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Red Heart Photography » wedding lifestyle photography in Hawaii Lovely Package® . The leading source for the very best that pack Remixjobs Accueil Accueil De Remixjobs. Bonjour et bienvenue sur ce wiki dont l'objectif est de fournir des définitions justes et détaillées des métiers du web que nous aimons tant. L'équipe Remixjobs complétera ces fiches, mais si vous voulez nous aider, n'hésitez pas à participer ! Merci d'avance. Métiers du web Encadrement Administration Production et Exploitation Réalisation Gestion Architecture / Conception Développement Design Editorial Service Sécurité Web marketing Formations Formations internet et informatique Ressources Externes Le portail des métiers de l'internet Bac à sable Bac à sable est une page pour s'exercer librement à la syntaxe MediaWiki. Récupérée de « » Catégorie : Aide MediaWiki

jasonamendolara.wordpress Design for Fred 2008 Sink one in your drink. Gin and Titonic ice tray creates Four RMS Titanic ships and four menacing icebergs guaranteed to keep the party afloat. Made of soft recyclable, food-safe synthetic rubber. Design for Fred 2008 with Christina Sciullo FunHouse is a set of reusable static-cling decals that turn any mirror into an opportunity to look completely ridiculous. Dentures aren’t just for Grandpa anymore. Design for Fred 2008 with Luke Boggia Tabletop magician’s assistant serves up those nifty little sword toothpicks we all love. Tooth piks stab, spear, scoop and schmear. Design for Fred 2007 Reusable hot packs for your pockets or hands. High intensity, high fashion led key light. My aversion to dish washing inspired this fun yet very functional tool. Design for Fred 2006 Some disassembly required for this fun, do it yourself placesetting. Rock on with this retro tote bag made from durable non-woven plastic.

Beautiful web-based timeline software Fantastic Flood-Proof House Designed to Break Free & Float It has to be said: this incredible New Orleans home design from Morphosis is making waves in the architectural community. In case of flooding, this home does not simply drift off – rather, it rises up on the water but remains tethered to vertical guides that keep it from floating away, essentially the ultimate in luxury battery-powered life rafts. Yet another project sponsored by Bran Pitt and his Make It Right Foundation, this home is designed to be modern, stylish and sustainable but also to remain modest, functional and contextual. While it has not yet been (and hopefully will never need to be) in actual live flooding conditions, in such an emergency the structure would essentially break free of its footings as well as gas pipes, power lines, and other ties to the ground surface and city grid – carrying enough power for a few days and a safely elevated enclosure while its residents await rescue. | Le magazine du design graphique 40 Useful Online Generators For Web Designers - Noupe Design Blog Oct 11 2010 Generators can be a great way to save time in your web design projects. High-quality generators can create graphics or code or even layouts in a matter of seconds or minutes, things that might take an hour or more if done by hand. Color Schemes A good color scheme is the cornerstone of a good website design. Color Scheme Designer 3Color Scheme Designer 3 has a really fantastic user interface that’s both attractive and easy to use. ColorSchemer Online V2ColorSchemer lets you create color palettes around RGB or HEX values, or using a color selector tool. KulerAdobe’s Kuler is one of the best color scheme tools available, with multiple options for both creating and finding color schemes. ColourLoversColourLovers offers more than just color and pattern generators; it’s an entire community based around a love of color and good design. Color Palette GeneratorThis generator creates a color palette based on an image. Layouts There are CSS generators for almost everything. CSS3 Please!

When it drops | helping you keep track of the newest releases MapCrunch - Random Google Street View How To: Edge Lighting Displays - Grathio Labs Do you ever need a cheap, quick way to make an impressive display? Do ever want to show more than a blinking LED but want something easier to use than a LCD? Do you want to make light appear to hover in mid-air? Then edge lighting may be for you. Edge lighting exploits a fun property of light called internal reflection where light can get trapped inside a transparent material. It’s the same concept that makes both a diamond sparkle and optical fibers work. Simply put we shine a light in the edge* of a clear piece of plastic and etch it where we want the light to come out. Keep reading to see how easy and quick it is to get this effect. *And thus the name “Edge Lighting” First I need to give credit where it’s due. Skills Needed: You should be able to wire an LED to light up and not burn out. Materials: Clear plastic. Time: About 10-30 minutes, depending on your tools, materials, and the complexity of your design. Theory: What To Do: Figure out what you want it to look like. Etch your design.

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是一个图片陈列柜,只会展示那些有新意的,让你永远不会看腻的图片!! by laoxiuwu Aug 2

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Mets-en! Une dose de fraîcheur créative quotidienne ;)
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