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WebGL Water Loading... Made by Evan Wallace This demo requires a decent graphics card and up-to-date drivers. If you can't run the demo, you can still see it on YouTube. Interactions: Draw on the water to make ripples Drag the background to rotate the camera Press SPACEBAR to pause and unpause Drag the sphere to move it around Press the L key to set the light direction Press the G key to toggle gravity Features: Raytraced reflections and refractions Analytic ambient occlusion Heightfield water simulation * Soft shadows Caustics (see this for details) ** * requires the OES_texture_float extension** requires the OES_standard_derivatives extension Tile texture from zooboing on Flickr

Top 10 eCard Sites Interactive Comic - NAWLZ - Season 1 and Season 2 Blog Archive Manifeste pour une utilisation des tags porno dans la discussion courante Premier sur Google Manifeste pour une utilisation des tags porno dans la discussion courante Par Vincent Glad 2008 fut l’année de l’introduction du LOL (voire du lolcat) dans la conversation courante. Exemples: “T’es trop lol comme meuf”; “Ce mec est vraiment mignon, c’est trop un lolchaton”. Mais tout ça, c’est fini, 2009 se profile et avec lui, une nouvelle offensive de la novlangue Internet sur la conversation de tous les jours. L’avènement du porno en streaming (YouPorn, RedTube, Megarotic, Tube8, XXXStash…) a créé un besoin sans cesse renouvelé de qualificatifs X. Toute cette littérature du tag porno, cette inventivité sans cesse renouvelée, doit pouvoir irriguer la conversation courante. Milf Passif web: Rappelons pour ceux qui traversaient le Pacifique en solitaire ces deux dernières années que le terme “Milf” veut dire “mother I’d like to fuck” et que Sarah Palin a donné une formidable visibilité au concept. Exemple: “Ségolène Royal, c’est la milfitude incarnée” Interracial Granny

AP Stylebook Finally Changes “e-mail” to “email” The AP Stylebook, the de facto style and usage guide for much of the news media, announced on Friday that the abbreviated term for “electronic mail” is losing a hyphen, and with it, a relic of a simpler time when Internet technology needed to be explained very carefully. The move follows the AP Stylebook’s decision to change “Web site” to “website” last year, at which time we wrote, “[We] hold our collective breath for other possible updates, such as changing “e-mail” to “email.’” Since then the recently much more progressive organization also published a set of 42 guidelines and definitions for social media, though the future of "e-mail" remained very much in flux. Today’s news, fittingly enough, was first announced on the AP Stylebook’s Twitter page, where they tweeted: "Language evolves. What other antiquated tech terms do you wish would be modified or retired? Image courtesy of iStockphoto, chezzzers.

100,000 Stars Free Temporary Email Address If you want to sign up for a site which requires an email address to send a validation email and you don't want to give your real email address - here are top services that let you get temp email address. Mailinator Mailinator offers temp email addresses, to create an account just send emails. MyTrashMail MyTrashMail is good temporary mail service that gives you a mailbox in the address format e.g. QuerrillaMail QuerrillaMail provides you with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 15 Minutes. MailExpire MailExpire provides throwaway address, and allow you to have a temporary inbox from 12 hours to 3 months. BugMeNot Email BugMeNot Email - use when forced to register for a site often you'll need to provide an email address to receive a 'verification' link. SpamBox SpamBox - with this service you can create a temporary e-mail address that will forward all incoming mail to your usual e-mail address. SpamMotel Jetable PookMail 10MinuteEmail Other Services

30 Artistic and Creative Résumés In these tough economic times, many designers find themselves applying for jobs and freelance gigs on a regular basis. So, how can we stand out from the rest and grab the attention of a design agency when they’re usually bombarded with hundreds of applications? The best way to do this is in the design of your resume. Assuming that you have the skills that they’re looking for, a striking and visually appealing resume will go a long way at getting you the creative job that you want. In the worst case scenario, it will at least buy you a few seconds by catching the eye of a recruiter and may become the difference between getting hired or not. In this article, we’ll take a look at 30 creative resumes that can inspire you to think outside the box when designing your own resume. This post is sponsored by Sensational Jobs, the job board for designers. Which ones were your favorites?

Technology - Moocs data offers promise of perfect teaching When students learn online, every mouse click is tracked. Harness this wealth of data and we can create the ultimate in personalised lessons. One day, Sebastian Thrun ran a simple and surprising experiment on a class of students that changed his ideas about how they were learning. The students were doing an online course provided by Udacity, an educational organisation that Thrun co-founded in 2011. Thrun and his colleagues split the online students into two groups. Why was a black-and-white lesson better than colour? It was an early example of a trend promising to transform online education – the exploitation of huge amounts of data about how people actually learn. This wealth of data is only available thanks to the recent rise in popularity of Moocs (massive open online courses), which offer anyone with access to the internet the chance to sign up for university courses and study them for free. You can even monitor mouse clicks. Motivation exercise

Brown Sugar Hair Straightener Welcome to Pinterest Tested! Ever wonder if that miracle cleaner is really miraculous? Or what about that homemade facial cleanser or delicious-looking recipe? This is the place to find out! I am testing Pins that catch my eye to see if they really live up to the claims made on Pinterest. It's like the Mythbusters of Domesticity! The caption claims that if you mix 2 tablespoons of brown sugar with a cup of water and spray it into damp hair, it will air dry straight. So I gave it a whirl. I washed and towel dried my hair, then sprayed in the brown sugar water. I have to say, I am completely surprised by the results: My hair is NOT straight. At least I didn't have to re-wash my hair. But one word of bathroom vanity and floor were covered in sugar-water overspray and got SO sticky! Here's just a little comparison, in case you have forgotten how UNLIKE the original Pin my hair turned out... Obviously this test is a bomb. Update the next day: Ew!

Les 400 culs Forget Tough Passwords: New Guidelines Make It Simple : All Tech Considered The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently revised its guidelines on creating passwords. eclipse_images/iStockPhoto hide caption toggle caption eclipse_images/iStockPhoto The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently revised its guidelines on creating passwords. Here's what we've been told about passwords: Make them complicated. These guidelines often leave users frustrated and struggling to remember them all. Now the National Institute of Standards and Technology is about to make all of our lives much easier. "The traditional guidance is actually producing passwords that are easy for bad guys and hard for legitimate users," says Paul Grassi, senior standards and technology adviser at NIST, who led the new revision of guidelines. The organization suggests keeping passwords simple, long and memorable. "We focus on the cognitive side of this, which is what tools can users use to remember these things?"