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Category:Games - LOVE This list is automatically generated, and you can not add games here manually. If you want your game to appear here, see Guidelines. This page is cached, which means that your newly added game won't appear here unless the page is refreshed. All Games Josefnpat- What happens when you take some random latin and add an onomatopoeia? Knorke- destroy space rocks or bounce your friends into them. Tips for successful freelancing I’ve been freelancing for over ten years, sometimes moonlighting when I have a full-time job, sometimes doing just freelance work. I’ve learned a few things about successful freelance progrramming. Do what you know how to do Clients pay you to solve their problems. Images « VirtualBoxes – Free VirtualBox® Images We provide pre-built images for several open-source operating systems. Please note that: Every image contains the latest software as of the day the image was built. Performing updates is on your own, and may require looking for documentation to read using your favourite search engine.Default usernames and passwords, where required, can be found next to the download link of each image. You are warmly invited to create your own user, or at least to change passwords, if you intend to use the images in a public environment.

Computers From Topical Search Wiki Software Download.comFree(code) - Social knowledge-base for open source software and freeware for Linux and Unix (including software dependencies). MacUpdate - Mac, iPhone, and iPad apps reviews. Open Definition : Open Software Service Definition (OSSD) Bulgarian Introduction The Open Software Service Definition defines ‘open’ in relation to online (software) services. An online service, also known under the title of Software as a Service (SaaS), is a service provided by a software application running online and making its facilities available to users over the Internet via an interface (be that HTML presented by a web-browser such as Firefox, via a web-API or by any other means). Bootstrapped extensions Note: All extensions created using the Add-on SDK are bootstrapped! All the bootstrapping code is generated for you, so you don't really need to think about it. Not using the Add-on SDK? Read on... Traditional extensions include overlays, wherein the application can load up XUL from the extension's package and automatically apply it atop its own UI. While this makes creating extensions that add to the application's user interface relatively easy, it means that updating, installing, or disabling an extension requires an application restart.

28 Insanely Useful Third Party Preference Panes for Mac Regular apps and menu bar apps always get all the glory. They’re always there with you, always visible and grabbing your attention. But what about the more discrete apps, the ones that perhaps change the behavior of your computer or make something cool happen behind the scenes? Today we’re doing a roundup of the most interesting Preference Pane apps that we could find (they are those little icons that reside on the bottom of your System Preferences). You’re bound to find some useful utilities that you’ve never come across before. NoSQL standouts: New databases for new applications Was it just two or three years ago when choosing a database was easy? Those with a Cadillac budget bought Oracle, those in a Microsoft shop installed SQL Server, those with no budget chose MySQL. Everyone in between tried to figure out where they belonged.

waffle software · ThisService What's all this, then? Built into Mac OS X is the concept of 'services'. A service is a small and targeted tool you can use in almost any program to insert text or do something useful with the current selection. Out of the box, there are services to search the selected text in Google, or look it up in a dictionary. Just select text (or place the insertion point where you want it) and pick a service from the Services menu in the right-click context menu (or in the application menu).

Le site fournit, entre autres, les informations suivantes sur de nombreux projets open source : la licence exacte, taille du code source, activité du projet, nombre de contributeurs, etc. by opstech May 20

Ohloh est un site web qui catalogue les projets open source et fournit des informations purement objectives sur ces derniers, principalement par le biais d'une analyse statistique des dépôts de code source. by opstech May 20

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