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Reporting : les 5 outils indispensables du community manager

Reporting : les 5 outils indispensables du community manager

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20 Reasons to Switch to Google+ [INFOGRAPHIC] Thinking of truly embracing Google+ as your go-to social network of choice? The folks at Infographic Labs have put together a compelling infographic as to why the Google service is worth your time. From seamless integration with Google services such as Gmail, Google Docs and Picasa to better game integration, video chat Google Hangouts with friends and easy privacy setting enabling, Infographic Labs makes a good case for Google+.

5 Questions and Answers about Facebook Marketing For more mythbusting and social media science, don’t forget to register for my Science of Social Media webinar. Infographics: Everything You Need to Know Are you ready to use infographics in your social media marketing? Do you know how to get started? Creating infographics is getting easier. When you illustrate a concept with images, you’re likely to find a bump in social media visibility. In this article you’ll discover how to create and promote infographics to put your content front and center.

13 Infographics to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Two of the main reasons social media marketing appeals to small businesses are the low cost of entry and the ability to interact with customers and prospects directly. Yet time and personnel resources are required to do it properly. These 13 infographics provide quick references to facts, tips, and strategies that will help small businesses streamline their social media marketing processes, increase online visibility, and foster customer engagement. (Click the images to see the full infographic.) 5 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC] It’s been a huge year for social media, but what can we expect in 2015? Maybe a redefinition of real-time marketing? 36 percent of chief marketing officers cited creating fresh, timely content as their biggest challenge in 2014. Perhaps by focusing on right time, instead of real time, brands can exceed on campaign expectations.

Social Networks - Statistics & Facts One of the defining phenomena of the present times reshaping the world as we know it, is the worldwide accessibility to the internet. The lovechild of the World Wide Web is social media, which comes in many forms, including blogs, forums, business networks, photo-sharing platforms, social gaming, microblogs, chat apps, and last but not least social networks. The power of social networking is such that, the number of worldwide users is expected to reach some 2.5 billion by 2018, around a third of Earth’s entire population. An estimated half a billion of these users is expected to be from China alone and approximately a quarter of a million from India. The region with the highest penetration rate of social networks is North America, where around 60 percent of the population has at least one social account.