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Fangoria sur Twitter : "Festival favorites "IT FOLLOWS", "SUBURBAN GOTHIC" Get New Trailers. 35 Holiday Gifts That Will Secretly Challenge Kids' Minds. 11 DIY Shot Glasses That Will Change Your Life. 15 Beautiful Places To Ice Skate In London. 100 Tricks To Help You De-Stress. Who doesn't get stressed every now and then?

100 Tricks To Help You De-Stress

Between work worries ("My deadline is when?! ") and personal pressures ("Whose turn is it to pick up the kids? "), it may feel like you're always on the brink of being totally overwhelmed. The key is knowing when it's happening -- and being proactive about putting an end to it. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to keep those stressors in check. Write your worries down in a journal.Peel an orange. Take an email vacation. Say no. Try a "mood monitoring" exercise. 44 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks To Try Right Now. Another Reason for You (+ Your Mini) to Love Chalkboard Paint. What You’ll Need Read Moreglobes chalkboard paint AddThis What's Next.

Another Reason for You (+ Your Mini) to Love Chalkboard Paint

Enough Princess Stuff. GoldieBlox Is Changing Playtime for Girls. Hey, parents!

Enough Princess Stuff. GoldieBlox Is Changing Playtime for Girls

There’s a new, very smart toy in the girls’ section of the toy aisle — you know, that aisle with the glittery shelves lined with everything princess in a rainbow of pink and purple hues. Well, get ready for a game changer: GoldieBlox is a unique story + construction set that aims to engage young girls and get them creating amazing things. In short, it’s setting them up to be the future engineers and the innovators of our world. Construction toys have always been a “boy’s toy,” but GoldieBlox is ready to shake things up. Each set follows Goldie, a girly-girl with a knack for problem-solving, in a new adventure that inspires a building project. Debbie Steinberg is the inventor and CEO behind GoldieBlox. If you’re wondering if this toy actually inspires girls to build, we’ll let you be the judge of that. Ready to get building with Goldie?

Tags: Gifts, gifts for kids, girls, GoldieBlox, innovation, Kids, makers, play, toy, toys. How to Build a Mobile Sandbox for On-the-Go Playtime. OmieBox Is the ONLY Lunchbox Your Kids Need. Some like it hot.

OmieBox Is the ONLY Lunchbox Your Kids Need

Some like it cold. And some days, you just want a sandwich. The OmieBox lunchbox handles all three! This uber cute and colorful lunchbox has some serious design behind it. Organized in squares, the OmieBox has a vacuum insulated container for temperature-controlled food transportation — hot or cold. The handles and layout are designed for even the littlest of hands — but while this may be a product for the kiddos, we’d happily tote this to the office. The OmieBox isn’t a reality quite yet. While you wait for your OmieBox to arrive, be sure to check our lunchtime meal inspo to spice up your next midday meal! What’s your favorite lunch to pack? 10 Glitter-Filled DIY Projects Your Kids Will Love. Having kids means having someone to share your love of glitter with.

10 Glitter-Filled DIY Projects Your Kids Will Love

Kids will never turn down glitter, and that’s basically a proven fact. So when the temperatures are too high to go outside and play, the rain is falling down or you just have an afternoon to spare, try one of these 10 glitter DIYs to keep your little one occupied. Get ready to add a bit of sparkle to your day! 1. Homemade Glitter: First things first, you’re going to need glitter for these projects. 2. 3.

Fort Building 101: This is the DIY to Master. What You’ll Need Read MoretwineWooden DowelsSheer Tabbed Curtain AddThis What's Next Recommended for you

Fort Building 101: This is the DIY to Master

19 Natural Baby Products That Moms Swear By. You’ve purchased the wooden rattles, the BPA-free bottles and the organic baby food handbook, but now it’s time to think about the things you put on your baby.

19 Natural Baby Products That Moms Swear By

When it comes to soaps, powders and butt balms, you want to make sure you’re using only the best for your little one. We get it, so we stalked parents around the Internet to round up these 19 tried-and-true all-natural baby products to buy and DIY. 1. Ora’s Amazing Baby Powder ($10): Baby powder is notoriously nasty in natural health circles, so this powder is made with your baby’s lungs in mind. It’s made without talc or corn starch, and instead uses pure Kaolin clay powder, baking soda, arrowroot powder and plantain leaf powder.