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Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers

Home Improvement Ideas, Photos and Answers

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Recycled Garden Decor Even though it is cold and snowy outside here, I am dreaming of summer and my garden. Take a quick look with me at last year's fun recycled garden decor. Taking a look at what I did last year and thinking about what is stacked to the ceiling in my shed, has my mind whirling with ideas for this year. 100th Day of School Celebration Centers by Christina Winter Featured Main Categories Cart is empty Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers I love turning clutter and free stuff into actual organizing solutions. Let's organize shoes in about 3 minutes with just 2 supplies: one that you probably already have, and one that is free. Time: 5 Minutes Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy Build a Vertical Garden and Turn a Small Space into a Big Harvest! Whether you’re growing scrumptious veggies, flavorful herbs or gorgeous flowers and succulents, gardening is a very rewarding pastime. Sometimes, though, your love of plants can be bigger than your available square footage. If you’re looking for ways to maximize the space you have while growing a sustainable, resource-friendly garden, look no further! Whether you want to plant indoors or outdoors, these tools of the trade will help you bust through the limits of plain old “flat” gardening and set you on your way to growing an awesome vertical garden.

twentytwowords There's nothing like losing yourself in a good book, so emotionally connected to the characters that you feel like you've left your close friends when you finally turn the last page. It's even more satisfying when that book is set in a place that's familiar to you, such as your own state. You can identify landmarks and details that might only exist in the imagination of others who haven't visited the locations. And thankfully there are some pretty popular books set in all 50 states and complied into what is basically a literary map of the United States — and a map as to what to read next. At Home With... – One Kings Lane At Home With... Tour the Global-Chic Brownstone of the Inspiring Julia Chaplin The woman who coined the term gypset walks us through her home. Tour the Pint-Size Bungalow of Whitney Leigh Morris Step inside this L.A. designer’s 362-square-foot beach bungalow.

Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers When deciding on the design for my headboard, my first thought was: “Get rid of the wood and add some glamour!” I’m so happy with the final product, it really helped me achieve the upscale look I was going for & compliments my purple and silver color scheme. TOTAL COST: $37 Why pay more when you can make it for less? "THE STORY" Knowing my love for DIY projects, my friend called me as soon as she saw that our neighbors left a headboard and footboard on the sidewalk. I practically jumped through the phone screaming GO GET THEM! She joined in on the fun and took the headboard while I took the footboard.

Coffee Grounds & Gardening: Using Coffee Grounds As Fertilizer By Heather Rhoades Whether you make your cup of coffee daily or you have noticed your local coffee house has started to put out bags of used coffee, you may be wondering about composting with coffee grounds. Are coffee grounds as fertilizer a good idea? And how do coffee grounds used for gardens help or hurt? Keep reading to learn more about coffee grounds and gardening. Composting Coffee Grounds Hard-Working Dogs Seeking Loving Retirement Homes ARS_Blog_DTOP_BelowTitle_300x250 posted By Matthew Russell Matthew Russell

French By Design In the busy Mitte neighborhood, Berlin’s creative district, Emmanuel, a 1950s design aficionado, lives in this cocoon. The flat is filled with a mix of modern art and fifties French collected finds. I love how sophisticated the space is, and exhibits a true unique character. Special, big, huge crush on the cosy library corner and the gorgeous… Home and Garden DIY Ideas, Photos and Answers Were you looking for the Draped Hypertufa How-To? I have seen searches for cement draped planters, rags dipped in cement, and so on, but I have some directions here on how to make them. I've also included some videos to watch which will help you make your own!

Coke Bottle Terrarium During the cold, dreary months of winter, a bit of green can be very cheery. I've wanted to "build" a terrarium for some time and when I heard about a blog challenge to come up with new ways to use soda bottles, I knew right away I wanted to create a terrarium. Time: 20 Minutes Cost: $5.00 Difficulty: Easy I knew I'd need some tropical plants, some soil, some pebbles, and some charcoal. Tips for Managing a Special Child's Meltdowns A post by AngelSense, a GPS & voice monitoring solution designed for children with special needs. Learn more about how AngelSense’s GPS tracking device can help improve your child’s safety and well-being. As a parent to a child with autism, you’re probably no stranger to meltdowns. During a sensory meltdown, children with special needs have very little control over their behavior.

untitled For the cost of a gallon of primer, and two gallons of paint, I feel like I have a brand new kitchen! The only thing I hate about it? How long we waited to do it.

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