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Storybird - Artful Storytelling

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Storybird provides an easy to use platform for everyone who want to create visual stories. There are lots of templates and artwork to inspire young writers and turn the images into new stories. The platform is particularly useful for elementary school teachers who want to engage their students in creative writing. Visit the website to create your story or read stories of other people: by dt4lt Aug 9

Site where students can publish and share writing. Beautiful, inspiring illustrations from professional artists are available to illustrate students' short stories and poems. Students can archive and share their stories with friends and family, and the whole wide world if they want to. by c.williams Jul 21

One of the most amazing websites on there for creative writing. My kids loved this last year when we created stories. We created a couple of stories as a class and they also created many stories on their own. Teacher is able to post comments on any story. by esteban_cole Jul 15

I have used this site before for an english project and it was very helpful. it is also a great way to come up with stories write them and pubish them on thier website. the downside is that you can not use your own pictures. by jo010974 Jun 2

This site allows students to create visual stories. Creative ways to communicate their ideas. by cgarcia224 Nov 7

At rscsw and maizie: You are most welcome. Here you are an intensive as well as extensive set of tools. Enjoy (: by mshaddd Jun 7

Glad you liked it! Check out other tools in storytelling and in resources. Enjoy! by maizie Jun 3

Hi, I started using the tool yesterday and I'm liking it already. I created a sample story in Spanish for my 7th/8th class to get them going. We'll see what happens. It definitely has a lot of potential. If the experiments are succesful, I'm thinking about suggesting my school to pay for it so the students can download the pdf versions of their stories (I'm not sure if they are limited to just 1) and print them if they want. Just the option of having them on an iPad would be nice. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Cheers by ccondeo Jun 3

really like this cloud resource, I use in all classes from kindergarten til highschool & at home too. Thx 4 your comments! by ulrikajonson May 16

if you use a screen casting option while under the publish tab you can read the story, while flipping the pages and recording the whole production! by intel_engage Apr 24

I really like the collaboration feature on storybird. Has anyone ever used 2 students to collaborate on a story? Share some examples. by intel_engage Apr 24

Storybird is a powerful digital storytelling tool. I have had teachers create the story with their class and instantlypublish it by playing it on their Interactive Whiteboard. It offers so many characters/pictures to choose from, it is very colorful and pretty easy to use. The only feature it is missing is the option to print. I usually take screenshots and staple it together after I print it but that is alot of work for the normal individual. by intel_engage Apr 24

Yes, it is. There are so many anguage activities and projects you can do with it... by inma_a Jun 25