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ThatsMyFace - Custom Action Figures, Dolls & Masks from your Photos

ThatsMyFace - Custom Action Figures, Dolls & Masks from your Photos

Grand Illusions Ltd Toy Shop Nitinol TeaspoonOffer someone this teaspoon to stir their tea - as soon as they dip it into the hot liquid, the spoon bends through 90 degrees! The Einstein Hollow Face IllusionProbably our favourite illusion. Watch out - Einstein is keeping an eye on you! Reversing GogglesThese amazing Reversing Goggles allow you to view the world upside down! Antigravity PlatformWelcome to the Levitron World Stage Antigravity Globe and Platform System. Beam me up Scotty! The Einstein Hollow Face IllusionProbably our favourite illusion.

Icone e immagini formato PNG free - 3 3 Twitter applications to optimize and clean your Tweepz La Banda 2 Cero For me Optimization and Cleaning is equal to getting rid of those annoying spammers. You know, those Twitter users pitching, selling, and tweeting nonsense for visibility and affiliate sales. I used to go through my followers manually it took me more than 20 minutes a day deleting accounts without pictures or using other tools to spot Twitter users who were suspect. So in my quest for success in a 3 step process I found the following awesome applications and tips (please also see the links below) TwerpScan will check the number of followers of all your contacts, the number of people they are following, and then compute the ratio between those.

Imus Geographics | The Art of Cartography | USA Map Da RGB ad esadecimale e viceversa E' possibile colorare uno sfondo o un testo fornendo il codice esadecimale del colore desiderato. Abbiamo pubblicato la tabella completa dei colori base e del relativo codice esadecimale ma, in effetti, può essere usata una qualsiasi combinazione di colori, ad esempio "#C80F20", che dà luogo al colore di questa scritta. I primi due caratteri dopo # rappresentano la componente rossa, i secondi due la componente verde, e infine gli ultimi due quella blu. Ognuna della componenti può variare fra un minimo di 0 ed un massimo di 255. Si usa dire che i colori sono dati in RGB (red, green, blue). Questo modello è anche definito spazio di colore additivo, perché i colori si ottengono aggiungendo luce colorata ad altra luce colorata. Per chi preferisce usare il convertitore non in linea abbiamo preparato il programma RGB Converter. Inoltre nell'area Download della guida è possibile trovare altri simpatici programmi per creare i propri colori. ©2005

The Empire Strikes Barack Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States. The Force is strong in this one. This was taken during a photo op to promote Chicago for the 2016 Olympics. You can see Photoshop treatments in the comments at Gawker and at Buzzfeed. Richard Franiec's Camera Accessories Your internal flash will work without removing the Custom Hot Shoe Cover, so the only time you'll take it off is to use an external flash, and high-tolerance machining ensures it won't slip out on its own. In place, it protects the camera's flash contacts from rain and dirt, eliminates snagging when you pull the camera from your pocket, and it simply looks good. Tip: It is small, so when you take it off, make it a habit to put it in the same place every time, whether that's your left front pants pocket or a pocket on your camera bag. You can read this DPreview post for more opinions. This hot shoe cover also fits the LX5, in case you ever lose the one that comes with the camera. This adapter is beautifully machined from Delrin and uses the camera's hot shoe cover as a solid base for the mechanical cable release. This adapter also fits the LX5. Note that a cable release is not included, so you can buy the length(s) you need or use one you already own.

Tux il Pinguino di Linux in tutte le salse Connect on LinkedIn La Banda 2 Cero Has recibido una invitación como esta? pues creo que te conviene aceptarla… Abajo te explico brevemente que es LinkedIn LinkedIn es una herramienta poderosa para desarrollar, sostener y fortalecer relaciones profesionales locales, regionales y globales. En este mundo conectado es la mejor forma de mantenerse al tanto de la comunidad de nuestro gremio profesional y de otros gremios. Básicamente es una red social similar a Facebook, en donde se destacan las capacidades, experiencias y trayectoria profesional y académica de las personas, para generar y sostener redes y contactos de negocios. También lo puedes ver como tu tarjetero auto actualizable ya que todos los contactos mantienen su información al dia en sus perfiles para permitir que otros tengan acceso a su información mas reciente, lo que agiliza el poder aprovechar cualquier oportunidad de negocios que pueda surgir. Puedes ver este video preparado por el equipo de Linked in que te explica esta red en 3 minutos: