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Monsanto Buys Up Heirloom Seed Suppliers

Monsanto Buys Up Heirloom Seed Suppliers
The NM Tree and Garden Center located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico has discovered that Monsanto is buying heirloom seed companies. They are also buying the trademarks to a number of heirloom seeds. This means that you may think you are supporting an heirloom seed company but in reality the company is owned by Monsanto. The seeds themselves are still non-GMO and heirloom and they can be saved at the end of the harvest and resown next season, but you are still giving money to Monsanto. Monsanto are also buying trademarks so that no matter where you buy certain seeds, they get money from it. Here is a LINK to the trademarks and seed companies Monsanto supply and ones that they do not supply in the USA. Here's some tips on how to avoid Monsanto. We need to all do our research when buying seeds (or any organically labelled product for that matter). In Europe we have witnessed a proactive corporate programme to buy up ethical/organic companies. Ethics in Action About The NM Tree and Garden Center

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Wild Edible Greens, Foraging Your Own Wild Superfoods Wild edible greens are leafy green plants that grow in wild unattended places all over the world. There are specific varieties that are edible to humans and can be picked for FREE in "nature’s garden." Foraging for wild food is one of humankind’s most basic survival instincts that has long been forgotten since the invention of large scale agriculture.

Via Rgiskard: Saudi Woman Convicted Of Adultery Gets Death Sentence, Partner Gets 100 Lashes By : Ben Hayward | 27/11/15 5kShares A Saudi Arabian woman convicted of adultery faces being stoned to death but the man she was caught with faces the lesser punishment of 100 lashes. The married 45-year-old woman, who was working as a maid in Riyadh, and her partner, a single migrant worker from Sri Lanka, were both convicted of the same offence, yet her punishment is far more severe than his. Upul Deshapriya, a spokesman for the Foreign Employment Bureau told the Reuters: How to Test Old Seeds For Viability Every year my seed catalog eyes are bigger than my gardening effort and I end up purchasing more seed than I use. I keep this seed in a simple box and every year I wonder whether it is still good for planting. There are the old standbys that I plant every year – broccoli, lettuce and pumpkin and I also try to purchase seed for something I’ve never grown before. That means I always have a bunch of left over seed. This year I’m going to be smarter about my seed storage. For now, it’s time to weed out the old, see what’s still viable, and order new seed.

How To Grow Potatoes in Tire Towers I love this creative gardening technique. It hits on so many of my happy Bonzai buttons that it makes me giddy! First of all, you’re growing your own food, which of course I think is divine. Secondly, this is some super small-scale gardening, because you utilize the vertical ‘dead’ space by growing *up* instead of *out*. As well, this is essentially container gardening, and can be accomplished on a concrete patio without access to actual ground. Both of these benefits make this a perfect project for a small area, like an apartment courtyard or a crowded townhouse farmyard. The Upside of Pessimism The theory of defensive pessimism suggests that imagining—and planning for—worst-case scenarios can be more effective than trying to think positively. I have pretty low expectations for this article. Oh sure, I spent a lot of time on it, and I personally think it’s a great read.

7 Ways to Make Homemade Seed Starter Pots This is the time of year that I start thinking about planting seeds. Some years, I’ve planted hundreds of seeds, so I always try to do it as economically as possible. My solution is homemade seed pots. Growing Garlic, Harvesting Garlic, Planting Garlic, Garlic Scapes Garlic growing is easy in the home garden. Maintaining top quality requires care and attention. Weeding is important as garlic does not like competition. Watering and not watering, harvesting on time and curing properly are all important for producing bulbs with good keeping qualities. Soil Preparation

Renata Salecl on Modern Misery Why misery? I wanted to go against the presumption that happiness is the theme of today’s life. This ideology of happiness has actually produced more unhappiness than needed, since we’ve constantly been measuring our lives with regard to success, or self-fulfilment, or enjoyment. From a psychoanalytic point of view it’s been known for a long time that total satisfaction is completely impossible to attain. The books I chose describe the most prevalent forms of unhappiness linked to the expectations that we have in today’s post-industrial capitalism. Creative Vegetable Gardener:5 Common Mistakes of Seed Starting - Creative Vegetable Gardener Many people share with me how much they like starting seeds for their garden, but then state that they aren’t very good at it. After teaching seed starting classes for several years I realized there were a few common mistakes that lots of people were making. Remember: A healthy and vigorous seedling is going fare the trials and tribulations of the garden much better than one that is struggling before it even gets into the ground.

Healthy News and Information by Hannah Kastoryano Cinnamon. It’s delicious AND nutritious for us. BUT did you know it’s beneficial for plants too? We’ve written countless times about adding more cinnamon to our diets.