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Chuck Norris Facts - Firefox

Chuck Norris Facts - Firefox
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Conférence : humour soviétique Cette courte conférence, prononcée (virtuellement) à une autre occasion, convient parfaitement dans le cadre de ce site afin de diversifier les sujets qui y sont abordés. C'est pourquoi je me suis permis de copier sans scrupule le texte sur mes propres données afin de le mettre à la disposition de mes nombreux lecteurs, s'ils le souhaitent. Décor : imaginer une salle de conférence rectangulaire à Irkoutsk, dans le plus pur style stalinien, pleine à craquer. Le conférencier entre; la salle pousse un "aaaaah!" "Mesdames messieurs, bonsoir. 5)À Moscou, un propriétaire fait visiter son appartement à son futur locataire. _La peur : 7)Pourquoi est-il interdit d'arroser les plantes en URSS? On le voit, les Slaves savaient rire de tout et en toute circonstance. Le pouvoir tolérait-il de telles offenses? Quelques autres blagues : 10) C'est un gars qui va à la banque à Gdansk pour ouvrir un compte et y faire un dépôt. [Note : depuis, elle m'a été expliquée.

Dans Ton Chat (BashFR) Peter's Evil Overlord List This Evil Overlord List is Copyright 1996-1997 by Peter Anspach. If you enjoy it, feel free to pass it along or post it anywhere, provided that (1) it is not altered in any way, and (2) this copyright notice is attached. This Evil Overlord List grew out of the exchanges on what is now the Star Trek mailing list "", beginning in 1994 (when it was still ""). On November 12, 2002, I exchanged some emails with Jack Butler who has a list on his website. Apparently both lists were compiled during overlapping periods of time. I believe Jack Butler when he says the list on his website is the current form of the James Bond Villain list, and I thank him for helping to clarify matters. -- Peter Anspach Attention all Evil Overlord List Aspirants: Contrary to popular belief, taking over the universe is not as easy as it would first appear. Being an Evil Overlord seems to be a good career choice. Of course, these are merely the Top 100 Things I'd do. and

M-LAW's Wacky Warning Labels Behind these silly labels is a serious public policy concern - America's out-of-whack system of civil justice. "Predatory lawyers know they can file ridiculous lawsuits against innocent product makers and blackmail them into cash settlements -- even in cases in which a user has ignored common sense," said Dorigo Jones. "The real issue is not the obvious warning labels, but the billions of dollars in litigation costs passed on to consumers -- a kind of a "lawsuit tax" we all pay. Remove Child Before Folding is available at all bookstores and online at by clicking here. To enter the Wacky Warning Label Contest, click here. Click here to see photos of this year's winning warning labels.

Double Meaning Photos - Lazy Palace November 4, 2009 / Fun / 58 comments There is a lots of situation in which you are taking a photo and accidentally turn up as something more funnier than you have expected. Humour, blagues, textes humoristiques - Shiretoko : Une superbe collection d'images trafiquées à dominante informatique et pas informatique Humour GNU (en anglais) La collection absolue : Le Web pour rigoler de Michel Dupont. Autre Murphyste en herbe : Jeg, et sa page sur les traductions débiles par ordinateur... Dumb criminal archives sur les criminels les plus stupides qui soient. Il y avait chez Miod: Comment reconnaître un informaticien. Entre autres, on y trouve : Comment déclencher une guerre de flames, que faire face à des extra-terrestres, le dernier virus à la mode, Magouille666, Rage against the Mac, la Netiquette ou comment perdre son temps, description du surfeur moyen, le Guide pour les journalistes désireux d'écrire un article à propos d'Internet, Y'en a marre du Web gadget ! plusieurs autres sites dont j'ai à jamais perdu le nom et l'URL.

PEBKAC : Erreur informatique d'interface Chaise-Clavier Chama Inc / Blog - a marketing blog by chief hothead and chief smarty pants By: on February 12, 2009 Not long ago I came across what appeared to be a ‘fun’ read – Eat, Pray, Love – by Elizabeth Gilbert. After purchasing it, I gave it a home on my book shelf until I had time for a light read. When that day finally came many months later, I regretted having left it to collect dust for so long, and having initially thought of it as frivolous. The story is based on the journey of a tormented woman looking for happiness, this of course is not a new idea, but what made this book so special, was how well it was written. At Chama we’re always looking for how creativity is applied to all things old and new. Her newest work (not yet released) explores the concept of – creative genius – how it works, how to manage it, and if its really something we own or borrow temporarily. Her interesting view and research on creativity can be seen below or on TED’s website. ShareThis By: Moses Mehraban on December 22, 2008 How do you make your business more efficient during the recession? T!

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