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6 Luscious Living Vertical Gardens Bring A Breath Of Fresh Air Indoors

6 Luscious Living Vertical Gardens Bring A Breath Of Fresh Air Indoors
Growing plants indoors is nothing new, but vertical gardens are all the rage now - these leafy green walls can turn any drab interior space into a lush green oasis. Living wall installations also improve indoor air quality while uplifting your mood. Landscape architects and expert plant installers around the world are latching on to this growing trend and becoming quite adept at creating these luscious living vertical gardens - read on to see some of our favorite indoor vertical gardens! Vertical Garden Cleans Air Inside Office Building In Spain Drexel University’s Biowall Vertical Garden Window Front at Barcelona’s Replay Store Lush Interior Vertical Garden at the Yoyogi Village in Tokyo Stelmat Headquarters Makes A Bold Statement With A Living Wall & Green Roof A Living Replica of Central Park Decorates NYC Firm’s Office Wall Located in an atrium in Elche, Spain, this huge vertical garden tretches up all the way to the ceiling.

Plantez un tour de jardin vertical This vertical garden contains a few edible surprises. Thomas J. Story Click to Enlarge It used to be that a good excuse for not growing edibles was lack of room. But the smallest patch of yard can serve up extra gardening space if you go vertical. At first glance, this 8-foot-high structure, custom-built of plate steel strips with mesh insets, seems to be a column of succulents. The metal basin on top catches rainwater (and fog) for irrigating. Design: Vera Gates, Arterra Landscape Architects, San Francisco (415/861-3100) Do it yourself: 1. 2. 3. DIY tower: $140 Pictured tower: $2,000 to build More: Take a tour of this urban home

Plant Growing Sprout Table Brings Fresh Spring Greens to Any Meal Getting the whole family to eat their vegetables can be a challenge – but thanks to this super cool Sprout Table by Swedish student, Lena Louise Meyer, you can harvest and grow veggies right in the middle of your kitchen table! Unveiled at the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair, the table combines traditional craft and modern design to bring eco-friendliness and environmental growth to the center of the home. The square pine Sprout Table seats four and is adorned with a corian tablet covered in holes that mimic those found in a traditional lace table cloth. The tablet is not only modular but also opens up, allowing users to plant their favorite spice, vegetable, or plant below the surface. The unique and sustainable centerpiece brings families together to enjoy a closer relationship with the environment while learning about sustainability. + Lena Louisa Meyer Via style addictive

How to Make a Vertical Garden From Disposable Cups December 17, 2011 by Robin Plaskoff Horton Turn man-made into man-saved by creating a Re-DIY vertical green living wall as Turkish design firm Designnobis did. For their Naturewall, the designers collected about ten used plastic disposable coffee cups, washed them off, then created a simple flexible metal holder system to hang the cups, transforming them into a vertical garden. The Naturwall system includes an aluminum metal frame with 10-12 cup holders that one can set up unlimited variations to accomodate any particular size and type of plants. Naturwall received a Green Dot Build Award, which recognizes innovative design and architecture that achieves the highest level of environmental responsibility. via Behance.

TSEH Architects Transform a Dull Office into a Glorious Green Haven Filled With Plants When an old technology office needed a makeover from its minimalist soviet modernism decor, they decided to go big -- and green! The wonder workers at TSEH Architectural Group in Kyiv, Ukraine have recently revitalized a hard, cold industrial office space into a luscious indoor garden. With green walls, trees, even grassy knolls to sit upon, employees can stop and smell the flowers without even leaving the building. Upon entering the technology office space, guests are greeted with two vertical green columns at the reception area. While greenery certainly brightens up a room, it is nothing without the right environment. TSEH Architect‘s eco-takeover incorporates a ton of green and grassy features, but it also preserves most of the original outlines of the industrial loft. + TSEH Architectural Group

Hanging porcelaine et en cuir vertical Jardinières | Jardins urbains March 26, 2012 by Robin Plaskoff Horton Brooklyn’s Farrah Sit fires up some cool porcelain hanging planters stringing three together using a leather strap with brass detail. Hang them from your wall placing inside your favorite plants or herbs or use it for storage for pencils or notions. The hand-sanded bisque exterior is smooth, while the interior is finished with a clear glaze. Each individual container measures 4″ high x 3.75″ wide.

Herb2 from FABRIKAAT is an Innovative Indoor Vertical Garden Designed for urban homes that are short on gardening space, the Herb² is a transformable partition wall that can can bring succulents to any room in a modern and stylish way. Exhibited at the FABRIKAAT exhibition during this year’s Milan Design Week, this beautiful piece was designed by Mariann Hildal and Milda Liubinskaite as a part of the Master of Interior Architecture and Retail Design program at Rotterdam’s Piet Zwart Institute. The thing that differentiates the Herb2 from other green partition walls is its interesting folding pattern that also opens up. A manual pull-up mechanism creates separate environments, both visually and functionally. When Herb² is closed, it serves as a herb terrarium with a small eco-climate that boasts temperature control and a LED lighting system. Built with an interesting mix of materials, Herb² is made with a pine wood base, and a plexiglas cover – both of which are partially recyclable. + Herb²

A l'intérieur Peek à la ferme verticale de l'aéroport O'Hare | Urban Gardens | Pensée illimité pour les espaces restreints | jardins urbains January 23, 2012 by Robin Plaskoff Horton Photo: Future Growing After traveling a lot for the majority of my career, airport delays are usually not something I get excited about. However, a recent (cancelled) trip from Columbus, Ohio to my home in Chicago (and a resulting wait for delayed luggage) gave me the opportunity to visit the new urban garden in O’Hare Airport. Photo: LaManda Joy Set in a seemingly unused nook of the G Terminal, a mezzanine space has been transformed into a high-tech urban garden. Photo: Future Growing The genius behind the O’Hare installation is Future Growing LLC, the same company responsible for the amazing rooftop garden that fuels the kitchens of New York City restaurant, Bell, Book and Candle, where I dined on a recent visit to that city. A series of vertical PVC towers with high-powered (“wear your sunglasses” high-powered) lights grow a variety of herbs, greens, edible flowers and a few tomato plants. Photo: LaManda Joy

Turn Your Houseplants into a Work of Art with MDC Interiors' Indoor Concrete Wall Planter From furniture made using reclaimed wood to a living table that doubles as a bonsai tree planter, Michael Carpenter of MDC Interiors has been developing a wide range of innovative green interior furnishings in recent years. Now, Carpenter has come up with another impressive design. The indoor concrete wall planter presents a neat new way to display houseplants by hanging them on the wall. The planter consists of a reclaimed wooden box and a thin slab of concrete, and there are a couple of holes that can be filled with plants and stones. + MDC Interiors The article above was submitted to us by an Inhabitat reader.