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Top 8 Most Overused Horror Cliches in Movies. Throughout film history certain conventions and themes are constantly reused no matter the time or place.

Top 8 Most Overused Horror Cliches in Movies

The one genre that’s stayed consistent with the same formula throughout the years is horror. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1965 or 2007, the same stuff pops up in everything. The virgin girl will always prevail, while her slutty friend gets killed. There will never be cell phone reception when you need it, and somebody will always forget to lock the door behind them. Take a look at some of the top 8 most overused horror cliche’s of all time… 8. Perhaps I should clarify this by saying the female virgin never dies in horror movies. 7. Why don’t people lock their doors? 6. In the more suspense driven horror films and thrillers the bad guys are a lot more articulate than Jason Voorhies or Michael Myers. 5. Have you ever watched someone get stabbed or knocked the f*ck out in a movie, only to have them regain consciousness and disappear within a matter of seconds? 4.

Doctor Who

Film Lists. Harry Potter Movies. Inception’s 4 Rules for Ultimate Influence. What’s the ulti­mate act of influence?

Inception’s 4 Rules for Ultimate Influence

Plant­ing an idea in another’s mind so that not just the idea but the emo­tion behind the idea take route natively, as if the idea was the prod­uct of the recipient’s own thought, as if they had con­ceived it themselves. At least, that’s what Christo­pher Nolan might say if you asked him, as his lat­est film, Incep­tion, is built around exactly that premise. The idea that a tech­nol­ogy which allows one to enter into another’s dreams (or to pull another into one’s own dreams) might also allow a per­son to either steal infor­ma­tion from the sub­con­scious of another, or plant an idea into the sub­con­scious of another. If you haven’t yet seen the film, you’re prob­a­bly best off book­mark­ing this post for later, as sev­eral plot spoil­ers await.

At least that’s what hap­pened to me, and here’s what I saw: 1) All influ­ence is self-influence Within the film, most every­one except our hero and his team believe that “incep­tion” can’t be done. Unless… Top 10 British Comedy Series. Movies and TV Some of the best comedy around has been British Comedy.

Top 10 British Comedy Series

The classic one liners, the funny stories and the bizarre slapstick. This list will not just be my opinion, although a few personal favorites will pop up. Starting from the very early moments of comedy, to some newer moments, here are the top 10 British comedy series. I think I will start this list with one of the most recent series. One of the first series that I know to have adopted the Point of View camera style. A program with very little dialogue, yet full of physical humor. Monty Python’s Flying Circus Possibly one of the most influential television series of all time, spanning four hilarious films and the only sketch show on my list. Probably the most known series on this list, and it is no surprise why.

Discover the history of tv presentation & graphic design. 40 Things That Will Make You Feel Old - Featured on BuzzFeed. 10 embarrassing “Before They Were Famous” commercials. 6 Things Clarissa Didn't Explain At All from Dashiell Driscoll. Clarissa's mom was on some serious new age bullshit.

6 Things Clarissa Didn't Explain At All from Dashiell Driscoll

The kind of "all natural, organic, made from granola" mumbo jumbo you only buy into after buying at least a quarter ounce of the good stuff. Her dad was an offbeat architect who once designed something called the "Fryfel Tower. " Her best friend Sam loved skateboarding, surfing and climbing ladders (read: weed). Clarissa believed in UFO's (source: Wikipedia) and looked like she got dressed in the dark with her eyes closed after hitting a giant bong. So, everybody on this show loves weed, right? The 20 Best Cartoons Of The 90's. The 90's were a golden age of cartoons.

The 20 Best Cartoons Of The 90's

We had a blast putting together the 20 best, and we're sure this list will inspire some discussion. Our only criteria was that the cartoon had to start in the 90's, meaning a couple of very late in the decade entries were still eligible. We did make a small exception for one show, but we think you'll agree it was warranted. Enjoy! 20. Production Period: 1991-1995 This Disney smash followed Drake Ballard and his alter-ego, Darkwing Duck. 19. Production Period: 1991-1994, later 1996-1999 Doug Funnie and his best friend Skeeter got into all kind of adventures in the fictional town of Bluffington. 18. Production Period: 1990-1994 Using characters adapted from the 1967 movie, The Jungle Book, Talespin was set in the town of Cape Suzette. 17. Production Period: 1993-1996 Rocko's Modern life followed the life of wallaby Rocko. 16.

Production Period: 1995-1999.