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Culturethèque - votre bibliothèque numérique - Culturethèque - Votre Bibliothèque numérique

Culturethèque - votre bibliothèque numérique - Culturethèque - Votre Bibliothèque numérique

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Teaching the teachers TO THE 11- and 12-year-olds in his maths class, Jimmy Cavanagh seems like a born teacher. He is warm but firm. His voice is strong. Correct answers make him smile. And yet it is not his pep that explains why his pupils at North Star Academy in Newark, New Jersey, can expect to go to university, despite 80% of their families needing help to pay for school meals. Mr Cavanagh is the product of a new way of training teachers. We are a placemaking agency latest Projects TypeAllArt in the Public RealmCambridgeCultural BrokeringCultural PlacemakingEmbedded ArtsGreenfieldHealthcareLondonMixed UsePublishingResidentialStreet FurnitureTransport Hub ClientAllAlmarenALTAAmwaj Properties LtdAnglia Ruskin UniversityAquila House Holdings LtdB.A.R.

Le French May Edgar Degas : Figures in Motion Apr/29 - Nov/16 MGM Art Space, Macau Claude Monet : The Spirit of Place May/4 - Jul/11 Hong Kong Heritage Museum Paris extended May/3 - May/28 Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong City Hall Promenade à Montmartre - Learn French In Context Aujourd'hui, j’ai décidé de vous emmener dans un petit coin de Paris bien connu et aimé de tous les touristes et des parisiens pareillement. En effet la butte Montmartre attire plus d’un million de touristes chaque année ! Mais c’est une balade que j'adore, un quartier unique : un petit village intemporel en plein coeur de Paris ! Today, I’ve decided to take you to a little area of Paris very well-known and loved by all the tourists and Parisians alike. Indeed, the mound Montmartre attracts more than 1 million tourists every year ! But it’s a stroll I love doing, and a unique neighborhood: a little and intemporal village in the very heart of Paris!

John Rassias, Who Pioneered Foreign Language Teaching, Dies at 90 Photo John Rassias, a Dartmouth professor whose theatrical, immersive approach to teaching foreign languages rapidly, known as the Rassias Method, has been used by thousands of teachers around the world since the 1960s, died on Wednesday at his home in Norwich, Vt. He was 90. His son, Athos, confirmed the death. Professor Rassias (pronounced RAH-see-us) developed his method while advising the Peace Corps in the early 1960s on how to train volunteers assigned to French-speaking African countries. He brought to the task his own painful memories of the rote method.

Of productivity in France and in Germany Partager cet article At the start of 2017, with the elections in France in the Spring and then in Germany in the Autumn, it may prove useful to return to one of the fundamental issues which plagues discussion at European level, that is the alleged economic asymmetry between Germany with its reputation as prosperous and France which is described as on the decline. I use the term ‘alleged’ because, as we shall see, the level of productivity of the German and French economies – as measured in terms of GDP per hour worked, which is by far most relevant indicator of economic performance – is almost identical. Furthermore it is at the highest world level, demonstrating incidentally that the European social model has a bright future, despite what the Brexiters and Trumpers of every hue might think. Let’s start with the most striking fact. We should also state that the figures for hours worked which we use here are taken from the series in the OECD data base.

Art and Playgrounds by Simon and Tom Bloor - Playscapes In London recently I got the chance to meet Simon and Tom Bloor, contemporary artists/brothers whose body of work derives from play and the playground experience. You’ll want to visit their website, which features a great array of found images that inspire pieces ranging from a canal boat with a dazzle-paint inspired exterior and a mirrored interior, to gilded maquettes of mid-century play-features and half-tone prints in play themes, to a brilliant, free-form geometry painted on a boring school tarmac that has prompted the schoolchildren to create new games on its lines. I particularly appreciate that Simon and Tom’s work is deeply historically informed.

Galerie Perrotin 紐約 紐約 +12128122902newyork@perrotin.comTuesday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm 查看地圖 download pdf Museums of the World Reviews An Apple Virtual field trip selection. Museums of the World gives you free access to thousands of museums around the world. It’s designed to give you up-to-date information about museums, exhibitions and other cultural events in your city and across the world. "What do cows drink, milk or water?" Trick questions that show how your brain organizes language. Wikimedia Commons Your first intuition was probably to answer "milk." And then, depending on how familiar you are with bovine diets, you realized that, wait, it's the calves that drink milk—adult cows drink water. What’s going on that makes it so hard to respond correctly?

Worldwide hemisphere-dependent lean in Cook pines - Johns - 2017 - Ecology Under most conditions, trees grow vertically in response to the opposing influences of light and gravity (Wyatt and Kiss 2013). In challenging environments, where competition for light or mechanical stress is intense, trees may grow non-vertically (Loehle 1986). Here we describe a novel hemisphere-dependent leaning habit in Araucaria columnaris (Cook pine) (J.R.

IDEAS CITY 2015: The Collective NYC Biome Map Petri-plates with bacteria modified with fluorescent protein under UV light, show parts of NYC grid map.(Photo credit Marta Molina Gomez and Ali Schachtschneider). Genspace citizen science biotech lab and scientist Christine Marizzi from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNA Learning Center worked together to create a map of NYCs collective microbiome, as part of the New Museum’s IDEAS CITY Festival 2015. Painting with bacteria on site at IDEAS CITY. (Photo credit Bella Cohen) The theme of IDEAS CITY Festival 2015 was The Invisible City, an homage to Italo Calvino’s literary masterpiece. eventbrite 8-May 1:30-2:30pm (Chinese 中文) 8-May 2:30-3:30pm (English 英文) 15-May 1:30-2:30pm (Chinese 中文)

Cr-Ga Culture of Croatia Identification. Historical references to Croats in the Holy Roman Empire date back to the ninth century. Culture of Cuba Identification.

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