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You've Got Mail: A Tribute to Nora Ephron | Vanity Fair. Meg Ryan and other members of the You’ve Got Mail team reminisce on everything from Ephron's unendingly sharp on-set wardrobe to her penchant for elaborate lunches. Sometimes it seems strange that rom-coms even exist without Nora Ephron around to make them. The writer of When Harry Met Sally and writer/director of Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail helped define, for a brief and amazing period, what it meant to fall in love on-screen.

Her movies were crammed with references to old movies and literature, with witty barbs for even the smallest characters, and with an unyielding belief in romance—no matter what crazy obstacles had to be overcome to get there. In honor of Nora, who died in 2012, and of Valentine’s Day, we caught up with the cast and crew of You’ve Got Mail, her 1998 film based on the 1940 classic The Shop Around the Corner. Nora was an early Internet adopter. Dianne Dreyer (associate producer): When e-mail first came out, I was one of the last people to go on e-mail. What if Downton Abbey told the truth about Britain? | Polly Toynbee. Downton Abbey is back.

Christmas day brings a two-hour wallow in heritage visions of our feudal yesteryear, as glimpsed through rose-tinted decanters. There will be snow and grouse shooting, we’re told. Escapist fantasy, National Trust nostalgia, here is history scrubbed clean – absurd, silly, enjoyable and vastly popular, in my family too. But it’s not harmless.

To control history by rewriting the past subtly influences present attitudes too: every dictator knows that. Much attention is paid to detail. What we never see is bedraggled drudges rising in freezing shared attics at 5.30am; slopping out chamber pots, heaving coal, black-leading grates, hauling cans of hot water with hands already made raw by chilblains and caustic soda. By comparison, Downton’s conservative aristocrats would have been far more abusive – verbally and actually: mocking, sneering and complaining about their servants was standard Edwardian and inter-war conversation. Does it matter? Why Is Elle Fanning Taking a Role From a Transgender Actor? The short answer: business realities.

The long answer: That’s an unfair question that requires context. Gage Skidmore/Flickr The entertainment trades lit up late last month with news that Elle Fanning had signed on to play a transgender teen boy in Three Generations, also starring Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon. The splashy casting announcement was carefully timed and placed for maximum impact at The American Film Market, an annual convention and trade show for independent filmmakers that ended earlier this week, around the time the first photos of Fanning in character surfaced. Both Fanning and transgender issues are having moments in the public spotlight right now, so connecting the two has an air of inevitability. While many film fans may be excited about the casting news, within the trans community, an increasingly rancorous debate rages about what some call “transface,” a derogatory term for the practice of casting non-transgender actors as transgender characters.

These Unreleased Harry Potter Scenes Need to Be Seen by the Public Already! While we had been gifted for well over a decade with all of the Harry Potter books and movies, I'm an admittedly selfish person. I want more. I'm a fiend and I need to get my fix wherever I can. Today, that fix comes in the form of some stills from footage never included in the movies from the Goblet of Fire to Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (minus Half-Blood Prince for some reason). Just knowing that there were scenes that I still haven't seen, not even on an ABC Family Harry Potter marathon, kills me.

So, here are some of the stills that I could find, and a bit of background on each one. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang being an irritatingly cute couple. Professor Dumbledore explains that Priori Incantatem occurred between Harry and Voldemort because their wands share the same core. Ron and Hermione find Harry and comfort him after the Triwizard Tournament. Would we have really learned anything substantial if these scenes had been kept in the film?

Share. 12 Lessons We Learned From 10 Things I Hate About You. What Are You Doing This Weekend? Want to Watch a Movie? Have you ever left a great film hating it solely because you weren’t the one to write it? That’s exactly what Craig Johnson’s The Skeleton Twins did to me. The film portrays SNL veterans Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig as twins Milo and Maggie Dean. A listless Maggie stands in the bathroom of her Upstate New York home, contemplating suicide by way of a mouthful of sleeping pills when she receives a call that Milo’s been admitted into a Los Angeles hospital after a failed suicide attempt of his own.

Although he hasn’t seen his sister in years, Milo returns to his childhood neighborhood to live with Maggie and her lighthearted jock husband, Lance (Luke Wilson). In recent months, Hollywood has seen a revival of sorts in this “coming home and forcibly confronting familial issues” dramedy category. The chemistry between Wiig and Hader is palpable, if a little uncomfortable at times. Milo is a lonely, gay struggling actor; Maggie is a wearied housewife and dental assistant. Sweet November. All Critics (110) | Top Critics (35) | Fresh (15) | Rotten (81) | DVD (13) Extra-thick vanilla schmalted with just the right amount of raw sugar to summon the awwwws of high school girls.

Should have been called Cloying November. Who on earth could resist Charlize Theron? Well, if she's imitating Sandy Dennis, it's not all that hard. If Sweet November were a valentine, it would end up in the dead-letter office. February 20, 2001 There's just too much fantasy here to swallow or take seriously. O'Connor shamelessly lays on the schmaltz and cliches. So-so Love Story for a new generation. Pat O'Connor's emotional drama is disappointingly contrived, and while Charlize Theron is decentm Keanu Reeves seems to be lost A hard-to-swallow fantasy. Well, everybody knows November means just one thing to most folks: a big, fat turkey.

Filmmaking of this caliber means always having to say you're sorry. Is it still necrophilia if two corpses have sex with each other? "A mind-bogglingly maudlin and sappy movie" Michelle Williams Movies - Blue Valentine Review. Photo: Courtesy of The Weinstein Company. I like Michelle Williams. She's a talented actress and she has a cool haircut. But, I have one problem: She tends to play these characters who put me in a very, very tormented place.

I think the way we as a culture analyze relationships tends to put a lot of blame on women. They're always the one at fault, for example, when a man cheats; women are often blamed for nagging, not appreciating, and not accommodating their male partners. Side-stepping that attitude is something I care about and something I try to be very conscious about doing in my personal life. But, when I watch movies like Take This Waltz and Blue Valentine, I find myself falling back into that hole, and I have a torturous time climbing out. See, both of these movies feature a female lead who makes a difficult decision to get out of a marriage — but not exactly on a whim. And, in that paragraph, I think I've hit on the crux of the problem: adorable male leads. I imagine — I hope! Hannibal's last supper "Mizumono" finale review [s2, e13] Twelve episodes — and twelve weeks in show-time — have all been leading to the final confrontation between Jack, Hannibal and Will.

It wasn’t quite the cathartic conclusion viewers would have expected from the opening minutes of the season premiere, what with Jack knowing several episodes ago that Hannibal is the Chesapeake Ripper. Yet the last twenty minutes of “Mizumono” were no less devastating or shocking. Or perplexing and even a little frustrating. Fresh off the post-credits coda, I’m feeling a lot of feelings. It's the tension between Jack's man and Hannibal's pupil that pulls us through the talk-heavy first half of the episode. But how much does Jack really know about Hannibal? Bella was there to provide Hannibal with a different perspective on finality and forgiveness, which comes into tragic play later as Hannibal orchestrates a finishing move in his chess game. Neither does Will. That counting clock? That answer, like Will's reckoning and Hannibal himself, eludes him. Just How Dirty Is Nymphomaniac: Volume II? Sofia Coppola on The Bling Ring - In Pictures.

Emma Watson Douglas Booth Interview - Noah Movie. Acting is a stressful craft, people. You've got to look good, you've got to sound good, and you've got to be on point. All. The. Time. Co-stars Douglas Booth and Emma Watson play two lovebirds aboard the famous ark, and during the shoot, they learned a few things about committing to your craft despite all sorts of obstacles. But, don't worry, it was all in good fun. Video Edited by Christopher Michael Beer. Videos: Emma Watson admits she'd like 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' film cameo. Jennifer Lawrence Lip Syncs Like A Maniac In American Hustle Deleted Scenes. Jennifer Lawrence blew us away with her performance in American Hustle. And obviously we weren't alone - she scored an Oscar nod for the role. But as brilliant as the film was in cinemas, the DVD version is even better.

Why? Because it includes this deleted scene of J.Law lip synching like a madwoman. In the scene her character, a 1970s housewife, sings her heart out to Santana's "Evil Wings" whilst vacuuming and cleaning her house - all while her young sons sits watching in confusion. The scene didn't make it into the film - though a very similar scene did. As far as we're concerned, J.Law rocks it out in both versions - so we're guessing it was a pretty tough decision. Got a tablet? You might also be interested in… Colin's Column | Remembering Yves Saint Laurent. LONDON, United Kingdom — Fashion biopics are not unlike buses. You wait for ages for one and then two arrive together, though neither one is quite on the route you had hoped for. In 2009, two films devoted to various moments in the life of Coco Chanel hit the big screen: Coco Before Chanel and Coco & Igor.

Now, one of the few other commercially exploitable fashion names is having a turn. Yves Saint Laurent is the bald and bold title of the first of two films this year devoted to the designer. Despite Hedi Slimane’s amendment to the branding of the house, Yves Saint Laurent is a talismanic name and one that the public admires — and, as such, it stands boldly unadorned. This suggests the distributors of the film, directed by Jalil Lespert, thought there was enough brand recognition to ensure a ready audience. But I rather hope not because, beautiful as it is, it disappoints, failing to truly capture the wealth of explosive moments in Saint Laurent’s career and private life. Nymphomaniac (Volumes 1 and 2) – review | Film. To recap: Lars von Trier makes an explicit film called Nymphomaniac; he orchestrates some traditional tongue-in-cheek Trier publicity about "hardcore" and "softcore" versions; he even induces excitable critics in Denmark and elsewhere to pull a gallery of orgasm faces in homage to the naughty poster campaign – like a Victorian medical textbook about congenital idiocy.

Yet his new film is his most inoffensive, which is to say its offensiveness is deliberate; it's the first Von Trier film that is not a tiresome practical joke on the audience. It is about the most tender, platonic relationship imaginable: a depressed and exhausted woman and an elderly, vulnerable man, played superbly by Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgård.

Skarsgård is Seligman, a lonely old bachelor who discovers Joe (Gainsbourg) lying bruised, bleeding and semi-conscious near his apartment building. His comments are massively obtuse – or poetically perceptive and inspired. Jamie Bell: 'I hadn't said hello to Charlotte Gainsbourg before I started hitting her in the face' | Film. It's lunchtime in Richmond, Virginia when a perky Jamie Bell calls. He's there filming Turn, a new American TV drama in which he plays a farmer heading up a team of secret agents during the revolutionary war, and it's "absolutely freezing", he says. But playing war games in the cold is a piece of cake compared to the week he spent with Lars von Trier. Since 2000's Billy Elliot, Bell's Bafta-winning breakout role, he's been notching up meaty turns with directors of choice, from the indies (David Gordon Green, Kevin MacDonald) to the big guns (Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson).

Von Trier was always on his list. "I'd just got to Copenhagen to begin shooting," he says. In 2012, Von Trier sent him the Nymphomaniac screenplay. Knowing nothing of S&M culture, Bell hung out in a friend's LA sex shop, getting a feel for the clientele, familiarising himself with the world and ridding it of taboo. That, it seems, is something of an understatement. Why? Like what? Aint Them Bodies Saints Movie Review 2013 - Rooney Mara. If you read through the plot on paper, Ain't Them Bodies Saints sounds like a story about a tragic but enduring love that survives prison, separation, violence, and even death.

But when you see the story play out on screen, it's really a film about loneliness. Of course, it's no surprise that pregnant Ruth (Rooney Mara) would feel lonely after her husband takes the fall for her crime and goes to prison for 25 to life. But it's not so much her situation as the hovering, close-up camerawork that follows all the characters in the film, including Ruth's young daughter, that makes these characters feel isolated and removed from control of their own lives.

That lack of control is also a central theme that taints the efforts of anyone involved. While some critics are noting the movie's similarity to a tighter, less elevated Terrence Malick (which is true, particularly given the lengthy nature-gaze moments), we'd call this neatly-wrapped story line almost Shakespearian. “Me asombra cómo este Gobierno se carga el cine español” Después de todo, va a resultar que lo que buscaba Frodo era una paella, y que, al final del camino, a la comunidad del anillo le esperaba un restaurante con tapas deconstruidas.

Al menos Elijah Wood —el actor que puso rostro al personaje de J. R. R. Tolkien en la trilogía de películas más taquillera de la historia— así lo ha vivido: en 2012 estuvo cinco meses en España rodando. Y no para protagonizar una superproducción estadounidense a la búsqueda de buenos técnicos con salarios bajos y desgravaciones fiscales en Canarias. No, sino para trabajar en películas 100% españolas: Grand piano, de Eugenio Mira, que ayer inauguró la 46ª edición del festival de Sitges y que llega a las salas comerciales el próximo 25 de octubre, y Open windows, de Nacho Vigalondo. El arte es lo último que debes recortar en tiempos difíciles porque es catártico” Wood tiene una curiosa carrera a sus espaldas. En la última década las películas españolas han llegado muy lejos” A Wood nada parece molestarle. 6 Reasons Why Inside Llewyn Davis Is The Coolest Film You'll See Any Time Soon.

Nymphomaniac star Stacy Martin talks sex, nudity and porn doubles - Features - Films. What Is Going on With Shoshanna on Girls? 'Real Life' Disney Princesses. Ranking Every Episode Of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Hunger Games: Catching Fire: A textual analysis of Suzanne Collins’ novels, and Twilight and Harry Potter too. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, starring Jennifer Lawrence, reviewed. The Brit one from Girls: Jemima Kirke talks mayhem and motherhood - London Life - Life & Style. Girls EP Jenni Konner on Season Three. A young Tim Burton being socially awkward for the camera at Disney's studios, circa 1980. 5 ladies of Disney portrayed more realistically. 9 more ladies of Disney portrayed more realistically. Single Women On TV - Ally McBeal, Girls, Murphy Brown. GIRLS take Manhattan! Allison Williams bares her legs in short frock while co-star Lena Dunham is all business in white for morning show appearances.

The Hobbit 2 Is Bad Fan Fiction - Christopher Orr. Reminder: Acting Is Work - D.B. Grady. ‘Bends’ Marks Filmmaker Flora Lau’s Big-Screen Debut. Mapa de los sonidos de Tokio (vídeos) "Like Crazy" an intensely heartfelt love story: movie review. Like Crazy | Movie Trailer & Official Site | Own it Now Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download | Home. The Romantic Comedy Is Dying, But Cinematic Romance Is Thriving - Alexander Huls. Rosario Dawson on Her Terrifying Performance in 'Gimme Shelter' See Elijah Wood in a Delirious Grand Piano Clip. Tom Hiddleston interview – Only Lovers Left Alive – Time Out Film. Valentine's Day Movies For Every Scenario.

The Invisible Woman | review, synopsis, book tickets, showtimes, movie release date. Dallas Buyers Club | review, synopsis, book tickets, showtimes, movie release date. Hunger | review, synopsis, book tickets, showtimes, movie release date.