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Instructional Strategies

Instructional Strategies

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Active Learning Active learning is a process whereby students engage in activities, such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving that promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content. Cooperative learning, problem-based learning, and the use of case methods and simulations are some approaches that promote active learning. This section provides links to bibliographies, research summaries, articles, and other resources about active learning. Active Learning Continuum The Thinker Builder: Step In, Step Out: A Strategy for Thinking Deeply About Text You're sitting at your guided reading table, your little group gathered around you, wide-eyed. Or are you the one who's wide-eyed? Sure, you know what you're doing, but maybe right now you're thinking your lesson plan doesn't fit the book like you thought it would. Or that maybe your lesson plan is just lame. Or maybe you don't have a lesson plan and are winging it (oh, come on, we've all been there). "Boy, I could really use a mini-lesson right now," you think.

Increase Student Interaction with "Think-Pair-Shares" and "Circle Chats" Background When I mentored student teachers I told them, "If I could offer one piece of advice for every teacher — it would be to do think-pair-shares in the class every day." The think-pair-share is a very simple, yet effective technique that allows ELL students time to process their thoughts — often in two languages — which takes more time. To understand how this works, imagine you are an ELL student and the teacher has just asked the class a question such as, "Why did the ancient Egyptians create pyramids?" Immediately students around the room shoot up their hands and offer answers.

The Zen of Coloring There's a NEW! feature in our Library Media Center Makerspace area! It's Coloring!I have to admit when I first heard about how coloring books for adults and teens are all the rage, I was a bit skeptical. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Office Rubrics make clear the criteria by which student work will be assessed. In best practices, rubrics, like other forms of assessment, are part of a cycle of reflection; they evolve based on input from users and the on-going refinement of learning goals and course activities. Criteria that describe the conditions that any performance must meet to be successful. Criteria should describe both strengths and errors (errors should be described particularly in lower levels of performance)

Universal Design for Learning: An Introduction Universal Design for Learning aims to make modifications in three broad areas that together deliver a programme that will best meet the needs of all learners. In each area the barriers to success are identified and where possible removed or minimised. UDL identifies three essential Neural Networks that combine to produce effective learning, each network as a corresponding place in the learning process. Recognition Networks are the systems that allow us to gather information from our environment and we categorise and make sense of that.

Kagan Structures: A Miracle of Active Engagement Cooperative Learning Lowers Anxiety Learning and using a foreign language can be stressful. In the traditional English classroom, the teacher quizzes students in front of the entire class. Students may not know the correct answer, may be apprehensive about speaking in public, or may be self-conscious about their accent. In global surveys, public speaking ranks as people’s greatest fear, beating fear of death, spiders, flying, and confined spaces. Zing! - School Edition What Does My Free Zing Account Include? Personalized Learning Package Upgrade Only $10 a year Assign specific books to individual students, small groups of students, or an entire class Send personalized messages to individual students or an entire class Add your own eLearning teaching points to any Zing text Access a full suite of real-time data and reporting Assigning Books Promo Step into the Future with Zing!