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Fashion, Beauty, Music, Photograpy, Art & Culture, Documentary, Film

Fashion, Beauty, Music, Photograpy, Art & Culture, Documentary, Film
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TURNED OUT by Maya Dave White "Aquatic" @ Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London The newly launched Lawrence Alkin Gallery is proud to announce ‘Aquatic’ - the latest collection of work to be released by acclaimed artist Dave White. Opening on November 14, Aquatic develops upon White’s ‘Natural Selection’ series, presenting artworks inspired by endangered species.Further to his international exhibition programme including MTV (Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas), New Museum (New York) – and hot on the heels of his inclusion in Shortlist Magazine’s ‘Brit List’ – this is a rare opportunity to view White’s new original work before his solo debut in Los Angeles next year. Aquatic features new works based on vulnerable species that inhabit our waters. White challenges his viewer to re-engage with the awe of the natural world. White commented: ‘We live in an i-generation culture, obsessed with technology, gadgets and social media; we’re all guilty of this.

Clip Vidéo | MtBe Skullcandy Presents: Kevin Durant & Wale vs. Crusher Skullcandy lance sa nouvelle gamme de « Crusher ». Des écouteurs intra-auriculaires qui font sentir la grosse Bass. Pour sa première pub skullcandy nous présente Kevin Durant et wale J-Slow – Black Mic Mac (Remix) x Billy Bats x A2H x Wilow Amsgood x Jiddy Vybzz. J-Slow nous balance « Black Mic Mac (RMX) » remix du premier extrait de sa mixtape « Tapis rouge » avec Billy Bats x A2H x Wilow Amsgood x Jiddy Vybz P R E S S P L A Y Cara Delevingne se dénude pour i-D Magazine Cara Delevingne n’a peur de rien et se dénude pour i-D Magazine. La reaction de kendrick ! Le remix de Jay-Z sur le morceau de Kendrick Lamar «B * tch, don’t kill my Vibe »a fait le buzz cette semaine, nous sommes sûrs que vous souhaitez voir la réaction de Kendrick, quand il a entendu le verset Hov lors d’une séance studio avec Schoolboy Q. Jamais A L’Heure – Couisse (Freestyle) Iggy Azalea – Work Iggy Azalea nous sort « work » une vidéo realisée par Jonas & François

~¥∆†∆¥~ ERIC YAHNKER ~¥∆†∆¥~ Pantone Blog: Color and Design trends | The color of ideas. Solipsist Dreams, Telepathy, and Various States of Consciousness You can read March 2011 issue, Table of Content and Articles We are pleased to present this special edition on Dreams, Telepathy, and Various States of Consciousness. This edition includes a broad array of articles from well-known authors in the field, as well as graduate students whose work also addresses topics such as anomalous experiences of mediums and advanced meditators, shamanic experiences, near-death experiences, experiences related to dreams and body wisdom, and the various ways that anomalous experiences can be conceptualized and categorized. In “Across Cultural Boundaries: Psychophysiological Responses, Absorption and Dissociation Comparison Between Brazilian Spiritists and Advanced Meditators,” Joan Hageman, Stanley Krippner, and Ian Wickramasekera II present results of a study they conducted with two claimant mediums and one non-medium living in Brazil, compared with seven advanced meditators living in North America.

Art Ruby Generation Bass As Within, So Without | Dragonlines ©2006 Dr. Patrick MacManaway “We are what we eat”. A well-worn phrase, but a true one. Our physical constitution depends absolutely on the provision from external sources of all of the various nutrients – be they water, protein, fat, carbohydrate, mineral or vitamin – that our body requires both for short term metabolism and for long term growth, repair and adaptation. Similarly, although less obviously, we are what we breath – the constant exchange of air via lungs and bloodstream internalizes, binds or solubilizes and distributes our gaseous environment throughout our body as a constant and essential process, maintaining appropriate pH balance, partial pressures and oxidative potential both inside and outside every cell. Less obvious still, but just as inevitable and essential for the maintenance of the body, is the constant exchange of etheric energy – of “chi”, “prana” or “num” between the internal and the external environment.