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Bringar ordning i kaoset av fröpåsar Så här ser en del av min frösamling ut efter en odlingssäsong. Nerkörd i korgar ligger alla påsarna och ser pinsamt vanvårdade ut. Men jag sorterar dem på ett kick. L’Institut Vavilov, pionnier russe de la biodiversité Il y a près d'un siècle, Nikolaï Ivanovitch Vavilov, scientifique russe, a envisagé un risque de catastrophe qui priverait l'humanité de la biodiversité naturelle. Botaniste, agronome et généticien, il a consacré sa vie à l'étude de la diversité végétale et à la collection de graines de plantes cultivées et sauvages du monde entier. Une activité qu'il a insufflée à l'Institut russe d'horticulture dont il a été le directeur de 1921 à 1940. Le fil rouge de la vie et de l'activité scientifique de Nikolaï Vavilov était sans aucun doute la constitution de la collection de végétaux à travers le monde entier.

P and P Seed P & P Seed Co. Shopping with P & P Seed Co. has never been easier! All seed orders that ship to US and Canada, select US Seed Shipment shipping method. International orders (all others outside of US/Canada), please choose International Shipping. US funds drawn on US banks only. Send e-mail for Bulk Orders ONLY to Seed Libraries Crop Up Just as one seed can produce many seeds, one idea can change many lives. Free public libraries were revolutionary in their time because they provided access to books and knowledge that had not previously been available to a large segment of the population. A free seed lending library can also provide people with a chance to transform their lives and communities by providing access to fresh, healthy food that may not otherwise be available. The East Palo Alto seed library is a lot like a traditional library in a number of ways. Patrons of the seed library need to sign up, learn how to “check-out” seeds, and of course the library is free!

Why The City Might Be Your Best Bet For the last 15 years or so, the common thought has been that in a disaster situation where there’s a medium to long term breakdown in infrastructure and civil order, the ONLY way to survive is to flee the city, like a dog with its tail between its legs, and hide out in the woods until things get back to normal. This is really dated thinking that ignores history. Besides the logistics of whether or not you’ve got a fully stocked rural retreat to flee to, or the fact that there’s a good chance that it will be difficult to travel with gridlock and roadblocks, there are several reasons why cities — or urban areas — make good places to stay after a disaster. The Big Stories Behind Small Seeds: This Man Wants To Save Them All : The Salt Seed preservationist John Coykendall, also a trained artist, keeps detailed journals of all of his seed expeditions, something he calls "memory banking." Debbie Elliott/NPR hide caption toggle caption

Les pesticides, ça commence à bien faire! la France, 1er utilisateur de pesticides en Europe Bonne nouvelle pour les fabricants, beaucoup moins pour l’environnement: le marché français des pesticides a fortement progressé en 2011. L’annonce a été faite le 27 juin dernier par l'Union des industries de la protection des plantes. Une hausse que le lobby de l’agrochimie justifie par des conditions météorologiques particulièrement éprouvantes pour certaines cultures. Organic Seed Alliance

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