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Teacher of English as a foreign language

Free Plagiarism Detector. Plagiarism Checker - Free Online Software For Plagiarism Detection. Student Materials — - Best Practices for Ensuring Originality in Written Work. Plagiarism Checker - the most accurate and absolutely FREE! Try now! Did I Plagiarize? The Types and Severity of Plagiarism Violations. ENGLISH FLASH GAMES for Learning Vocabulary: Colours Game. TubeChop - Chop YouTube Videos. Online Video Cutter - Cut Video, Cut MP4, AVI, MPG, 3GP. 7 Tools for Adding Questions and Notes to Videos. Short videos from YouTube and other sources can be quite helpful in introducing topics to students and or reinforcing concepts that you have taught.

7 Tools for Adding Questions and Notes to Videos

Watching the video can be enough for some students, it's better if we can call students' attention to specific sections of videos while they are watching them. WordsEye Login. Collaborative Tools. Skip to main content Try Wikispaces Classroom now.

Collaborative Tools

Brand new from Wikispaces. guest Join | Help | Sign In. CreativeMamy. How to Age Wood in Minutes. Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! Ron Clark: How To Transform Your Classroom. Lily & the Snowman. Innovative educator Ron Clark inspires passion for learning. Storynory, Free Audio Stories for Kids. Ship or Sheep : minimal pair ESL pronunciation practice - free online.

Perfect pronunciations exercises. Your Smarticles: QR Code Ideas and Resources. QR Code Activities for YOUR Classroom!

Your Smarticles: QR Code Ideas and Resources

Below are some QR Code Scavenger Hunts that I have designed to be fully printable and ready to use. As long as you have a wi-fi enabled smart device that can scan, you can use these ‘hunts’ to support student literacy skills. #1. QR Code Context Clue Scavenger Hunt This Scavenger Hunt allows students to practice utilizing context clues while having fun! Students 'scan' a QR code to get their context clue question. . #2. . #3. . #4 QR Code Scavenger Hunt - Identifying Main Idea This scavenger hunt features a five reading passages that students must read and identify the main idea presented by the author.

The theme of this scavenger hunt is bridges. The passages are: The Spin on SpansA Bridge Too FarLearn to Play BridgeSo Many Bridges (homographs)The Bridge as a Symbol. Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Web 2.0 Tools. About the Course Are you overwhelmed by the tidal wave of new technology tools available for teachers and learners?

Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Web 2.0 Tools

Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Web 2.0 Tools can help channel that flood into a manageable power source for student engagement and motivation in your classroom! This course is designed to provide teachers with strategies to effectively integrate Web 2.0 technologies into their instruction. You will learn how to use these tools effectively in your classroom through unique problem-based scenarios that will help you understand how to choose the best Web 2.0 tool.

Our approach focuses on the task rather than the tool in an effort to improve communication, collaboration, presentation, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking in your learners. Course Syllabus Our Web 2.0 explorations during Weeks One, Two and Three are based on ideas in the article, Implementing the Seven Principles: Technology as Lever by Arthur Chickering and Stephen C.

ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie clips to practice English. ESL LISTENING COMPREHENSION EXERCISES:Movie Clips Learning through media (movies, music, etc.) is one of the best ways to learn a new language.

ESL Listening Comprehension Exercises: Movie clips to practice English

The clips below will improve your listening comprehension skills, helping you to learn and practice English as spoken by normal people every day! These particular clips are from recent movies. ESL Worksheets. Twelve Active Learning Strategies. Example 1 Example 1 Explanation In order for students to learn effectively, they must make connections between what they already know (prior knowledge) and new content to which they're exposed.

Twelve Active Learning Strategies

The opening of a lecture should facilitate these connections by helping students exercise their prior knowledge of the day's subject matter. The following four slides illustrate strategies which stimulate students' thinking and prepare them to learn. One useful strategy is to open the lecture with a question. Think-Pair-Share.

Think-Pair-Share activities pose a question to students that they must consider alone and then discuss with a neighbor before settling on a final answer.


This is a great way to motivate students and promote higher-level thinking. Even though the activity is called think-"PAIR"-share, this is the term many instructors use for pairs and small groups (three or four students) alike. Groups may be formed formally or informally. Washington University in St. Louis. London Virtual Tour.

Human Anatomy: Learn All About the Human Body at Learning Chocolate - Vocabulary Learning Platform. English.UA » Online English Test. Storybird - Artful Storytelling.

Synonyms Dictionary at TED Translator. Create a free website and a free blog. English Thesaurus. Voki Home. eTextbook Teachers [licensed for non-commercial use only] / Welcome. Multimedia Learning Resources - Educaplay.

Six Wonderful Sites to Help you Write, Speak and Sound Better. I’m not a native speaker.

Six Wonderful Sites to Help you Write, Speak and Sound Better

Even though I read, write, work and I would almost dare say live and dream in English, I haven’t learned the language from birth and sometimes have moments of self-doubt. These websites I am going to share in this post have been an invaluable help. Blog de Cristina is also on Facebook. Storytelling in the Classroom. Why Storytelling?

Storytelling in the Classroom

Educators have long known that the arts can contribute to student academic success and emotional well being. The ancient art of storytelling is especially well-suited for student exploration. As a folk art, storytelling is accessible to all ages and abilities. No special equipment beyond the imagination and the power of listening and speaking is needed to create artistic images. Storytelling in the Classroom. Writing for Visual Thinkers: Narrative Structures. Writing for Visual Thinkers: Narrative Structures. The Visual Storytelling of Mad Max: Fury Road - Part 1. The Visual Storytelling of Mad Max: Fury Road - Part 1.

29 Plot Templates. 29 Plot Templates. How To Structure A Story: The 8 Point Arc. By Ali Hale One of my favourite “how to write” books is Nigel Watts’ Writing A Novel and Getting Published.

How To Structure A Story: The 8 Point Arc

My battered, torn and heavily-pencil-marked copy is a testament to how useful I’ve found it over the years. Although the cover appears to be on the verge of falling off altogether, I’ve risked opening the book once more to bring you Watts’ very useful “Eight-Point Story Arc” – a fool-proof, fail-safe and time-honoured way to structure a story. (Even if you’re a short story writer or flash fiction writer rather than a novelist, this structure still applies, so don’t be put off by the title of Watts’ book.) The eight points which Watts lists are, in order: StasisTriggerThe questSurpriseCritical choiceClimaxReversalResolution. How To Structure A Story: The 8 Point Arc. The Golden Rules for a Good Plot. Writing a novel can be a daunting task. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you write a good plot. The Best Story Structure Tool We Know. By Glen C. Strathy Of the various story structure models or theories that exist, we have chosen to focus mainly on Dramatica, which was developed by Melanie Anne Phillips and Chris Huntley.

We chose to work with this model because it is the only one that... The Best Story Structure Tool We Know. Plot Generator. Vocabulary Games, English Vocabulary Word Games. Vocabulary Games, English Vocabulary Word Games. Martin Burrett sur Twitter : "Good site to create tailor made grammar lessons for students & see analytics #ukedchat #edchat. Collins English Thesaurus.

Oxford Games. 77 Educational Games and Game Builders. I'm often asked if I know of any games for subject "x," "y," or "z" for a particular grade level or age group. My answer is usually yes, but I need to search my archives. Therefore, I've gone through my archives and dug up many of games that I've mentioned over the last four years that are still active online. Consider this my humongous list of educational games. 1. Kids Spell provides eight free games that help students learn to spell more than 6,000 words. 2.Spin and Spell has been featured on a number of blogs over the last year. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 11 Free Websites to Practice English at Home.

RTlibrary on FlickrAt the New York Public Library's Adult Learning Centers, where adults work on basic English and literacy skills, we're often asked for recommendations of websites for adults to practice English at home. Below you'll find eleven sites, some with a focus on listening, some on vocabulary, others on grammar, and some with a range of activities. Happy learning! Easy World of An attractive, user-friendly website including grammar, pronunciation, reading and listening practice and an interactive picture dictionary.

Many This website includes matching quizzes, word games, word puzzles, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other computer-assisted language learning activities. The site also includes a special page on pronunciation, including practice with minimal pairs.