentially a thin client that allows users to access a variety of Cloud-based applications and services. However, many are still hesitant to put their full faith in a remote Cloud IDE for development purposes. Tools like Github and Pastebin helped to ease the transition to Cloud-based development, and full-fledged Cloud IDEs are now commonly used by many developers.

Visual Studio Live! Boston 2016 Better Code For All Visual Studio Live! (VSLive!™) is on a Campaign for Code in 2016, in support of .NET education. We’re marching on to Boston in June, bringing this unique brand of education to the birthplace of our democracy. Codiad - Un IDE web Si vous cherchez un nouvel IDE pour développer directement depuis votre serveur, via votre navigateur web, j'ai ce qu'il vous faut. Ça s'appelle Codiad, c'est open source, ça tourne sous PHP et il n'y a pas besoin de base de données pour stocker les infos. Tout est enregistré dans des fichiers JSON. Codiad gère plus de 40 langages différents, détecte les erreurs dans le code, sait faire de l'autocomplétion et prend en charge plusieurs utilisateurs.

AngularJS Tutorial · Learn Angular by Building a Gmail Clone · Thinkful Programming Guides AngularJS Tutorial Build a Gmail Clone Introduction Build a simple email application and learn core AngularJS concepts. Scholarships · Thinkful Can I finish Career Path in less than the recommended amount? Yes, the program is self-paced, meaning you're able to put in more than the recommended 20-25 hours per week if you'd like. What is most important is that you meet your learning milestones. You and your mentor can work together to set a pace that helps you meet your goals ​while keeping them realistic. Will I need to purchase any special hardware or software? Nope!

Security - What are the Security Tests? - Browserscope This page contains a suite of security tests that measure whether the browser supports JavaScript APIs that allow safe interactions between sites, and whether it follows industry best practices for blocking harmful interactions between sites. The initial set of tests were contributed by Adam Barth, Collin Jackson, Mustafa Acer, and David Lin-Shung Huang. postMessage JSbin, JSfiddle or Codepen, which one to use and why? There are lots of css – js playgrounds now in the market, and the most popular ones are JSbin (by Remy Sharp), JSfiddle (by Oskar Krawczyk), codepen (by Chris Coyier, Tim Sabat and Alex Vasquez). So sometimes it become a confusing question which one to use; and more importantly why and when? Let’s compare these three today and find out which one can be the most suitable one for you. So, first of all let’s compare the features of these three. Feature comparison table These are the main features provided by these three playgrounds.

JavaScript Best Practices Part 2 · Thinkful Programming Guides Optimize Loops Loops can get terribly slow in JavaScript. Most of the time it’s because you’re doing things in them that don’t make sense. cssdeck codecasts by quanta Revealing CSSDeck Codecasts Website: Twitter: @cssdeck jsperf Run tests locally with your NodeJS version This command line utility helps you run performance tests from locally with NodeJS. Installation Development Environments - Full Stack Python A development environment is a combination of a text editor and the Python interpreter. The text editor allows you to write the code. The interpreter provides a way to execute the code you've written. A text editor can be as simple as Notepad on Windows or more complicated as a complete integrated development environment (IDE) such as PyCharm which runs on any major operating system.

User Tests HOWTO - Browserscope See URL configuration parameters Browserscope wants to help you store and aggregate your browser test data. Storing your data in our system gives you the benefit of not having to write a complex, scaling backend with a user agent parser built in. You can download all of your data for offline processing, and we provide a stats table widget that you can embed on your page which shows the median results for your tests. This is definitely a release early/often feature, and we want to be explicit that things may change or break in the API while we're in alpha mode. Steps to set up your test HTMLPad - Product line Rapid CSS Editor Buy Now from $29.95 More Info Lightweight HTML and CSS editor for designers who work with CSS and HTML most of the time and do not do script programming. HTMLPad

Programming Fundamentals in Python · Thinkful Programming Guides Python Programming Fundamentals Introduction About this Guide This guide was created for complete beginners (i.e. with no programming or computer science experience) and will teach you programming fundamentals in a language called Python.