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Ett nytt sätt att skapa berättelser/ presentationer. Word Tamer Helps Students Write Stories. Word Tamer is a neat site for learning the process of developing characters, settings, and plots in creative writing.

Word Tamer Helps Students Write Stories

Word Tamer is set up as an interactive journey through a carnival of literary devices. As students move through the carnival they develop characters, develop a setting, and develop a plot for their stories. At each stop in the Word Tamer carnival students can print out the words they have written. My StoryMaker® at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Here Is An Excellent Web Tool for Creating Classroom Newspapers. February 2, 2016 Printing Press is a great web tool from ReadWriteThink that you can use with students in class to easily create beautiful newspapers, flyers and brochures.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Here Is An Excellent Web Tool for Creating Classroom Newspapers

The tool is very easy to use and students will definitely love working on it. Printing Press provides multiple pre-made templates to choose from when creating a newspaper. Ten Great Tools for Telling Stories With Pictures - A PDF Handout. EduApp: Ulysses Writing App for iPad. If you, or your students, write a lot, then finding the best tools to help the process is essential.

EduApp: Ulysses Writing App for iPad

Whether presentation is your focus, or the content of your writing, selecting the means can be critical. Whether you’re a novelist, a journalist, a student or a blogger – if you love to write and write a lot, Ulysses gives you a uniquely streamlined toolset, covering every phase of the writing process: – A powerful, yet simple text editor. – A familiar, no-nonsense text library. – A comprehensive and truly flexible multi-format export. Ulysses is said to have the best text editor in the world, and we didn’t believe this, as it’s quite a status to behold.

However, the app offers everything you need – from markup to images and footnotes, from links to comments and code –, and it still manages to stay out of the way. And since Ulysses takes writing seriously, it does not stop at the editor. For us though, what sets this app apart from others, is the exporting. Write About. Digital Storytelling on Blendspace. Storybird Introduction for Educators Part 1. Storybird Tutorial Part 1. Storybird - Artful Storytelling. The First Creative Writing School on the Internet. has been offering online writing classes in all genres since 1995 -- the first writing school on the Internet.

The First Creative Writing School on the Internet

Our web site has been visited by writers from over one hundred ninety-five countries. Our classes are taught by published, working writers who are also experienced teachers. We can help you improve your skills, explore new directions, ready your work for publication, or simply provide a community, inspiration and deadlines to start you writing and keep you writing. Online Writing Classes classes run the gamut from basic skills to advanced-level work in a variety of areas. Follow Us On Facebook Discover deals, news and literary inspiration via our Facebook page.

Whoa... Free Writing Groups, Writing Tips and More Access our free writers' groups. To receive our schedule of writing classes, please subscribe to our mailing list. Protagonize: Collaborative creative writing community - fiction, poetry, stories, and great reading! Interactive Storytelling for English Exams. How much can we actually teach students for exams without being exam-oriented?

Interactive Storytelling for English Exams

Wherever we go in professional development the reality of teaching to the test always crops up as something to avoid or get around somehow. Yet, we want our students to achieve high standards and we want them to have qualifications. Journal Jar - Free Journal Topic App for iPhone / iPod touch / iPad / Android. Poetica. Comic Master.

Storify · Make the web tell a story. Lightning Bug. Inklewriter. Write In Private: Free Online Diary And Personal Journal. Features. Barbaric Yawp in the 21st Century: Using Tech to Engage Budding Poets. Digital Poets! Web Tools, Apps, & Lesson Ideas. “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” by Robert Frost April is National Poetry month.

Digital Poets! Web Tools, Apps, & Lesson Ideas

I invite you to consider the possibilities of teaching with poetry. Poetry makes content come alive, because the poet has a deep connection with the subject matter. The Art Of Storytelling » Tell A Story. Get inspired by featured artwork from the Delaware Art Museum and write a story through the interactive Tell a Story activity. Look through the images below for a brief introduction on how this activity works, or click on the link below to begin telling your story. Launch the Tell a Story Activity 1) Choose an inspirational work of art First, select a work of art as the inspiration for your story. 2) Tell your story.

UtellStory - Tell Stories, Share Topics, Make Impact. Kids Can Create Alphabet Books With Alphabet Organizer. MeetingWords - SKriva tillsammans. Storyboard That: The World's Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator. The Art Of Storytelling » Home. Persuasion Map. Grades 6 – 12 | Lesson Plan Persuade Me in Five Slides!

Persuasion Map

Creating Persuasive Digital Stories After students write persuasive essays, use this lesson to challenge them to summarize their essays concisely by creating five-slide presentations. Grades 9 – 12 | Lesson Plan | Standard Lesson. Write and Improve: An Online writing helper. Writing is probably the most difficult area for learners to improve on by themselves.

Write and Improve: An Online writing helper

Writing demands an audience and if you have no-one to tell you how successful your efforts are – or not – then you are doomed to repeat your failures into eternity. Cambridge English have, however, just released a beta version of an online, browser based writing helper. Currently free to use and requiring only a facebook login (or email registration), the service allows learners to input their answers to one of the five questions provided (or submit a piece of writing of their own choice) and to get feedback on their efforts. In the screenshot above, the highlighted text at the bottom of the image is the submitted text.

The colour coding represents the program’s opinion of the learner level the different sections of the text represent.