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Bottle Garden Part2

Bottle Garden Part2

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Beginner beekeeping questions and resources. Bee on flower. Do you want to start keeping some bees in your back yard? Manitoba has some really good options when it comes to keeping bees. There are lots of good honey plants, and summers are long enough for bees to take full advantage of them. There are a few options available for getting your first hive of honey bees and all the equipment you will need to get started. Urban gardens: The future of food? - Dream City With penny-farthings, handlebar mustaches and four-pocket vests back in fashion, the rise of urban farming should just about complete our fetish for the late 1800s. Today, you can find chicken coops on rooftops in Brooklyn, N.Y., goats in San Francisco backyards, and rows of crops sprouting across empty lots in Cleveland. That it fits so snugly into the hipster-steampunk throwback trend is what makes urban farming ripe for ridicule. (“Portlandia” has taken a crack or two at it.) But could city-based agriculture ever make the leap from precious pastime to serious player in our cities’ food systems — not just for novelty seekers and committed locavores, but for the Safeway-shopping masses?

Everyone (Re)invents Aquaponics What follows is likely one of the most useful posts I've written. It's something I wish I'd known before I started down this road. However, I confess some conflict about posting it because it's potentially self-serving, given that a lot of people recently downloaded my plans. I've tried to mitigate this by sharing some other plans as options. High-tech greenhouse planned for downtown Vancouver parkade rooftop VANCOUVER -- The roof of a city-owned downtown parkade will be converted to a high-tech vertical growing space capable of producing 95 tonnes of fresh vegetables a year. Vancouver-based Valcent Products has entered into a memorandum of understanding with EasyPark, the corporate manager of the city’s parkades, to build a 6,000-square-foot greenhouse on underutilized space on the roof of the parkade at 535 Richards Street, in the heart of the downtown core. The inside of the greenhouse will be anything but ordinary.

Phosphorus in Aquaponics - Bright Agrotech Phosphorus in Aquaponics Phosphorus is one of the primary plant nutrients- the “P” in NPK ratings. It is often overlooked in aquaponic systems simply because it is seldom truly deficient. However, many aquaponic practitioners are not getting the best possible yields out of their flowering and fruiting crops because phosphorus (while not deficient) is not present in high enough amounts during critical stages in production. A Book that aims to bring the farm to the city Carrot City Creating Places for Urban Agriculture By Mark Gorgolewski, June Komisar and Joe Nasr. Aquaculture Applications Tighter government restrictions, higher quality standards and production costs, and scarce water supplies are evident now and will continue. YSI is committed to providing cost-effective monitoring and sampling solutions to help you meet these challenges. Our technologies offer real advantages that result in real savings. Our focus is to help you solve these challenges by giving you the innovative, cost-effective products and services that make your job easier and improve the efficiency of your facilities. For those new to YSI, you may find that direct access to our employees - knowledgeable customer-focused technical advisers who are here to help you find new and better ways to do your job - is a serious advantage.

Smart tips to make life easier Posted on February 24, 2012 in Humor If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Facebook or Twitter . Thanks for visiting! Rate this Post (16 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Water Quality Datasonde for CTD, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorophyll, and More - YSI 6600 V2 Sonde The 6600 V2-4 also measures these parameters: dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, and blue-green algae; the V2-2 measures two of the four parameters simultaneously. Additional calculated parameters include total dissolved solids, resistivity, and specific conductance. Utilize YSI’s new optical sensor design and anti-fouling wiper control for improved reliability during extended deployments. Self-cleaning optical sensors with integrated wipers remove biofouling and maintain high data accuracyField-replaceable sensors make trips to the field quickOptimal power management and built-in battery compartment extends in situ monitoring periods for real-time turbidity monitoring, dissolved oxygen monitoring, algae monitoring, and more. Find helpful information about water quality monitoring and long-term deployments at YSI's True Cost of Data web site and forum. Take Advantage of YSI’s New Optical SensorsIn addition to turbidity, chlorophyll, and rhodamine, YSI offers these optical sensors:

DIY Aquaponics - Aquaponics made easy so you can do it yourself - Benefical Bacteria for the Growbed Bacteria play an important role the health and well being of your aquaponics system by removing the ammonia from the water. This is not a special or magical thing unique to aquaponics, filters in home aquariums as an example use the same families of bacteria to perform the necessary task of removing the ammonia in a very similar fashion. The Nitrogen Cycle 6920 V2 - Water Quality Sonde for Unattended Monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen and More The sonde comes in two versions: 6920 V2-1 has 1 optical port, 1 conductivity/temperature port, 1 Rapid Pulse Dissolved Oxygen port, 1 pH/ORP port, and 3 ISE ports6920 V2-2 has 2 optical ports, 1 conductivity/temperature port, 1 pH port, and 1 ISE port Available optical sensors:

Growing Industrial Hemp in Ontario Table of Contents Introduction Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Commercial hydroponics: Writing a Business Plan (Part 1) Business planning for a hydroponic farm is challenging. Our farmers have been asking us for a sample business plan and we’re happy to tell them we’ve gone above and beyond. We’ve created a Building a Business Plan email course available on the Bright Agrotech Online Store. A business plan is a necessary part of your hydroponic greenhouse and farm business. To commercial aquaponic growers: Hydroponics means growing plants without soil.

Urban Farming: Zoning for Growing and Distributing Food in Portland Neighborhoods « Northwest Land Law Forum In a continued effort to encourage all things local, the City of Portland is taking steps to impose order onto the booming business of local, urban food production by formally recognizing market and community gardens, farmers markets, and food co-ops within its zoning code. Portland is joining a handful of other cities – such as San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia and Kansas City, reducing zoning barriers and encouraging the growing and selling of food in urban spaces. Although these activities have been allowed on a temporary basis within existing open spaces and empty parking lots, the objective with these amendments is to make existing uses permanent, create additional opportunities for access to new sources of food while, at the same time, restricting and mitigating negative impacts. A series of draft urban food zoning code amendments scheduled for adoption in May of 2012 aims to update food production codes to increase the food options available within urban areas. Carrie A.