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That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore (and it’s not because of “political correctness”) That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore (and it’s not because of “political correctness”) The Atlantic recently published the cover article for their September issue — it’s entitled “That’s Not Funny: Today’s College Students Can’t Take a Joke,” by Caitlin Flanagan. It is very similar in tone to recent essays that have appeared in Salon and New York Magazine, all of which argue that the recent rise in “political correctness” is destroying comedy, college campuses, liberal politics, and perhaps civilization more generally.

Flanagan’s article opens with three comedians who are about to perform at the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA). One of the comics laments that he wouldn’t be able to do his routine about “giving his girlfriend herpes and banging his grandma” at this event because, if he did, he surely wouldn’t be booked for any lucrative college events this upcoming year. You know, because of “political correctness.” This particular example struck me for very personal reasons.

Normes et fonction sociale de l’humour - La Tomate noire. Avertissement / trigger warning: ce texte comporte de nombreuses citations brutalement sexistes.

Normes et fonction sociale de l’humour - La Tomate noire

Quand on écrit de la merde, en général c’est parce que le trou-de-cul n’est pas très loin. C’est ce que nous a fait comprendre la récente déclaration de J-F Mercier, qui comme on le sait, a fait sa carrière sur des invectives, et dont le deuxième degré est habituellement absent sinon malhabile (on se souvient de ses déclarations faussement racistes sur les Canadien-ne-s des Prairies lors d’un certain Bye Bye, qui avaient été applaudies par le public, ou du discours extrêmement méprisant et classiste envers les mauvais pauvres qui reçoivent des paniers de Noël).

THE PROBLEM WITH SEXIST JOKES. Dear World, I’m confused.


When did we manage to invent time travel? Forgive me for not realising we had all been transported back to the 1950s – I honestly had no idea, even though I’m typing this on my LAPTOP and checking the time on my CELLULAR PHONE. L’humoriste ne peut se soustraire à la critique. Tea and Feminism - L’humour à propos des minorités sexuelles sans insulter. Sexist Jokes: Still Not Funny. Feminism | Posted by Tanvi S on 01/24/2014 Not funny.

Sexist Jokes: Still Not Funny

One of my male teachers has repeatedly made a joke about girls belonging in the kitchen. Usually, he’d make that comment, some girls in my class would jokingly yell “hey!” And he’d laugh, say he’s joking, then move on. He did this a few times and then moved on to making more sexist jokes regarding his wife. It wasn’t supposed to be a big deal since I knew he was joking (even if his “jokes” were sexist and not funny). No Kidding: Sexist Jokes Aren't Funny, They're Hostile. "What's the difference between a woman and a pay phone?

No Kidding: Sexist Jokes Aren't Funny, They're Hostile

You need a quarter to use a pay phone. " "How is a woman like a condom? Both of them spend more time in your wallet than on your dick. " "What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing, you already told her twice. " Women can be easily deceived, used and abused. Care for one more? "I like my violence like I like my beer: domestic" That last one wasn't a joke told by a bunch of guys on their fifth pitcher of beer, slowly starting to slur their words and letting their inhibitions down. Nope. It was the recent Facebook status of popular east-end Montreal bar, Nacho Libre, whose social media manager somehow thought it completely appropriate to publish this cringe-inducing "joke. " That same bar recently had a sign outside, announcing the pick-up line of the day.

As Clemmie Wonders · Peut-on faire des blagues racistes/misogynes/homophobes sans être un gros con? À l’ère des troglodytes. L’humoriste Anne-Marie Dupras en a ras le bol qu’on la présente sur scène en parlant de son corps, de son sexe et de sa sexualité. « Un animateur a déjà dit dans un spectacle que j’avais couché avec cinq producteurs et avec lui dans l’après-midi, ce qui expliquait ma présence sur scène. » Excellente blague…

À l’ère des troglodytes

Le blog de Mirion Malle: Les filles sont drôles comme l'éclair. (RAH !

le blog de Mirion Malle: Les filles sont drôles comme l'éclair.

Je ne sais pas pourquoi Blogger me diminue légèrement la taille de mes images à chaque fois, j'espère que c'est lisible malgré tout) J'ai fait cet article après avoir lu une énième interview, entendu une énième blague ou remarque qui disaient que les filles n'étaient pas drôles, et où cette petite idée sournoise était tranquillement, bien à l'aise, accueillie par des rires et des approbations. Et j'en ai eu marre, marre d'entendre ça sans cesse par des gens qui croient que c'est un peu rebelle cool trop politiquement incorrect de dire ça, sans réaliser que c'était relayé par 90% des gros nuls.

Oui, il y a des filles qui ne sont pas drôles tout simplement parce qu'elles n'y arrivent pas, qu'elles n'ont pas le talent, et des filles pathétiques à l'humour gênant. Mais il y a aussi celles qui n'osent pas parce qu'on ne les encourage pas et celles qui sont drôles comme huit baleines (c'est pour dire). Five Jokes About Feminism (That Are Actually Funny) Well, gang, there is some good news and some bad news.

Five Jokes About Feminism (That Are Actually Funny)

The good news is that feminist comedians and feminist critiques of comedy have been all over the news lately! Woo! Yay! The bad news is that this is, in large part, because there are a bunch of people who think that they have a constitutionally enshrined right to tell rape jokes and then never have to hear any criticism about them. Boo! There have been a lot of great recent critiques of this sadly evergreeen controversy (you can find some here, here, here, here and here) and also some awesome round-ups of rape jokes that don't undermine or disempower assault survivors (some examples can be found here, here, and here). So, in that spirit, I'd like to highlight five of my favorite feminist jokes about feminism. Feminism is a part of our lives, just like families, dating, and airplane food—so why not celebrate it in joke form? Jessica Halem is, as her Twitter bio notes, "Queer. Read the rest of this blog series on feminism and comedy!

Here is What's Scary About Being a Female Stand-Up Comic. Recently I told some jokes a stand-up show and as I was getting off stage, the host said, "Go give her a hug after the show!

Here is What's Scary About Being a Female Stand-Up Comic.

" I shuddered back into my seat and pulled my beer in front of my chest like a protective shield. The disparity of women to men in comedy is pretty gross. It seems like the ratio is 1:4 in any group. L'humour est une chose trop sérieuse... Lui : Wah, hé, faut que je te montre un truc, tu vas trop te marrer.

L'humour est une chose trop sérieuse...

C'est un test dans le dernier Consoles +, c'est trop bon. Moi : ... Lui : Tu ris pas ? Moi : Désolé, le sexisme, ça me fait pas franchement rire.