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The Voice of the City

The Voice of the City

Church Sign Maker The server is working. I'm sorry for the "server busy" messages; the server is working, but if it gets too busy, it gets overloaded, and so you get that message. There's not much I can do about it right now. If you get that message, just be patient and try again later. Make your own virtual church signs

State of the Nation It turns out that my friend had just upgraded to Firefox 3 along with about 10 million other people, and hadn't had it for more than a day when his parents came over for a visit. His mother asked if she could log into her Hotmail acount to check on some random ebay purchase. He was standing next to her as she began typing the URL into the address bar and watched in horror as a drop down menu appeared with every recent craigslist personals search he's made that contained the word "hot"! Franck LEPAGE : Inculture(s) ou le nouvel esprit du capitalisme "L’éducation populaire, monsieur, ils n’en ont pas voulu..." (Une conférence gesticulée) Une autre histoire de la France démocratique, culturelle, sociale, éducative, politique, civique, citoyenne, partenariale, associative, décentralisée, européenne et mondialisée, bref... une autre histoire du capitalisme. Franck LEPAGE

weird things Weird Things some of the stranger things I've found online Most of these files were either forwarded to me by email, or I downloaded them to my HD in my early days of surfing. If you know the author of any of them, please let me know. HomoShame This blog was birthed almost a year and a half ago. In that time, HomoShame has posted over 1250 photos, twittered over 1600 times, and featured 66 different “songs of the week.” The whole thing has been hilariously shameful. However, I now feel like the time has come to end this blog. As my final gift to you, I’ve put together a simple little movie showcasing nearly every photo that has ever appeared on HomoShame. It’s set to the 12” version of Evelyn “Champagne” King’s 1978 disco hit, “Shame.”

Information générale concernant le monde de la BD Après avoir fréquenté le bayou avec Alvin et Régis Hautière, Renaud Dillies a suivi les notes et la musique qui l’ont amené à errer et aider une autre âme en peine: Loup. Ou comment un amnésique anonyme va trouver sa voie en posant ses mains et sa voix sur une guitare. Mais le succès fait-il oublié qui l’on est et qui l’on est pas ? Interview avec Renaud Dillies qui met de bien belle façon des dessins sur la musique, avec la complicité de Christophe Bouchard aux couleurs. © Cécile Gabriel God Hates Shrimp Angry Alien Productions: 30-Second Bunnies Theatre and other cartoons. a vocabulary of culture exploring the boundaries, bridges and intersections of culture. [Jan 2006]. Are you a first-time visitor? Paleo-Future - Paleo-Future Blog Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon / le Guichet du Savoir Les Trois Coups THIERRY THEOLIER aka THTH