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Chuck Norris Facts - Firefox

Chuck Norris Facts - Firefox

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Peter's Evil Overlord List This Evil Overlord List is Copyright 1996-1997 by Peter Anspach. If you enjoy it, feel free to pass it along or post it anywhere, provided that (1) it is not altered in any way, and (2) this copyright notice is attached. This Evil Overlord List grew out of the exchanges on what is now the Star Trek mailing list "", beginning in 1994 (when it was still ""). We were kicking around cliches that appeared on "Deep Space 9" at the time, and I started to compile a list of classic blunders they were making. The list came to about 20 or so items.

M-LAW's Wacky Warning Labels Behind these silly labels is a serious public policy concern - America's out-of-whack system of civil justice. "Predatory lawyers know they can file ridiculous lawsuits against innocent product makers and blackmail them into cash settlements -- even in cases in which a user has ignored common sense," said Dorigo Jones. "The real issue is not the obvious warning labels, but the billions of dollars in litigation costs passed on to consumers -- a kind of a "lawsuit tax" we all pay. That is why M-LAW urges judges and policy makers to support civil justice reform." Remove Child Before Folding is available at all bookstores and online at by clicking here.

Chama Inc / Blog - a marketing blog by chief hothead and chief smarty pants By: on February 12, 2009 Not long ago I came across what appeared to be a ‘fun’ read – Eat, Pray, Love – by Elizabeth Gilbert. After purchasing it, I gave it a home on my book shelf until I had time for a light read. Safe and Affordable Jetpack: Just $90,000 For years, man has been trying to build a jetpack which would actually be safe and cheap enough to be used by anyone other than Lee Majors on the title sequence of The Fall Guy. It turns out that we’ve been doing it wrong. Instead of starting with a pack and adding on the jet, we should have torn the giant engines from a plane and strapped them to some poor schmuck. This is what the New Zealand Martin Aircraft Company did, resulting in the Martin Jetpack. The jetpack is made from carbon fiber, with a touch of kevlar in the rotors, and generates 600 pounds of thrust. Because the center of gravity is below the “center of thrust” (a notional point between the engines), it is self-righting: If the pilot lets go of the controls, he hovers steadily in one spot.

Still life: Bent objects » Article », Digital Journalism UPDATE: The Return of Bent Objects Wires transform these objects from inanimate to hilarious works of art. Little polish girl McDonalds as Sculpture Materials Yeah, this is where those come from Very Demotivational - The Demotivational Posters Blog - Page 2 Most Upvoted 814 votes Watch Applicants React to this Insane Job Description 315 votes Easter Eggs in Video Games 287 votes challenge: make art more awesome Home » Image Challenge » Make Art More Awesome[Suggest a different challenge] Make Art More Awesome(This challenge is now closed) In response to this this, open up Photoshop, take a famous (or otherwise) piece of art, and make it 'AWESOME'. Thanks to The Great Architect and Patrice Ici for the suggestion.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal March 16, 2011 Going crazy before flying out to Chicago tomorrow! You're all gonna come see me at C2E2, right? Booth 854! Plus, we'll have a panel Sunday with me and James.

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